I accidently hired more riders rather than consolidating >:(
08:04:54 Moon/Misty/Foggy
I'm gonna head off. Sorry for confusing y'all. Night.
Skye's Paradise
08:04:16 Pickle
08:03:27 Moon/Misty/Foggy
Sorry for the double post.
08:03:11 Moon/Misty/Foggy
The investigators are here now. I'm a bit cooled down now.
08:02:35 Moon/Misty/Foggy
The investigators are here now. I'm a bit cooled down now.
07:58:16 Moon/Misty/Foggy
No. I'm bad at explaining things, but it felt like a actual hand slapped my chest.
Green Arrow Stable
07:57:47 May | Lemon | LD
Oh I understand now.
07:57:26 Moon/Misty/Foggy
There was a indian tribe in this area before the firehouse was built.
Wait did you have a dream or did you go along to a fun thing like a haunted fun house or something?
07:56:54 puck
ah. that's fun
07:56:26 Moon/Misty/Foggy
So am I. It's confusing, towards other people.
Green Arrow Stable
07:55:04 May | Lemon | LD

I'm confused
07:55:04 Moon/Misty/Foggy
Decorated to be haunted.
07:54:06 puck
Wait is it haunted as in decorated to be haunted for halloween, and also haunted with a ghost?
07:53:07 Moon/Misty/Foggy
The haunted firehouse i work in. Theres a inside, and inside area for the other workers to pick their own scene and shit.
07:51:45 Legion
O_o not a clue on what you're talking about
07:49:44 Moon/Misty/Foggy
I'm at the firehouse, i was in my sisters scene.. ( She has a fridge in her scene ) I opened the door to the fridge, and a hand slammed into my chest. There was no one else in the scene but my sister. But she was in the building fixing wires.
Green Arrow Stable
07:48:53 May | Lemon | LD
What hapened Moon?
07:47:50 Moon/Misty/Foggy
I'm freaked the hell out. Like.. in shock.
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   White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 12, 2019 12:52 AM

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Nestled in the hills of Virginia, White Oaks Equestrian Center has stood for over 50 years. Its current owner has decided to turn this state-of-the-art stud farm into a boarding school for talented riders. They offer many disciplines, although you have to excel to be accepted. You have been accepted, and you and your horse will be trained up, until you are good enough to go to the international circuit. There are a few scholarships available, although you will have to pay back some of the money once you are competing professionally. You will be assigned a school horse as well as your own, whom you will have to train.

Discussion thread



- No god-modding
- No relationships between your own characters unless you still include others.
- Do not injure another person's character without their permission
- Only make as many characters as you can handle
- Please notify me if you are dropping out, or won't be on for a while
- Drama and romance is allowed
- Hate the character, not the player

School horses

WO Phantom Glory 'Phantom' 17.1 hh, 13 yrs, stallion: This stallion is a stud, and is only for the most experienced rider. A large dappled grey, he has Thoroughbred looks and light mane and tail. He is amazing at cross-country and steeplechases.

Rider: Arlette Wright

WO Pot Of Gold 'Stardust' 15.1 hh, 13 yrs, mare: A palomino QH mare, she is well trained, almost push button and is trained to a high level. She used to be a stunt horse, so if you tap her in the wrong place, she may rear and throw you!

Rider: Cameron Fairfield

WO Bloodshot Gangster 'Gangster' 15.1 hh, 5 yrs, mare: Only 5 years old, she is for a confident rider. She is a Blood Bay Sabino mare, with four white socks.

Rider: Kholo Mzi

WO Knight In Shining Armour 'Fairue' 15.2 hh, 7 yrs, gelding: A 7 year old, he is completely white, although he has grey purple dapples on his hocks, which point to his breed, Appaloosa. He tends to shy at imaginary things, especially water. He has a scopey jump and lots of potential, but is ghastly at turning and tends to jump too early.

Rider: Lorenzo Biancci

WO Victory At Last 'Victory', 15.2 hh, 14 yrs, gelding: Victory is an Australian Thoroughbred, and has competed in the Olympics. A schoolmaster at basically everything, he is fine for riders of all levels. He is a completely brown horse.

Rider: Blair O'Connor

WO Music To My Ears 'Mozart', 14.3 hh, 14 yrs, gelding: Mozart is a cheeky piebald. He excels at showjumping, although doesn't have the best of manners. A confident rider is needed for this naughty horse.

Rider: OPEN

WO Descendants Of Khan 'Khan', 16.1 hh, 9 yrs, gelding: Khan is a well-built black Arab. Bred on the farm, he has impeccable bloodlines. He has amazing manners on the ground but can act up in the saddle.

Rider: Heather Proudstorm

WO Schoolyard Whispers 'Secret' 16.1 hh, 8 yrs, mare: A pretty palomino mare, Secret is the half-sister of Stardust. With white socks and a blaze, she is very attractive, although is prone to 'flirt' with stallions more than most mares. She excels at dressage but needs a firm rider.

Rider: Dublin O Damhain

WO River Of Promises 'Promise' 15.2 hh, 7 yrs, gelding: Promise is a black blanket appaloosa, with a long tail. He is a Grand Prix jumper, as well as being an excellent dressage horse at lower levels.

Rider: OPEN

WO House Of Cards 'Joker' 15.1 hh, 9 yrs, gelding: Joker is a piebald Arab cross. He is amazing at cross-country and is good for most levels of riding. He is also one of Kholo's horses which she bred herself.

Rider: Timothy Blue

WO Bravest Of All 'Brave' 16.1 hh, 11 yrs, mare: Brave is a pitch-black Anglo Arab, out of Kholo's own stud. She is a fearless cross-country horse, and adores water jumps. She can be a little hot-headed in the dressage ring, and throws large bucks to let you know how she is feeling. This head-strong mare needs a rider who will make her think that everything is her own idea, not their's.

Rider: Hunter Meyer

WO Are You Joking 'Jest' 16.2 hh, 5 yrs, gelding: Jest was one of Kholo's impulse buys. He has amazing bloodlines but is as green as grass. He is a skewbald Thoroughbred, with a high-strung personality and gallons of talent. He is extremely intelligent, but hasn't been trained yet. Jest loves jumping of all kinds, but is prone to waste his energy by jumping too high. He is best for an experienced rider.

Rider: Conrad Fairfield

WO Song For Evela 'Saturn' 17.1 hh, 9 yrs, mare: Saturn is a dapple grey Clydesdale mare. Despite her considerable size, she excels at eventing. She has dabbled in dressage, but is still at elementary level. Kholo was given her by a dear friend, who could not afford to keep her anymore. She is very clever and is easy to school, once she realizes what you would like her to do.

Rider: OPEN

WO Curse Of Immortality 'Zeus' 16.1 hh, 7 yrs, gelding: Zeus is an upbeat, happy-go-lucky type of horse. He is a handsome bay Oldenburg with a white star on his forehead and black points. He still has a colt-ish air about him and needs firm handling. He is happy to do what you want, as long as he understands what it is. Zeus loves dressage and jumping, especially to music. Although a kind horse, he does get anxious around strangers and needs time to warm up to them. Although having had minimal training besides dressage, he is eager to learn and jumps neatly.

Rider: Ceri Vaughn

WO Spanish Devil 'Diablo' 15.3 hh, 11 yrs, gelding: Diablo is the typical Western cow pony. He cannot stand direct rein contact and loves barrel racing. But be warned, he knows some clever tricks, such as unlatching stable doors, untying ropes, and more not to be named. He is a dunalino with dark points, his ears almost constantly back.

Rider: OPEN

WO Elegant Victory 'Elegance' 15.1 hh, 13 yrs, gelding: Elegance is a handsome bay Thoroughbred, with a blaze running down his forehead. A kind horse by nature, he looks out for others and is a wonder in the hunter and equitation ring. He has amazing bloodlines, this fact showing when he is ridden. Although sweet-natured, he does need a sympathetic rider and will not respond to one who does not listen to his mood.

Rider: Reyes Castel

WO When Giants Fall 'Giant' 16.2 hh, 6 yrs, stallion: Giant is a handsome chestnut Quarter Horse. Green as grass, the stallion is planned to enter the Western show ring at a later stage, with barrel racing and cutting. He has had minimal training and was only broken in two years ago, due to a tragic injury at age three. He shows great promise, although has plenty of tricks and pranks to hide it.

Rider: Kai Hilton

WO Raven's Flight 'Raven' 15.1 hh, 11 yrs, mare: Raven, as her name suggests, is a dark black Oldenburg with no markings other than a small star on her forehead. One of Kholo's best broodmares, she foaled Zeus and a few other promising horses. She loves rump scratches, and is in no way shy or likely to kick. A great all-rounder, Raven has been trained in most English disciplines, but cannot be ridden Western. She's the type of horse that can take you from first lessons to 3 star shows.

Rider: Reginald Sawyer

WO Golden Grace 'Midas' 17 hh, 8 yrs, gelding: Midas is a hot-headed, temperamental gelding. Despite having been trained by an internationally renowned trainer, he still fails to show well. This dark palomino needs someone willing to put in enough time and effort to take him to the top. He's rather headshy and aggressive to other horses, so is best ridden alone. Midas enjoys eventing, his Anglo Arabian bloodlines perfect for the sport.

Rider: OPEN

WO Coldest Of Days 'Sky' 15.1 hh, mare, 16 yrs: Sky is a dozy Boerperd mare, hosting the breed's typical laziness. This retired broodmare is bombproof, but requires a lot of leg. The skewbald has a tendency to stop suddenly from the fastest tempo you can persuade her to go, often unseating her riders.

Rider: Samantha Starr

WO Blood Moon 'Nikita' 16 hh, mare, 13 yrs: Nikita is an attractive strawberry roan Standardbred, with a hogged mane and dark bend-or spots on her rump. She is a kind, experienced mare, while people often joke that she has more knowledge of riding than her riders. She has a calm temperament, but is absolutely terrified of snakes. A Western guru.

Rider: OPEN

WO Fallen Grace 'Lucifer' 16.2 hh, gelding, 7 yrs: Lucifer is a sturdily built Thoroughbred x American Standardbred. He is black with four uneven socks, his mane and tail neatly pulled. Lucifer is usually a gentle horse but can have sudden outbursts. He has proven himself on the track and is a reliable horse. He requires a rider who can put up with his rapid mood swings.

Rider: Alexander Littlewood

WO Legends Rise 'Legend' 15 hh, gelding, 11 yrs: Legend is a rather normal looking horse, a sooty dark bay with small white markings. He has a rather large jump and tends to overestimate the obstacle, resulting in large, messy leaps. He needs a calm and collected rider to keep his nerves down in the show ring, as well as one who will have patience with his mistakes.

Rider: Sandra Proudstorm

WO Hero At The Fall 'Hero' 16.3 hh, gelding, 9 yrs: Hero, the full brother of Legend, is a blood bay Trakehner, with a large white blaze and wide-set eyes. He has tall socks on all four of his legs, and a long mane and tail. Hero has a bouncy trot and is extremely energetic, so needs a firm rider. He tends to rush everything, resulting in almost all poles down and an unhappy rider.

Rider: OPEN

WO Whiteout 'Angel' 15.1 hh, stallion, 14 yrs: Angel is a stately Lippizanner, with almost white fur fading into grey dapples. Despite his gender, he is actually a surprisingly calm horse. He specialises in dressage and equitation, having been trained mildly in haute ecole as a youngster.

Rider: Laurence DiLorenzo

WO Shake And Bake 'Chief' 14.3 hh, gelding, 17 yrs: Chief is a grumpy Haflinger, bearing the breed's flaxen chestnut with irritation. He loves attention, although might take a nip out of you if you ignore him. He doesn't quite enjoy any disciplines, although he can do most bearably well. He is also utterly bombproof and won't rear, buck or create any other mischief other than with other horses. His riders will always be safe on him.

Rider: OPEN

WO Arthur's Magician 'Magik' 16.1 hh, gelding, 10 yrs: Magik is a serious dark dappled grey, with a stately Roman nose and long neck. He loves galloping full-out, but can finish his energy too quickly. He needs a rider who can put up with his many hijinks and spooks, but still stay calm and gentle.

Rider: Katarena Suta

WO Don't Stop Believing 'Justice' 16.3 hh, gelding, 11 yrs: Justice is a giant teddy bear. Despite his large size and formiddable stature, he loves people and, for some strange reason, enjoys licking those he loves. His seal bay coat is broken by two long white stockings on his hind legs. He is an all-round English horse, but has experimented with cutting. He may seem like an easy ride, but he is very intuitive to the rider's mood. This can prove hazardous if his rider is slightly nervous or irritable, as he will pick it up and react hugely from it.

Rider: Kyran Meyer

WO African Glory 'Afrika' 15 hh, stallion, 7 yrs: Afrika is a blue roan Nooitgedachter, one of the few purebreds remaining. He is a spooky, green jumper, with fears of bright colours and neatly trimmed bushes. Among others. He scares easily and is head-shy, while the afore-mentioned phobias prove disastrous in the show arena. He needs a patient, relaxed rider who can ride through his mishaps with ease, not making a large point of it.

Rider: Aaron Franklin

WO Beauty And The Beast 'Belle' 15.1 hh, mare, 9 yrs: Belle is a delicate, sensitive Akhel Teke mare. Her golden bronze coat is typical of the breed, and she features dark points and black mane and tail. Belle has been trained as a dressage horse, but learns quickly if she's in the mood. It's a rather large 'if'. This haughty mare is hot and slightly brattish.

Rider: Trystan Bergman

WO Tropical Paradise 'Oasis' 15.3 hh, mare, 11 yrs: The most inquisitive mare around, this pinto Quarter Horse wants to stop to sniff, see, hear absolutely everything. Otherwise, she's an experienced horse, almost a dream ride. A quick learner, she does tend to leave her hindquarters behind, so needs a rider who is willing to collect her well and ride through her many hijinks. Best at dressage, and a beginner rider's dream.

Rider: Olivia Lancewood

WO Dancing Sky 'Floyd' 16hh, gelding, 8 yrs: Floyd is a handsome cremello Missouri Fox Trotter with a jagged star and four white socks, ending just before the pastern. He sports the breed's pronounced withers and raised tail, with a relatively deep chest. His hocks are sturdy and strong, with darker, slightly pink points. Overall, he has good conformation and comfortable gaits, including the namesake fox trot. Floyd has a willingness to learn and experiement new things, and loves trail rides. He is trained in Western (specializing in cutting/barrels) but knows the basics of English commands.

Rider: OPEN

WO Mirage ‘Mira’ 15.2hh, mare, 7 years: Mira is a flashy Quarter Pony x TB mare with light, stretchy movement and a big jump. She has a big heart and is really very brave, almost too much so. She has been known to drag a rider to a fence from all the way around the arena and not take ‘no’ for an answer. She needs a rider who can regulate her speed as she can get moving and is very difficult to get back. The faster she gets, the more clumsy she gets, too. Tons of scope and potential to show in the 3’/1m classes as she gains more experience. Mira is a shiny black mare with a stripe and three white socks.

Rider: Viktor Petrova

WO Equinox ‘Knox’ 16.3hh, gelding, 10 years: Knox is a chunky light gray Percheron x KWPN gelding with a huge step and clomping movement. He is one of the most forgiving horses in the barn, despite being really very intuitive and not bombproof. He doesn’t have a motor typically but he also does what his riders ask--he’s not dead to aids. If he gets nervous he gets very strong, pushy, and may even run off, and typically does not come back from this in that same ride. Yet, the next time you get on him, he’ll be back to normal. He is one of the favorite mounts of the dressage riders as well as lower-level eventers. He has shown up to training level eventing, 4th level dressage, and has even taken in a few hunter/equitation shows.

Rider: Drew Meyer

WO Vagabond ‘V’ 16.1hh, gelding, 10 years: V is a handsome silver bay APHA gelding with beautiful sweeping movements. He goes the perfect speed and can really be ridden on autopilot. He’s more tolerant than most of the horses in the barn, but his experience makes him a prime ride for the most advanced of riders at White Oaks. He is the horse that trainers put riders on that are moving up the highest levels of their discipline and want to learn without getting thrown. He has a blaze, four white stockings, and many tobiano markings as well as mane frosting and silver points.

Rider: Nash Brooks

WO Simply Dashing ‘Dash’ 17.1hh, gelding, 6 years: Dash is a handsome chestnut sabino gelding that has recently been retired from the track. He is fairly good-natured, but like many OTTBs, has an excessive amount of energy and can be very hot and sensitive. He has just finished his training program after adjusting to life as a pasture pony and then getting re-broken, so he is still very new to everything. He is really very strong and riding him can be a power struggle, but he’s not intentionally difficult, and in fact, seems to want to please. He will take a VERY patient and VERY sensitive, soft rider who can still be firm, brave, and willing to get back on after falling in the dirt. He is a one-horse type rider, and will reward his rider with a heart of gold if they show him enough care and patience.

Rider: Louis Wright

WO Limelight ‘Luz’ 17.1hh, gelding, 8 years: Luz is a beautiful, beautiful 1/4 Andalusian x 3/4 Iberian Warmblood gelding. His gray color is very striking and his movement and athleticism draw a lot of attention in the equestrian world. He can tend to be too ‘dressage-y,’ but his scope, adjustability, and endless potential have made him a favorite of hunter and big-eq judges. He has also done eventing and showjumping in addition to dressage. He has really done everything, and is a very adjustable, smooth ride. He is not very forgiving and lacks affection, tending to be more of a ‘diva’ type. This doesn't keep him from being a favorite of judges, riders, and pretty much everyone, though. Just watch that he doesn’t over-anticipate what you’ll ask, this typically ends badly. Like any diva, Luz hates the word ‘no.’

Rider: Devyn Bradley

WO Adagio ‘Gio’ 18.2hh, 18yrs, gelding: after an extensive international dressage career, Gio has retired at White Oaks with several years of lower-level training still in him. He is a very classy ride, but due to his extensive training, can be quite touchy. He is quite an arrogant horse who has no issue telling you how he feels, and is definitely not for a beginner rider. Is prone to giving way more than you ask for, and can definitely run his rider over both metaphorically and physically, because he doesn’t have the best ground manners. He is a mahogany bay gelding with a blaze and three white stockings, as well as a belly spot.

Rider: Diego Van Horan

WO Alfresco ‘Fresca’ 14.0hh, 17yrs, mare: Fresca has done a little bit of everything, but is especially good with pony club and gaming style events. She can be ridden western or english and has done the fundamental, lowest levels of pretty much everything. She can jump up to 2’3 and knows basic dressage. Very little scares this mare, making her an ideal trail or endurance mount as well. She is a liver chestnut with small patches of black on her stomach, legs, and face indicating that she is a chimera, though there is so little black she is hardly the model of one.

Rider: Zechariah Maharaj

WO Ampersand ‘Percy’ 18.0hh, 13yrs, gelding: Percy is a very talented hunter horse who has even shown in international derbies. He has a huge jump, a massive, lofty stride, and is your average textbook hunter. He takes up a lot of leg, but he is a favorite of hunter riders everywhere. He is one of the horses that can take riders up the levels in no time at all, though his massive size makes him a less ideal candidate for the eq ring. He tends to get a bit claustrophobic in tight turns. He is black with the splash white pattern, giving him a huge blaze, four white stockings that go all the way up, and quite a bit of white on his stomach. He is a rider favorite despite his apparent lack of personality.

Rider: Katya Petrova

WO Apparatus ‘AP’ 14.3hh, 16yo, gelding: AP was bred to be a hunter pony, but because of his height has found his home in showjumping and eventing. Because of his quiet, caring nature, he also has a lot of experience with younger and less experienced riders. He has some experience in the western events as well, but his career as a western pony was shortlived due to his fear of cows and pretty much any other living breathing creature. He moves very much like a hunter and has the great jump of one, so he is not the best in speed events despite performing in them most. This is a very go-with-the-flow type mount who favors teaching kids the lower levels of english riding. He has a little bit of talent in everything, though. He is a palomino with a star and two hind white socks.

Rider: Wes Esposito

WO Archipelago ‘Archie’ 17.1hh, 13yrs, gelding: Archie is a long, athletic fleabitten gray gelding who is definitely built for sport. He is very fast and athletic, but also shows a lot of prowess. When he was a young horse he had some medical issues that have left his hind end not as strong as it could be, eliminating the possibility of him competing in the upper levels of any sport. Archie happily shows in the intermediate levels of eventing as well as showjumping. His flatwork isn’t fantastic because of his hind end, making dressage more tedious.

Rider: Hans Peter Hansen

WO Balderdash ‘Dash’ 15.3hh, 15yrs, gelding: Dash is a leggy bay Thoroughbred gelding with a fairly crabby temperament. He showed as a steeplechase horse for many years before retiring to teach jockeys how to ride. Recently he has also discovered a new talent in eventing after his last rider decided to cross train, and he shows a lot of promise of moving up the levels in that. If you can get past his obnoxious, stubborn attitude, Dash is a lovely horse to ride and train on. He has no markings save for a thumbprint star on his forehead.

Rider: Maximilian Petrova

WO Bedlam ‘Bedlam’ 16.3hh, 18yrs, gelding: Bedlam is a lovely older hunter horse who has retired from the ‘A’ circuit and now enjoys showing in the local shows at the 2’6 and 3’ heights. He is a leg, crop, and spur ride, making him only enjoyable for the riders who are worried about going too fast. That is never a concern with this horse. However, if you push all the right buttons at the right times, he is an incredible schoolmaster who will win every time. It is just rare that he receives a rider that can connect with him. Bedlam is a light palomino with a white stripe and a snip.

Rider: OPEN

WO Berserk ‘Bee’ 15.1hh, 14yrs, mare: Bee is a leggy, athletic mare who has a huge gas pedal and very little brake. She has cruised around the showjumping and eventing rings for quite some time, and is bold and brave as they come on the cross country course. She has very little endurance though, so for as much as she moves, she quickly tires and gives up, refusing to. If you can get her to listen to you and reserve her energy, she has tons of scope and athleticism, willing to jump from any distance and do anything. She has a ton of spunk and has been compared to riding a rollercoaster. She is a dark bay mare with a star and two diagonal white socks.

Rider: Heidi Van Dijk

WO Bungalow ‘Bunny’ 18.2hh, 22yrs, gelding: Bunny is a massive draft gelding who doesn’t do too much anymore in terms of competing. He still teaches basic dressage and basic western riding, but other than that, doesn’t do very much. He is still a barn favorite for his phenomenal personality, though. He is a big bay with traditional Clydesdale markings.

Rider: Amara Blake

WO In Cahoots ‘Lacey’ 15.3hh, 4yrs, mare: Lacey is an energetic young horse who tries so hard to please that she often misunderstands what she’s being asked entirely. She shows a ton of promise and could really go in any direction. Her jump is very springy, she’s got a natural lead-change, and her gaits are extremely smooth and pleasant. She can get easily distracted, though, and tends to be nervous, so she is best paired with a confident rider that can take a misunderstanding--or several. She is a flaxen chestnut sabino.

Rider: Su-Jin

WO Calliope ‘Callie’ 15.0hh, 16yrs, mare: don’t let this mare’s size fool you, she is an absolute beast of an eventing mount. She excels in all three events, having the precision, athleticism, and quality of gaits required to be a successful athlete. She is a very small-bodied mare, though, and doesn’t take up a lot of leg. Needs a smaller, lighter rider, so she doesn’t get weighed down. Callie is a shiny, dappled dark bay with no markings.

Rider: Katrina Van Horan

WO Cantankerous ‘Tank’ 14.2hh, 11yrs, gelding: Tank is another barn favorite, mainly just because he’s a Haflinger. He has a great personality and is generally very loveable with smooth gaits and an interesting jump. He doesn’t have a lead change and isn’t very balanced when he isn’t trained or cross-trained in dressage. He does a lot of IEA and IHSA shows for the local college and high school, despite not being the best hunter mount. He’s done some baby eventing stuff and some lower level dressage as well.

Rider: Benjamin Rowden

WO Catamaran ‘Catman’ 16.3hh, 9yrs, gelding: Catman is an ideal three-ring mount, excelling in hunters, eq, and showjumping. He can do each with great success, having three gorgeous gaits and a lofty, regal jump. His lead-change is automatic, his only downfall being that he is a very bouncy horse to ride and very few can say they enjoy equitating on him. Catman is a light chestnut with four white socks, a star, and a snip.

Rider: Sofia Petrova

WO Colossus ‘Col’ [pron. cole] 18.3hh, 15yrs, gelding: Col is the largest horse in the barn, the monstrosity that he is. He has just finished an extensive three-year recovery from a major injury that many thought he would never recover from, which is how he ended up at White Oaks. Before his injury, Col showed as an eventing horse internationally, his rider even having his sights set on bringing the gelding to the Olympic games. Now that he has recovered, and with a fully clean bill of health, Col is ready to be paired with a rider of the highest caliber to get back to where he was.

Rider: Sullivan Doyle

WO Contraband ‘Contra’ 16.2hh, 14yrs, mare: Contra is a sporty, athletic mare who has excelled in showjumping for quite some time. She has only really been showed locally, but she has trained up to the 1.30s and 1.40s. She just needs the right rider to take her where she has the potential to go. She has a lot of riding experience but not a lot of showing experience due to her time as a broodmare and a surrogate for foals at the farm. She is a lot more hot-headed off-property, so she will need a rider with a lot of patience and tenacity to get her where she has the ability to be.

Rider: Brielle Beauchene

Assigned horses:

Cameron Fairfield: WO Pot Of Gold 'Stardust'
Blair O'Connor: WO Victory At Last 'Victory'
Heather Proudstorm: WO Descendants Of Khan 'Khan'
Samantha Starr: WO Coldest Of Days 'Sky'
Alexander Littlewood: WO Fallen Grace 'Lucifer'
Sandra Proudstorm: WO Legends Rise 'Legend'
Aaron Franklin: WO African Glory 'Afrika'
Olivia Lancewood: WO Tropical Paradise 'Oasis'
Reyes Castel: WO Elegant Victory 'Elegance'
Ceri Vaughn: WO Curse Of Immortality 'Zeus'
Katarena Suta: WO Arthur's Magician 'Majik'
Reginald Sawyer: WO Raven's Flight 'Raven'
Viktor Petrova: WO Mirage 'Mira'
Trystan Bergman: WO Beauty And The Beast 'Belle'
Devyn Bradley: WO Limelight 'Luz'
Kyron Meyer: WO Don't Stop Believing 'Justice'
Zechariah Maharaj: WO Alfresco ‘Fresca’
Louis Wright: WO Simply Dashing 'Dash'
Hunter Meyer: WO Bravest Of All 'Brave'
Drew Meyer: WO Equinox 'Knox'
Arlette Wright: WO Phantom Glory 'Phantom'
Dublin O Damhain: WO Schoolyard Whispers 'Secret'
Brielle Beauchene: WO Contraband ‘Contra’
Hans Peter Hansen: WO Archipelago ‘Archie’
Heidi Van Dijk: WO Berserk ‘Bee’
Diego Van Horan: WO Adagio ‘Gio’
Amara Blake: WO Bungalow ‘Bunny’
Benjamin Rowden: WO Cantankerous ‘Tank’
Sofia Petrova: WO Catamaran ‘Catman’
Katya Petrova: WO Ampersand ‘Percy’
Maximilian Petrova: WO Balderdash ‘Dash’
Wes Esposito: WO Apparatus ‘AP’
Sullivan Doyle: WO Colossus ‘Col’
Willa Brooks:
Nash Brooks: WO Vagabond 'V'
Sawyer Brooks:

Instructor's schoolhorses

Kholo Mzi: WO Bloodshot Gangster 'Gangster'
Timothy Blue: WO House of Cards 'Joker'
Laurence DiLorenzo: WO Whiteout 'Angel'
Lorenzo Biancci: WO Knight In Shining Armour 'Fairue'
Kai Hilton: WO When Giants Fall 'Giant'
Conrad Fairfield: WO Are You Joking 'Jest'
Evander Blake: WO Song For Evela 'Saturn'
Katrina Van Horan: WO Calliope ‘Callie’


Eventing: Timothy Blue (Flipperruby) and Evander Blake (Avenoir Acres
Racing: OPEN and OPEN
Showjumping: Conrad Fairfield (Tanglewood) and OPEN
Dressage: Kholo Mzi (Tanglewood) and Laurence DiLorenzo (Avenoir Acres)
Cross-country: OPEN and OPEN
Natural horsemanship: Kholo Mzi (Tanglewood) and Nash Brooks (Avenoir Acres)
Western: Nash Brooks (Avenoir Acres) and Sawyer Brooks (Avenoir Acres)
Hunter: Katrina Van Horan (Avenoir Acres) and OPEN
Endurance / Stand-in: Lorenzo Biancci (Tanglewood)
+ Katrina van Horan
Owner (1/1)
Kholo Mzi (Tanglewood)

Girls (15/infinite)

Blair O'Connor (Tanglewood)
Olivia Lancewood (Tanglewood)
Heather Proudstorm (Aspen Fire ES)
Samantha Starr (Flipperruby)
Emily Lachlan-Blount (Avenoir Acres)
Sandra Proudstorm (Aspen Fire ES)
Lara Ross (Avenoir Acres)
Anastasia Grayson (Moonland And Elites)
Ceri Vaughn (Tanglewood)
Katarena Suta (Avenoir Acres)
Trystan Bergman (Muse)
Devyn Bradley (Avenoir Acres)
Drew Meyer (Tanglewood)
Arlette Wright (Stone Valley Estate)
Brielle Beauchene (Avenoir Acres)
Amara Blake (Avenoir Acres)
Devyn Bradley (Avenoir Acres)
Willa Brooks (Avenoir Acres)
Katya Petrova (Avenoir Acres)
Sofia Petrova (Avenoir Acres)
Heidi Van Dijk (Avenoir Acres)

Boys (13/infinite)

Alexander Littlewood (Tanglewood)
Aaron Franklin (Tanglewood)
Chester Blue (Flipperruby)
Reyes Castel (Avenoir Acres)
Reginald Sawyer (Storm Valley Estate)
Viktor Petrova (Avenoir Acres)
Maximilian Petrova (Avenoir Acres)
Kyron Meyer (Tanglewood)
Hunter Meyer (Tanglewood)
Zechariah Maharaj (Tanglewood)
Louis Wright (Storm Valley Estate)
Dublin O Damhain (Amhain Dull Liath)
Nash Brooks (Avenoir Acres)
Sawyer Brooks (Avenoir Acres)
Sullivan Doyle (Avenoir Acres)
Wes Esposito (Avenoir Acres)
Hans Peter Hansen (Avenoir Acres)
Benjamin Rowden (Avenoir Acres)
Diego Van Horan (Avenoir Acres)

Working Students (6/10)

Alexander Littlewood | Exercise Rider (Tanglewood)
Emily Blue | Event Planner (Avenoir Acres)
Lara Ross | Barn Lawyer (Avenoir Acres)
Katarena Suta | Groom / Rider's Assistant (Avenoir Acres)
Wes Esposito | Handyman (Avenoir Acres)
Trystan Bergman | Exercise Rider (Muse)

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HEE Magazine
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All riders board in the main house at the center of the property. The first floor is living space: kitchen, cafeteria, hall, etc. Second floor is split in half by a passage that runs from end to end of the building, with a small room in the middle. Either side of that room is girls'/boys' dorms. Any person caught in the wrong dorm between 8pm and 8am will be severely reprimanded.


Room B1: Alexander Littlewood x Maximilian Petrova
Room B2: Hunter Meyer x Reyes Castel
Room B3: Reginald Sawyer x Viktor Petrova
Room B4: Evander x Wes SURNAME
Room B5: Kyran Meyer x Nathan Dubois
Room B6: Louis Wright x Aaron Franklin
Room B7: Kip Rosenthal x Zechariah Maharaj
Room B8: Sullivan Doyle x Wes Esposito
Room B9: Hans Peter Hansen x Benjamin Rowden
Room B10: Diego Van Horan x [empty]
etc. rooms will be added as necessary


Room G1: Blair O'Connor x Heather Proudstorm
Room G2: Olivia Lancewood x Devyn Bradley
Room G3: Samantha Starr x Arlette Wright
Room G4: Trystan Bergman x Sandra Proudstorm
Room G5: Katarena Suta x Anastasia Grayson
Room G6: Kara Dubois x Drew Meyer
Room G7: Amara Blake x Ceri Vaughn
Room G8: Brielle Beauchene x Willa Brooks
Room G9: Katya Petrova x Sofia Petrova
Room G10: Heidi Van Dijk x [empty]

Instructors each have a small cottage off the main house.

Stable Hands: Responsibilities

Morning Duties: Muck out & let horses into the pasture. *Make sure who is supposed to stay stalled.* Pasture placing listed in feed room. Lightly groom nighttime pastured horses. Feed/water horses - again, check the poster in the feed room to give everyone the right food. Supplements can be found in the white locker, check who needs what!!!

Daytime Duties: On farrier days, help lead horses to and fro. Put horses in the exerciser (as always, check who is supposed to)

Evening Duties: Bring in horses from the pastures and let out daytime stalled horses. *Check pasture roster!* Feed/water horses, lightly groom daytime pastured horses. Check that all tack/grooming items are in their places. Check tackroom to make sure everything is in order - this may be done first thing in the morning instead.

***All students will be required to take care of their own horses and partly take care of their schoolhorses. This means checking they're uninsured, tacking up, riding them, grooming them, etc. Stable hands are not for your own use!!!***

Exercise Riders: Responsibilites

Exercise riders are responsible for riding the un-assigned schoolhorses, unbred broodmares, selected boarded horses, and some of the farm stallions. Each rider is assigned a short list of horses each day, with horses shifting from person to person. Only the more experienced riders will be assigned the trickier mounts, and skill level is taken into account when assigning.

On average, each rider will ride 3-5 horses per day for approximately 30 minutes - you will also be given loose instructions on what you may/may not do on the horse, what discipline to focus on, etc.

The farm also offers part-time training for riders who want to earn their Riding Instructor's Certificate. Please specify in your sign-up if your character is part of this.

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White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 01:05 AM

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The RP will start on a cool autumn day. Everyone will arrive and lessons will start the next day.
White Oaks Equestrian Centre | Thread | OPEN August 13, 2019 01:55 PM

Aspen Fire ES
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Heather Proudstorm | 20 | Nightmare | School Horse: WO Descendants Of Khan "Khan" | Open

-Heather would drive up to the stables in a red 2019 wrangler jeep with a grey horse trailer that has a built in tack. She would park on the grass then she turned the engine off, she felt nervous since both her & her old gelding have won the champion title as he was officially retired from Eventing as the old boy is kinda enjoying his retirement. She grabs his red nylon halter with a black & grey lead rope before stepping out of the vehicle. She would be wearing her grey beanie, her red knitted sweater with a red & white scarf, white mittons, her grey jeans with black & white knee high socks, and her brown ankle boots-

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Little Wolf Creek
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Oskar Brins | 20* [fixed] | Ashes of War (Clive)

Oskar pulled up to the stable, seeing someone already arrived he would park. Clicking off the engine he took a moment to collect himself, brushing a strand of his strawberry-blond hair out of his face. He got out, stretching the stiffness out of his neck from the long drive. He went into the storage area of the trailer to get the grey halter and the old red and black lead rope, not that it’s really red anymore. He walked back out nervous as he went to get Clive out of the trailer. He was wearing casual clothes with his work boots on.

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Heather Proudstorm | 20 | Nightmare | School Horse: WO Descendants Of Khan "Khan" | Open

-Heather would walk out to the back of the trailer and unlatches the locks on the trailer before setting it down on the grass then she sets inside to be greeted by her gelding, she petted him before putting his halter on, clipping the lead rope to his halter then leads the large black gentle gaint out of the trailer. Prince would observe their new surroundings as he lets out a loud snort, playfully tossing his head with his tail actively swishing. The young woman noticed that someone else has arrived as well-

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Timothy Blue / Eventing Instructor / Looney + Boomer / Open

The car grinds to a sudden halt,Tim quickly pulling up the handbrake and flicking the engine off.He gives a small sigh,gathering his stuff from the seat beside him and pushing the door open with his pinky.A grunt escapes him as he clambours out,just managing to slam it shut with his elbow.Wincing at the loud bang it made,he quickly makes his way around to the trailer,dropping his stuff in a heap before lowering the ramp.
He couldn't help but smile at the echo of nickers he received as a greeting.

(So Exciting! :D)
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Little Wolf Creek
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Oskar Brins | 20 | Clive, Timothy |

He jumped as he unhooked the halter tie. Someone had came to a loud stop outside the trailer. Clive looked questionably at him with his curious brown eyes. Oskar smiled at him, “Seems someone’s made an entrance,” he whispers to the Stallion. He lead him out. With a quick look around he got on the blue roan and smiled widely, there was so many facilities here. So many opportunities! He thought. He wanted to go on an adventure but there was no reason to yet. He got off with a sad expression. Tying Clive up he waved to the others.
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Heather Proudstorm | 20 | Nightmare | School Horse: WO Descendants Of Khan "Khan" | Open

-Prince started acting up as he starts prancing a bit, throwing his head up as he continuously swished his tail, his tail was very much active as the old boy was acting like a yearling- "Prince ya goof knock it off" -She said as she couldn't help but laugh at his silly behavior, knowing that he's eager for a trail ride-

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Little Wolf Creek
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Oskar Brins | 20 |

He quickly clenched his fists awkwardly, he usually had much more confidence than this. With a sigh he looked around wondering who would be showing them around. He was also getting hungry since he hadn’t eaten for a day or two. Oskar ran his hand through his hair, he done some research about the place and knew that it had a very successful breeding program. Maybe he would get to learn about those things, but than again maybe not. He itched to start riding around this new place. His mixed excitement and worry started to get to him. Shaking his head he went back into the storage room of the trailer, he smiled as he had had some pleasant memories here.

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