Two Diamond Ranch
03:40:44 Madz
I was gonna say it just seems a bit pointless to buy a horse from someone (presumably giving money to the person you're trying to be a jerk to..?) just to FR and lose more money on it LOL but I mean just because it hasn't happened to me doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
03:40:15 *Inhales Noodles*
Pony Paradise Farm
Unless the person is willing to give them back, you can't. You sold the horse to the person, allowing them to have the horse.
Lucky Ranch
03:40:11 Lucky♡Huskies
Im not saying that you are.
Im saying that some people will buy and FR horses when they see "Please dont buy-reserved" (or something like that) on purpose.
03:39:21 Butter
I have to capture a white horse. Im already addicted to capturing, the quest is just making it worse
Two Diamond Ranch
03:39:06 Madz
Same Fawn lol
03:38:51 *Inhales Noodles*
-HEE Click-

Quarantine gives me weird ideas ;-;
Lucky Ranch
03:38:31 Lucky♡Huskies
Some people will, or at least it comes across that way.
All Breeds
03:38:14 Fawn
Nothing wrong with buying a horse just to FR it. Once a horse is sold it's not your horse anymore
All Breeds
03:37:38 Fawn
I'll pick horses up before RO just to FR when they turn 2 for that extra bit of ebs
03:37:25 *Inhales Noodles*
Ugh.. Capture a Sabino horse quest. It's like this game encourages my capturing addiction ;-;
White Hills
03:37:22 WH or Hills
I FR horses all the time and I never do it just to be an "ass" Lucky
03:36:37 Kait
Madz,happens all the time with color stock.
Lucky Ranch
03:36:01 Lucky♡Huskies
Theres even an unrated stud on the KNN Freshie LB lol
Two Diamond Ranch
03:35:40 Madz
I don't think anyone FR's horses just to be a jerk... lmao
Golden Estate
They may have done it to complete a quest or get store credits
03:35:12 Kait
Asia, because they don't want to FR their horses for quests, and if it was FR'd by someone else, you cannot get it back. If you FR, i am not sure how to get it back, but it costs 10k, I think?
Lucky Ranch
03:34:54 Lucky♡Huskies
Either to be an ass or to get the FR ebs.
And if you FRed the horse today, and you bred/captured the horse, you can get them back on your account page for 10k
Trost District
Most of my minis are fine, it's just that one little brat that doesn't want to act civil. I have a specific pen for my minis, but they have escaped in with my big mares in the past and I haven't had any conflict. We're trying to replace my little stallion right now because of his attitude.
All Breeds
03:34:43 Fawn
FR quest
03:32:56 Asia
So, i have a question, why do people buy a horse, to just turn around and free range it?? also, how do i get it back from free range??
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