Trakehner falls under the generalization of Warmblood.
04:46:26 Navy.Lucid.Pizza

It's nearly wakeup time where I'm at :")

Its 5:45 am and my eyeballs hurt buht I'm not tired.
04:46:15 Madsie
Sorry I’m not asking for money just advice on how to tell tangle
Kuewi KNN Stable
04:45:54 Bazinga Force
No veiled begging for money please
04:45:51 Navy.Lucid.Pizza

Me too ":0
04:45:41 Madsie
Oh my goodness! It’s almost lunch time
Red Star Equine
I wish trakehners were in this game they are stunning
~ Hades ~
04:44:50 Queen Of Ootensils
Ugh Spencer Reid is just.. man I need him as a bestie
04:44:33 Madsie
Thank you Foxy and Hades
04:43:46 Navy.Lucid.Pizza
I'm like an Autistic mix between Shawn Murphy from The Good Doctor, and Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, buht with a little bit of me mixed in there somewhere

I dont know why buht this is fun for me to say.
04:42:51 Astelle | Foxy
Madsie sometome we do things and dont think about other things thats just so XD
04:42:40 Madsie
Tangle is the nicest person ever. That’s why I fell bad doing this
04:42:14 Astelle | Foxy
Yea i agree with Hades Tangle is very nice
04:42:14 Madsie
04:42:08 Madsie
So I think it may be crisis averted but I could go wring
04:41:36 Madsie
Yes tangle is very nice but I feel mean spending money when I knew I had ordered!
04:41:07 Madsie
So I will have to cancel my order with tangle but I don’t want to because tangle might have already started and this is not too and now I’m selling art and horses trying to get my money back
~ Hades ~
04:41:03 Queen Of Ootensils
Tangle is nice, she might do a payment plan with you
04:39:39 Astelle | Foxy
whats the problem Madsie? :(
04:39:12 Madsie
I have got a problemm
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Olympus Eventing
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Aero Elites said:

Olympus Eventing said:
Is this not stolen straight from Baukje's dA??

ive added multiple things its free use

No, it's not. And anything you added is invisible, because I see no difference between the original and this, aside from cropping and adding text.
The original artist also used stock from other dA profiles, of whom you didn't credit
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Aero Elites said:

Olympus Eventing said:
Is this not stolen straight from Baukje's dA??

ive added multiple things its free use

No, this is not free use.
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The image is NOT free to use no matter what "changes" are made to it.

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