I got tons of girl clothing from my daughter but nothing for. Aboy haha
09:36:50 Mack
She was even more concerned when I started laughing. I can only imagine what she was thinking of me. In fact, thar whole debauchle got me wondering if she thinks in pictures, or her little babble language
MakeEm Fancy
09:35:11 Ally 💜
I had nothing with my first 🙃 I was prepared completely with my second though lol
Circle Star RIDs
09:33:50 Granny C
I can just picture the look on her face Mack.
09:33:28 Mack
Dawns souls
Honestly, we can only be so prepared. Your gonna do great, as long as that's your goal.
Circle Star RIDs
09:32:52 Granny C
Souls - you best get to steppin on it. Clocks ticking.
09:32:24 Mack
We had a chocolate puppy left over from Easter. I took a nibble of its leg and she was mortified. Took around 10 minutes for he to realize it was chocolate. She was so sad, but I could not contain my giggle
09:32:16 Crowley | Myth
-HEE Click-
Autumn's Dawn
09:31:50 Autumn/Dawn
Goodnight HEE Players~
I'm really nervous about this baby he due September 12 and I'm so not prepared at all
Circle Star RIDs
09:30:15 Granny C
lol they say, children, are your parents revenge. Believe it.
09:29:08 Mack
Yes, my daughter. Her personality is starting to shine and a love it, but I'm also weeping for what I put my own mother through
Circle Star RIDs
09:27:48 Granny C
Mack - your first ?
MakeEm Fancy
09:27:38 Ally 💜
Layla will be 5 and Foxy will be 1 this year 🥺
09:26:54 Crowley | Myth
Who what?
Willow River Estates
09:26:13 JF Jelly Star lurkin
09:25:47 Crowley | Myth
I'm excited for May to be 3/4.
Circle Star RIDs
09:25:30 Granny C
Sandy - got that right. lol
09:25:20 Mack
Mines turning 3 this month. I'm not ready
09:24:56 Crowley | Myth
They are Tee (Tequila).
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When you where a new account... June 4, 2024 12:43 PM

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I had an older account before this one but either I deleted it or it got deleted.
I started this one in 2018 and I only bred for color. I cared NOT about ratings. Just getting less than 1 in 100 rarity. My favorite stallion Color Thrower was 1 of 1 color rarity and got used a LOT.
I tried tracing his babies to see if I could restart his lines, but all his babies must have died/been free-ranged (when I was looking, about 2 years ago).
I let my premium run out for right now, but I don't think I have any straws on him.
When you where a new account... June 4, 2024 01:24 PM

Sunstone Elite
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When I joined, I believed that in order to get horses to train to have the strengths you wanted, you needed to train them in SD; for example one of my foundation boys Dream Catcher was trained in XC for his life because I believed to get rid of weaknesses you just needed to train them in SD rather than AD.
Additionally, I had no concept of ebs or items yet. I once had an EEE x EEE match result in an SSS, and it cost me 50k. To my noob self, that was clearly the end of the world, and I couldn't understand when stables piped in about svens and how much those cost etc. Imagine now, me svenning every match across most of my accounts and expecting flops- I think my early self would have had a heart attack, LOL.
When you where a new account... June 10, 2024 01:25 PM

London Estates
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Eheheh...I didn't understand ratings, and once looked through WWWs for sale (nit knowing what that meant) I saw some and though tthey were overpriced 🤦‍♀️
When you where a new account... June 10, 2024 02:59 PM

Stormsong Manor

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Something that's stuck with me all these years: my first three-month upgrade expired, and I was so hooked on the game that I tried to sell my first and only PPP (top rating at the time) for upgrade EBs. I was so proud of her but I was also a broke college kid and couldn't put in the RL money at the time, so I listed her for enough to buy myself an upgrade. I had written something in her remarks about how much I loved her but she had to go. One of the former mods and greatest human beings ever sent me the upgrade EBs out of nowhere and told me to keep my baby. Trexsky, if you ever stop in and see this, I did not forget and have been paying it forward since <3

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