Burn N Turn
So I was getting ready to go pick up my mustang next month and I get an email saying I have to wait as she is to far pregnant to travel. Then they just emailed me back saying she just foaled and I have to wait 8 weeks or more to pick them up. I am beyond excited to see them both especially this baby. So now I need name ideas for baby. I have no idea if itÂ’s a colt or filly.
03:39:42 Tubs / Reyna
Haha nothing like writing an essay last second the day it is due XP
ShiningStar Stables
03:36:56 Chey / Star
With this capture day I can finally finish this capture 200 quest XD
Someone seems to have splattered white paint on her snowflake pattern,
hollyhock joy
MG you dont realy have much to relax you XD
Timber Canyon
03:33:15 Timbie
Well, the walk is still on the table, maybe also funny youtube videos and your favorite non alcoholic beverage?
Seaside Grapes
03:32:51 Lila
Haha, thanks Windi!
Executive Stables
03:32:32 Executive/Lyssa
lol:D just realized that three of my four riders training in Cross Country are named Justin!!!! the fourth rider is named Randy:)
Hollow Tree Acres
03:31:58 Crazy Goat Lady
I only have a shower and not old enough to drink wine yet and only have college textbooks so my life hella boring right now 😂😂😂
Outlaw Horse Farm
03:30:54 Windi
Pretty girl, Lila!
Timber Canyon
03:30:20 Timbie
I understanding anger my dude. I've always found a brisk walk, bubble bath, glass of wine and a good book takes the nerves off. In that order too lol.
Timber Canyon
03:29:45 Timbie
Demand they figure out the actual issue or ask for your money back. Tell them you didnt fix the issue and youre not paying them to jerk you around
Hollow Tree Acres
03:29:43 Crazy Goat Lady
I have definitely been struggling with my anger today. I don't know if my anger actually cause the period or if my period is causing the anger. I just know I've never been as angry as I am right now. UGH
Whoops, forgot link.
-HEE Click-
Cassa Belle Eventing
03:29:14 Cassa | 9
Yes unfortuniyly mechanics like to charge their female customers more simply because they are female.
This girl helped me with a quest, and i was so confused on how until I looked at her color.
Seaside Grapes
03:28:58 Lila
Windi, I've got a girl like that! -HEE Click-
Hollow Tree Acres
03:28:32 Crazy Goat Lady
The thing is the mechanic is my uncle and cousin, yet it seems like they're just tryna pull money off family because I KNOW other customers don't have this issue with them
Sunstone Elite
03:28:21 Sun/Sunny
Our family has seen the same mechanic for over 20 years and we're very thankful he's an awesome guy, but I totally get that Hollow...and as awful as it is Timbie is right, it does happen and it sucks :/ I'm sorry life's been treating you badly <3
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