Stormsong Manor
09:58:25 Ven
Suuuuper social. But we have to work on not calling every woman "grandma" because that's gonna ruin someone's day LOL
09:58:04 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Link sounds like such a personality :)
California Valley
09:57:57 Cali | Kale | Calz
Ven he seems like a social butterfly
CC Knabbstruppers
09:57:06 Soggy Milk

That is so freaking adorable! XD
River Hill Stables
09:56:43 Ringo
-HEE Click- Look at what I just Captured
Stormsong Manor
09:56:30 Ven
I brought Link into the lab for some bloodwork and he 1. screamed "Excuse me!!" as soon as we walked in, 2. Said hello to everyoone, and 3. called every single woman, no matter what their age, "grandma".
Strouse Farms
09:56:12 Sunshine Lynn
GG, I know. She is beautiful
Shady Tree Farm
09:55:51 RRR/Delta Side
My first golden buckskin :D
-HEE Click-
Galloping To Glory
09:55:35 GG // GTG // Glory
Wow, Lynn..
Heavenly Meadows !!
09:54:54 Savannah
should i use a sherpa map?
Strouse Farms
09:54:52 Sunshine Lynn
-HEE Click- My dream horse, needs a name?
Moonrose Mountains
09:53:21 Diva/Glittercorn
if i get a worthy colt i have a name ready, i laugh every time remembering it lol
Galloping To Glory
09:52:42 GG // GTG // Glory
wind star stable
Glory definitely held they train so much faster that way
CC Drafts and Genes
09:50:56 It is Soggy Milk
Also, I'm horrible sad about this sherpa gal. >.>

-HEE Click-
Galloping To Glory
09:50:47 GG // GTG // Glory
-HEE Click- Ughh he's pretty but he won't be a 1/1.. Geld to show for a small source of income?
Night Shadow Stables
09:46:41 Fen | they/them
I would say it looks good, CC
Ozdust Equine
09:46:06 Zippy
Thanks Diva! Ill stick with my filly straw then, don't have enough for a medallion on this account sadly!
Thic cream
09:45:57 Seal brown breeder
o-o -HEE Click-

-HEE Click-
Lycans Dream
09:45:30 Lycan, Breamers
-HEE Click-
Got my Gelding Army back up and running :)
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CQE Club Fundraiser Sale February 23, 2021 03:06 AM

Ynys Hafod Stables
Posts: 107
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Hi all, the Competitions, Quests & Events Club has changed hands and in now run by Olive Tree Equine, however she does not yet own any arenas for the club to use so we are trying to raise funds for her to aquire some.

I have decided to sell all of the current club horses to help get some ebs to do this. All money will go towards the new club arenas.

Please send me your offers on any club horses that you are interested in buying. Any unsold horses at the end of this week will be put into a public auction.

(EDIT: Inbox me with offers only, please do not ask me how much I'm selling for. I will inform bidders if I have been offered more to give them a chance to up their bid.)

I will accept offers from all HEE players, however club members will get priority. Please do not offer less than 1000 ebs.

Barn link

Search link

(Mods, if this post is not allowed please remove it.)

Edited at February 23, 2021 10:33 AM by Ynys Hafod Stables

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