Fairytale Paints
10:49:10 Im Elf
We where ordering it in the cases of Amazon.
So we didn't really feel an impact of the shortage
Circle Star RIDs
10:46:26 Granny C
You do what you can. I just feel bad that they had relied on that company that ran out of formula. How did they manage ??
Vinvocci Stables
10:45:41 ViVi
I have a 4 month old and had to be induced at 37 weeks. blood pressure was 160/115. 17hr labor from time water broke. was on IV pain meds cause if I wasn't, my BP got too high. epidural at 2cm instead of 4 cause I wasnt progressing due to stress cause I hate hospitals. slept thru most my labor and almost slept through having him. nurse put me on my side with the peanut ball and 15 min later I woke up actively pushing and couldnt register to wake up my fiance or call a nurse. nurses didn't think I was ready, Dr came in and screamed at everyone to break down the table and that's when FINALLY my fiance wakes up. from the time the Dr walked in, to the time they were cleaning me up was only 27 minutes. 27min of breaking down the table then pushing, 5 pushes total, no tears. post partum eclampsia. barrel racing 2 weeks after he
antler creek¥
evee omgg shes adorable
antler creek¥
cant believe I bred him 😻 -HEE Click-
Fairytale Paints
10:42:48 Im Elf
I totally agree ♡
Granny C
That's great so long as you don't look down on woman that aren't able to breast feed....
Circle Star RIDs
10:41:16 Granny C
Both my kids came out just fine and on time. No problems. Healthy to this day, and I credit having breast fed both of them, for their continued good health.
MakeEm Fancy
10:41:09 Ally 💜
Im just glad we have our babies <3 @elf
Golden Crest
10:40:52 ᰔᩚ Eve
Pretty frame tb, shame you flopped -HEE Click-
Royal Heart
Look at your mail box sj foundation
Fairytale Paints
10:39:03 Im Elf
They have me something that finally made me fall sleep.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience either.

My best friend just had her 2nd. She was only in labor for 5 hours and she was able to have her at home. I'm glad things went good for her ♡
MakeEm Fancy
10:34:30 Ally 💜
I love my girls but definitely wont be having more lol

Sometimes things go smoothly my son only took me 2 hours for him he just popped on out I had a 3rd degree tear but didn't feel it till after lol
MakeEm Fancy
10:32:44 Ally 💜
Oh no thats awful 😢 @elf
Witch Hazel Acres
10:32:37 Hazey
As someone who doesn't want kids and is terrified of birth this conversation is really driving that home for me lol.

You all are amazing I couldn't do it
Fairytale Paints
10:31:33 Im Elf
I have a hard time with the anesthesia drugs and I had said something before surgery.
And they just brushed it off.
They got me into the recovery room, projectile vomit everywhere.
Maxed me out on antinausa drugs and I was still continuing to throw up
But ya c-sections are one of my worst nightmares
2 Lazy 2 Ranch
10:30:48 Nat
Well, I've got to go, the baby just woke up. Goodnight yall!
I don't usually have a light stomach lol but this baby won't stop moving and I feel blehh
Emmas Eventers
My Mum's C-section wound got infected and split open again
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