Hell Raised Arabians
10:52:09 Bebbe emo owl
Oh my ! My brother just gave me a heart attack !
Wings Of Glory
10:51:16 O Great Potato Wing
we're thinking that the mare may have had low calcium
Snow Stable
10:50:13 Earth Friendly

Hm, I guess that happens to people too.
Snow Stable
10:49:48 Earth Friendly

OK. :) I was once saved by a 5 foot hand. I was tripped by our dog when I was young, and fell face first to concrete. It probably saved me from a broken chin.
MakeEm Fancy
10:48:55 Ally 🌺
I really want starbucks today
Wings Of Glory
10:48:17 O Great Potato Wing
she had some milk but not alot
Snow Stable
10:47:43 Earth Friendly

OK. Hopefully her next foal is better. I wonder why a mare could be pregnant but not have milk?
Hell Raised Arabians
10:47:41 Bebbe emo owl
Oh yeah every time i thoroughly describe what's happening into google it gives me cancer xD
Hell Raised Arabians
10:47:10 Bebbe emo owl
And every time I look up ways to alleviate the pain it gives me reliefs for reflux which is a completely different pain all together xD
Snow Stable
10:46:56 Earth Friendly

Have you looked up what you can do about it? I figured out what I have and how to deal with it, twice. One is a soft joint problem in my hands.
Hell Raised Arabians
10:45:52 Bebbe emo owl
I'm yet to so I'll stick to my unsuperstitious ness
Wings Of Glory
10:45:39 O Great Potato Wing
im not sure if it was her first foal or not but yeah thats why when we had gotten to him it was too late
Snow Stable
10:45:30 Earth Friendly

Oh, angels are real. The opposite of them are real too. I've seen both myself...
Hell Raised Arabians
10:45:18 Bebbe emo owl
I just have classes again later and if I can't get back to sleep then that's bad
Hell Raised Arabians
10:44:48 Bebbe emo owl
Apparently the thin lining that keeps them together is thinner than usual
Snow Stable
10:44:37 Earth Friendly

Ah, I see. Hm, is that the mares first foal? No milk and no interest is... odd.
Hell Raised Arabians
10:44:25 Bebbe emo owl
And apparently so Jacob xD
Hell Raised Arabians
10:44:13 Bebbe emo owl
Nah Snow I'm not superstitious hehe so I'm not worried
Snow Stable
10:43:48 Earth Friendly

Oh dear. 3 am? That's when evil things are most active...
Hell Raised Arabians
10:43:38 Bebbe emo owl
Nah Fantasia it's different to those pains
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CQE Club Fundraiser Sale February 23, 2021 03:06 AM

Ynys Hafod Stables
Posts: 107
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Hi all, the Competitions, Quests & Events Club has changed hands and in now run by Olive Tree Equine, however she does not yet own any arenas for the club to use so we are trying to raise funds for her to aquire some.

I have decided to sell all of the current club horses to help get some ebs to do this. All money will go towards the new club arenas.

Please send me your offers on any club horses that you are interested in buying. Any unsold horses at the end of this week will be put into a public auction.

(EDIT: Inbox me with offers only, please do not ask me how much I'm selling for. I will inform bidders if I have been offered more to give them a chance to up their bid.)

I will accept offers from all HEE players, however club members will get priority. Please do not offer less than 1000 ebs.

Barn link

Search link

(Mods, if this post is not allowed please remove it.)

Edited at February 23, 2021 10:33 AM by Ynys Hafod Stables

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