The Joker
12:11:18 Knight of Ootensils
Unfortunately I don’t :( but I do pick up and save Garter Snakes from Dogs and cats if they are being hunted
Moonland Ranch
12:11:16 Moony, Moon.
Heaven on Earth, Should i be worried..
~ Hades ~
12:11:08 Queen Of Ootensils
Yup, ones name is Kilde and the other is Comet
12:11:06 Madsie
Good morning everyone or happy midnight or happy evening ever you are
Aussie Wattles
12:11:05 Aussie
Scorpions are a big no no for me. To many claws and sharp bits lol
Heaven on Earth
12:10:44 Fishy Salad
I have a dove I rescued from my neighbors dog I could loan you
Capricorn Elites
12:10:42 Capri | Capri-Sun

Moonland Ranch
12:10:35 Moony, Moon.
I have enough pets, 2 cats 1 dog 1 fish
mint marigold
12:10:30 hy
hades - cute!! i love their little spots!!
12:10:22 Legion
..Cat has been brushed several times today and still demands more
Heaven on Earth
12:10:09 Fishy Salad
Did you know that if you are fast enough and presice enough you could actually stab someone like 60 times before they die? The thing you learn on the internet..
Amhain Dull Liath
12:09:53 Blonde Boy Zone
Hey does someone want to help me steal a bird? My cage needs fillin but my wallet says no
My friend has a snake. The species name escapes me. He's black with yellow stripes. She also has a hissing cockroach now
~ Hades ~
12:09:30 Queen Of Ootensils
I got two of these
mint marigold
12:08:46 hy
i have... scorpions. and centipedes. and two snakes. and some other various stuff and things.
~ Hades ~
12:08:41 Queen Of Ootensils
Eury, supposedly you can befriend the small jumping spiders
Elysium Opalus
12:08:39 Begone Thoughts
on her
Elysium Opalus
12:08:28 Begone Thoughts
Everyone giving suggestions to Ladybird how to commit multiple cases of murder
12:08:21 Legion
Meaning I usually have a few jumping spiders running around the place in the spring
Moonland Ranch
12:08:16 Moony, Moon.
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Order Sheet

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1. Silver Tree Acres ~ Stable Set ~ Unpaid

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For extras, does that mean like horse names to or just Ike tack and stuff?

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Extras is tack and accessories
Horse Names are free, the more Horses is for horse Avis only

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Piece for auction ABed! Thank You Purple Pegasus Farm!

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Shop is moving.

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