Moonlit Sandy Night
09:10:32 Sandy
SD is single discipline. So instead of focusing on a WWW in all three ratings, someone might want a W in just one.
What does SD stand for when people are talking about horses on the game?
Royal Heart
i dont have any stall left
Glacier Bay KNNS
One of the best things about HEE is the interesting conversations between the players
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:05:52 Sandy
Hazey, what are you getting?
Witch Hazel Acres
08:58:37 Hazey
Hehe I just booked a new tattoo >:)
Royal Heart
look at your mailbox
Royal Heart
i did
08:48:28 Mack
Check your mailbox
Royal Heart
do you want to be my friend
08:43:47 Mack
08:43:09 Shi
it looks like the EWE ended up at a different stable with a similar name, unless that is your alt?
Royal Heart
08:41:25 Mack
Bing bong
Kepler Wings
08:38:29 Dae
Yeah It looks like all the horses were given away on the 10th
The Old Gods
08:25:52 Void Malign
People got their prizes. You have one of the horses that was listed
08:20:19 Mack
I don't really breed for color, but I'm wondering about keeping him open for breeding, cause the Tobi and Chmpgn
Glacier Bay KNNS
If I ran any contest, I would give out prizes
Wildflower Ridge
08:14:56 Beepers
I mean they have nothing in their stable, so perhaps
E.T. Eventing
08:14:53 Zrek
Lilac, I mean, no benefit in not giving out prizes unless they are just busy or decided against it.
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Petition for Rider auto-pay March 21, 2024 10:55 AM

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Does anybody else have a hard time staying on top of paying their riders, I switch their payday to Monday all the time and think they're supposed to be paid for 2 weeks and come to find out they weren't, so none of my horses were getting shown this week. Is there any way we could establish an auto-pay system in case they don't get paid when we think they have been... ?

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