08:28:01 Legion
If they use the same actuator, maybe? I bought mine back in Feb, so it's not like it's old
Kelpie Keep
08:27:58 Kel
Use the refresh button under the chat button @Gypsy
black opal
08:27:33 Opal, Ria
-HEE Click-

... I am so... Disappointed right now... I just can't..
Cando Farm
08:27:27 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Yep, trying too

08:27:26 Mor/ Baker of HEE
What do you breed for Gypsy?
Timber Canyon
08:27:12 Timbie
I have also been having issues with my scroll wheel not working, wondering if it's a manufacturer thing
umm why is it repiting is self?
08:27:02 Legion
I /could/ get a receipt from Best Buy, but it'd require me going into the store and I'm just....Mmmmmmmno
Royal Horse Stables
Ria, Thanks for the ideas!! I will definitely use one of them!!
Timber Canyon
08:26:13 Timbie
Oh good lord, stomach bugs are the worst. Stay hydrated please
08:26:08 Legion
I already, carefully, opened it up and cleaned it in case Ripley fur was causing issues. That helped for like 10 clicks then it went back to not working.
i just got this filly is she good
08:25:27 Legion
Scroll wheel. You can click it to do various thing. Scroll wheel works just fine.
Cando Farm
08:25:24 Lil l Cando l Canlil
I've been alright, have had a terrible stomach bug fr the last week. But other than that I think I've had a pretty alright week. Saw my trooper today. :)
Timber Canyon
08:24:55 Timbie
The scroll wheel? Or does it have a middle button
black opal
08:24:24 Opal, Ria

Storming Through

I Won't Wait

Burnt Till I'm Frozen

Patch of Misery

Nice to See You Too

Finally Some Truth
08:24:24 Legion
HyperX. The middle mouse button is fucked in some way and it doesn't register the clicks...Most of the time.
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