Hollow Tree Acres
06:54:21 Crazy Goat Lady
I could have sworn there was an update to search straws for sale by stable?
06:54:00 Scout
Maybe I could use her for bravery
Vixen Creek
06:52:30 Vixie
Nice! I hope she does well for you :)
06:52:05 Scout
Sucky rating but this mare is so gorgeous I had to buy her

-HEE Click-
06:51:04 Tea || Snaink
-HEE Click- this trash monster matches him, weirdly enough Vixie lol
06:50:26 Tea || Snaink
Hex, yes you should
06:49:25 Tea || Snaink
Vixie, I actually have a mare that kinda matches him xD
Red Mountain Arabian
06:49:12 Red
Why must you do this
-HEE Click-
Hexada Equestrian
06:49:09 Hex
Tea, last question (sorry xD)

So I should set my BM to AD and not just CCC for the PEP horse?
Vixen Creek
06:47:07 Vixie
-HEE Click-
Hexada Equestrian
06:45:15 Hex
Out of curiosity anyone here listen to Ghostemane?
SweetFire Fields
06:44:35 Coffeeholic
Does anybody have one of the new amber creme coats?
Cypress Creek Elites
06:44:22 Tea's RID account
I don't listen to the radio much anymore anyways so enjoy your kpop lol
Hexada Equestrian
06:44:12 Hex
Thank you! :)
06:41:40 KpopFan❤ʊ
* :D
06:41:37 KpopFan❤ʊ
Kpop is definitely taking over the radio :D

They usually only play Dynamite by BTS or Blueberry Eyes by Max Ft. Suga. But now they are playing Starlight by Loona and I’m freaking out. Like... Kpop is finally being recognized more on the radio D
06:41:04 Tea || Snaink
Yep, though if it was SES it would probably be better to train SD
06:40:38 Tea || Snaink
Ooh, who's the stud? You can do a matchmaker link if he's for stud/has straws up so that won't show
Hexada Equestrian
06:40:11 Hex
So if I had a PEP horse that I trained and showed in AD I could make more money than training and showing in XC only?
Vixen Creek
06:39:56 Vixie
Thankfully, i think so Tea lol
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   Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 8, 2021 12:19 PM

White Hills
Trivia Team
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I feel like this is appropriate here :)
   Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 17, 2021 04:48 PM

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Studbooks/Breeding Associations:
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 6, 2021 12:28 PM

Posts: 983
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Pinned Post 1: Link to the Custom Studbooks suggestion in the suggestion box (go support!)
Pinned Post 2: Links to any existing "breeding associations"
This Post: Guidelines and TOC
Fourth Post: List of horse breeds
Fifth Post: List of pony breeds
Any post after that: Discussion and suggestions
If you're suggesting a breed, it would be amazing if you could include what colors and patterns (HEE genetics) would be allowed. Please, ALWAYS, say whether the horse can or can't have roan because I usually see roan get lumped in as a separate color (not a pattern). Also suggestions for which model the horse should use are welcome, and how tall the horse is allowed to be (or average height if height varies more).
I have the notation as:
Breed: X-Xhh/Xhh-/Xhh+. Color and pattern guidelines, up to two sentences in length. Strengths or weaknesses, which is optional. HEE model.
It does not matter if the horse you're suggesting is impractical for eventing.
**All Solid Colors includes dilutions (pearl, cream, champagne, silver etc) and dun, unless otherwise specified. I do not include the gene "white" in ANY of the below breeds, unless otherwise specified.

Edited at January 17, 2021 04:47 PM by Saltea Stables
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 6, 2021 12:31 PM

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Friesian: 14.2-17hh. Generally solid black (chestnut acceptable on mares and geldings, but not on stallions). Only permitted marking is a small white star. SH.
Cleveland Bay: 16-16.2hh, preferred bright/blood bay (followed by normal bay, then dark bay and light bay). WB.
Lipizzan: 14.3-16.1hh, usually grey but both solid black and solid bay (not smoky black or brown) are accepted. Coats must be either black or bay based. SH (or RID).
Appaloosa: 14.2hh+, appaloosa with no other patterns. QH.
Nez Perce Horse: 14.33hh+. Palomino, cremello, buckskin, bay, black, smokey black, and smokey cream only. Dun gene allowed, must have leopard complex. Additionally, studs must have at least 1 Patn. No other patterns. SH.
Tennessee Walking Horse: 14.3-17hh. All solid colors, with the patterns Frame, Sabino, Roan, Grey and Tobiano permitted. Should be strong in Movement. AA.
Lusitano: 15.2-15.3hh generally, though horses up to 17hh permitted. Mostly grey, bay, or chestnut, but can be any solid color. Should be strong in both Movement and Strength. RID.
Oldenburgs: 16-17.2hh, black, brown, bay or chestnut base coats, with tobiano and grey permitted. Should be strong in Mv and Scp, with potential weaknesses in Spd. Warmblood.
Holsteiners: Mares 15.2+hh, stallions 16+hh. Preference for dark brown, bay and black, though grey and chestnut (and other lighter shades) are permitted. Warmblood.
Selle Français: 15.1-17.3hh. Bay or chestnut base coats, with grey permitted. Warmblood.
Rocky Mountain Horse: 14.2-16hh. Flaxen or Flaxen Liver chestnut. RID.
Morgan: 14.2-16hh. Any solid color, with Roan, Grey, Frame Overo and Tobiano patterns accepted. WB.
Westphalian Horse: 15.2-17.2hh. Only solid colors; dilutes permitted. WB.
Pura Raza Española (Andalusian): 14.3hh+ for females, 15hh+ for males. Bay, black, and chestnut are the most common coats; however all base coats and dilutions are permissable, along with the Grey pattern. RID.
Akhal-Teke: 14.2-16hh. All solid colors, with grey permissable. All horses must be at least heterozygous for the Pearl gene (Prlprl or prlprl). Should be strong in Hrt. AA.
Gypsy Vanner: 13.2-16hh. All solid colors, with Grey, Sabino, Frame, Splash and Tobiano patterns allowed. Strong in Str and Mv. RID.
Orlov Trotter: 15-17hh. Black, bay, and brown all permitted; roan, silver, and dun patterns permitted. No excessive white markings. Solid black ideal. Strong in Int. SH.
Dutch Harness Horse: 16hh+. Black, chestnut, brown, or bay base coats, with grey, sabino, or roan patterns permitted. Dressage based. AA.
Hispano-Arabs: 14-16hh. Solid colors, with cream and pearl potentially acceptable. Should be strong in Dressage traits. AA.
Shire: 16hh+ for mares, 17hh+ for stallions. Stallions may be black, bay, brown or grey with no roan and only minimal white markings. Mares may be roan, but only small markings are allowed. They should be strong in Heart and Strength preferably. RID.
Hanoverian: 15.3-17.2 hh. Chestnut, bay, brown and black base coat, with Grey and Roan patterns permitted; minimal white markings also permitted. WB.
Belgian Draft: 16.2-17hh. Chestnut or flaxen chestnut, excluding liver chestnuts. Should be strong in Hrt and Str. RID.

Edited at January 20, 2021 11:53 AM by TenaciTea
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 6, 2021 12:31 PM

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Haflinger: 13.2-14.3hh, flaxen chestnut or flaxen liver chestnut only. Randomized markings (like facial markings, sooty, socks etc) permitted. PON.
Exmoor: 13.2hh, dark bay or brown with pangere (optional). PON.
Connemara: 13.2-14.2hh, grey, black, brown, roan, chestnut, palomino or cream. Patterns (besides roan/cream) are not accepted. PON.
Pony of the Americas (POA): 13.2-14.2hh with appaloosa patterns (no other patterns). PON.
Chincoteague Pony: Usually about 13.2hh, but can be up to 14.2hh. All solid colors, as well as Frame, Sabino, Splash White and Tobiano. Roan is excluded. Must be bred from horses that were beach captures. PON.
Hackney Pony: 13.2-14.2hh. Black, brown or bay (and rarely chestnut). White markings (and the Sabino pattern) are acceptable. Should be strong in Mv. AA.
Fell Pony: 13.2-14hh. Dominantly black, with brown or bay also acceptable- the grey pattern is accepted as well. Strong in Int and Hrt. PON.
Dales Pony: 14-14.2hh. Black, brown or bay base coats, with potentially roaning or grey. Stars and snips are the only permitted facial markings. White on the legs may not go past the fetlock joint. PON.
New Forest Pony: 13.2-14.2hh. Bay, chestnut, and grey are most common coat colors. Blue eyes are never accepted. Palomino and very light chestnut are acceptable on mares and geldings only. Strong in Int and Hrt. PON.
Eriskay Pony: 13.2hh. Grey, bay, or black only. Should not have an eel stripe; excessive white markings discouraged. Pangere usually present on dark coats. PON.
Icelandic Horse: 13.2-14hh. All base coats, extension, and dilutions, as well as dun, grey, roan, splash, tobiano, frame, and sabino are permissable. Strong in MV, HRT and STR. PON.
Highland Pony: 13.2-14.2hh. Seal brown, flaxen liver chestnut, or black- dun gene commonly carried, with grey and cream less common. No markings aside from a small white star. PON.
Australian Pony: 13.2-14hh. Can be any color combined with grey. PON.
Norwegian Fjord Horse: 13.2-14.3hh. Must be homozygous for dun; should also be dominant for Cream (Either CcrC or CcrCcr). Pangere is also desirable. RID. Art here

Edited at January 12, 2021 05:23 PM by Saltea Stables
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 6, 2021 12:44 PM

The Nine
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Fresiens are just pure black (I think double agouti gene? I can't remember) sport horses

Edited at January 6, 2021 12:45 PM by The Nine
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 6, 2021 12:52 PM

Trivia Team
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Dun and Gray PONs SD jumping- connemaras
Flaxen Chestnut PONs bravery- haflingers
Bay PONs mealy markings- exmoor
Bay WB- Cleveland Bays
Gray SH SD Dressage- Lipizzans
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 7, 2021 01:21 PM
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Lipizzan- 14-16.2 hh from my experience. Grey/solid bay/solid black SH with some RID qualities would be best
Appaloosa- 14.2hh+Appendix Quarter Horse of most colors with striped hooves, added sclera in their eye, and spotted noses.
POA- pony sized Appaloosa's with a few "pony" qualities.
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 7, 2021 01:28 PM

~Skye Acres~
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(Might be a stretch, but thought I would suggest it)
Nez Perce Horse
HEE Breed: SH

Coat Base Colors: Palomino (ee CcrC), Cremello (ee CcrCcr), Buckskin (Ee/EE Aa CcrC), Bay (Ee/EE Aa/AA), Pearlino (Ee/EE CcrCcr), Black (Ee/EE), Smokey Black (Ee/EE CcrC), Smokey Cream (Ee/EE CcrCcr). Any non specified coats are not allowed.

Patterns: Dun gene is allowed. Mares and stallions must at leat be het Leopard Complex (Lplp). Like KNN, mares must have at least Lplp and studs must have at least Lplp and 1 Patn. No other patterns or genes permitted (i.e. silver, roan, sabino, etc...). An acception may be made for heterozygous pearl only (to represent the Nez Perce's metallic coat they inherited from Akhal-Teke.) , homozygous pearl not allowed.

Edited at January 7, 2021 01:33 PM by ~Skye Acres~
Defining "new breeds" within existing HEE models January 7, 2021 01:28 PM

SweetFire Fields
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Damn, now I wanna start breeding 'Friesians'

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