Emmas Eventers
Got the song in my head now lol
12:00:45 Legion
I'm still a fan of mine that's got a plague doctor and says "Don't stand so close to me"
Boulder Creek
I think I found a local lady and going to message her tomorrow. My bf wants a hockey team one -so that narrows down some of it. And I just want something that doesn't look meh lol

I would have just made them myself, but that's a lot of work for just two masks - and trying to help local.
11:39:04 Legion
I've gotten both mine for $10
Elysian stables
11:37:37 fawn
-HEE Click-

okay I haven't played in forever and I forgot about this eyesore
Abstract Dunes
11:32:21 Abs
My mom makes them and sells on Etsy. You can find some really beautiful fabric designs on there.
Abstract Dunes
11:31:32 Abs
Look on Etsy or Ebay. You can get them pretty reasonable there with fast shipping.
Boulder Creek
omgs. I am so late to the party -
but wtf buying face masks.
I literally cannot for the life of me figure this out
Trying to buy local, but picky about fabric design (???), and I am not paying $30 for a mask. I can make it cheaper.
Apex Equestrian
10:52:13 AE ~ Apex
Thank you :)
Timber Canyon
10:51:06 Timbie
You too Apex, welcome back
Apex Equestrian
10:49:35 AE ~ Apex
It’s good to see you guys after quite some time
Apex Equestrian
10:48:52 AE ~ Apex
Alright, thanks y’all. :)
Timber Canyon
10:48:10 Timbie
There is a section in the FAQ that will give you the crossbreeding formulas
Apex Equestrian
10:47:19 AE ~ Apex
So what breed do they end up as?
MakeEm Fancy
10:47:17 Ally 🌺

Timber Canyon
10:46:36 Timbie
Yer, been a thing for as long as I can remember
Apex Equestrian
10:46:34 AE ~ Apex
I haven't been on this game for a long time so apparently I forgot. Thanks
10:45:30 Legion
You've always been able to cross breed
Apex Equestrian
10:44:45 AE ~ Apex
Like for example X and TB?
Apex Equestrian
10:44:23 AE ~ Apex
Wait... you can cross breed in this game now?
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