Jericho Stables
ee = chestnut
Ee = Black
Ee Aa = Bay
Ee Ata = Brown
Ee AAt = Homozygous bay, "hiding" brown

Agouti needs Extension to effect the coat. Agouti restricts black to the points of the horse. Pulling black from the entire body to just the points.
Jericho Stables
Thanks folks! <3
09:45:44 Sav
That and more creme/pearl in my lines. I just dont understand how the Aa gene and extension work so I can’t get them to show
Raindrop Ridge
09:45:06 Four
Congrats Jeri! Lovin' the stable page. Your horses are so pretty. :)
WhizBar Eventing
09:43:42 Toto
Jeri, I adore the new stable page <3
09:43:34 puck
-HEE Click-

oooh jeri congrats!
Knights Of Avalon
09:42:49 Khamma WB
I just need a new EEW+ combo since my boy is getting old and he refuses to gimme that W
09:42:49 puck
wait wait where
McSmith Ranch
09:42:46 Mac | Thing 2
How many maps was that?
Ranch Lands Training
09:42:42 Lilly/PON Addict
I have next to no capture luck. I got a PEE colt with a adventure map bit that is about it
09:42:23 Sav
He better be good, I need some classic champagne
Jericho Stables
I've been capturing a fuck ton in the mountains to get it and it finally paid off
Knights Of Avalon
09:41:46 Khamma WB
Jeri's capture luck is legendary now. Share some with the rest of us. XD
Ranch Lands Training
09:41:29 Lilly/PON Addict
I am sorry I did not mean to start anything. I am just so happy and stressed at the same time.
Jericho Stables
09:41:05 Sav
A Ch ISH Jeri? :0
Al Khamsa
09:39:20 Khamma Main Account
Lilly, Its ok. Those of us who have been around broodmares know how hard it is to keep weight on the mare while the foal takes the nutrients. She looks pretty good for being 10 days without guaranteed access, and the baby being healthy is proof of where her weight went.
McSmith Ranch
09:39:20 Mac | Thing 2
..Moving on.
Jericho Stables
As I had already said...
Ranch Lands Training
09:38:42 Lilly/PON Addict
Sorry if I got defensive. This is extremely stressful and with my knee I am no help and it is not helping at all. I just spent 10 days thinking she was stolen, or stuck somewhere with a broken leg suffering and it was all my fault. I am so glad we found her (on our property) and have such amazing vets who are working really hard with her right now.
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