Courtlee Stables
08:22:37 Court
I'm so excited to finally get all the painter's tape off the walls. XD haha

Roof issues stink, HG. D: And I agree on the cream. XD The whole house has cream trim and paint, and it's gotta go. O_O
Beartooth Ridge
08:21:39 Toothless
is this good? im still learning the whole training thing.
-HEE Click-
Llama Queen
08:19:35 Working Joe Llama
I am not a fan of cream walls or trim lol
08:19:00 Maine
Yay for finishing the living room! :D
Llama Queen
08:18:24 Working Joe Llama
I'm really hoping to hear from the guy today who is coming to look at my roof.
Courtlee Stables
08:12:13 Court
In other news, I have been nesting and have been working on finishing painting our living room. XD Just the trim is what I've been doing, so it's a little more time consuming. Just finished the fireplace mantle last night. So much prettier white instead of cream.
Courtlee Ranch
08:08:42 Court
Fun. Nothing great on here. One EEE up 3 bars for Wk12, but everything else stunk. ¬.¬ So now to show before heading over to my RIDs/XXs.
Llama Queen
08:07:21 Working Joe Llama
I'm pretty good. Trying to track a few more horses before leaving for work.
Hourglass Warmbloods
08:06:16 Pompeii/Wild Child
Going to the barn in 30 mins!
Courtlee Ranch
08:06:05 Court
Good morning, HG and Scythe! ^_^ How are you?
08:05:39 Maine
Court! <3
Llama Queen
08:05:37 Working Joe Llama
court :D
Courtlee Ranch
08:05:25 Court
Alright... time to see how bad the pixel ponies suck today. XD
Llama Queen
08:04:49 Working Joe Llama
Shiney AND training like a rock star :D -HEE Click-
08:03:47 Medi
The ABLB. Unless you're breeding a specific breed.
Moonlight Stud
08:03:42 Lee
You usually want studs from the ABLB.
Llama Queen
08:03:28 Working Joe Llama
Either the ABLB or your breeds LB
08:02:56 Luna's Lily
As far as breeding for ratings goes, what's the best lb to get a stud from?
Moonlight Stud
08:00:55 Lee
Yes well, breeding AD mares can be depressing. :'D
Moonlight Stud
07:59:29 Lee
Wonderful. :D
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Crossbreeding list August 2, 2019 06:54 PM

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for the life of me I cant find that list of what horses can breed with what breed. which breeds bred together create another breed or out source new genetics for your chosen breed with another breed lol
Crossbreeding list August 2, 2019 06:57 PM

Jellos Warmbloods
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help -> game guide -> breeding and watching stallions
Crossbreeding list August 4, 2019 12:22 PM

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Thank you Jello. lol I swear I seleted that one but obviously not.

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