Moonrose Mountains
02:05:59 Diva
Moonrose Mountains
02:05:52 Diva
Let's remember that each can play their game the way they see it fit, while we discuss stuff let's not push our opinion upon though, there's a fine like
02:05:43 Rave Panda
even though it says excact combination?
02:05:07 Kait
Panda,you can breed with him. The W is a higher rating than the E
02:04:53 Tea
I mean unless they genuinely don't have enough space, but there are better ways to free up space
All Breeds
02:04:42 Fawn
Yes she can Panda. It's exact combo or higher
Weeping Willow Ranch
02:04:41 Stalker of Chat
EEE is just his minimum requirement lol
Moonrose Mountains
02:04:17 Diva
There's no hate, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Unfortunately boarding topic is quite touchy since many have been burnt by it, so it's understandable
02:04:11 Legion
You can still breed her to him. The rating is a minimum
02:04:04 Tea
Some people "forget" to return horses or rate horses or breed them without the owner's permission... and there's really no reason for anyone to board their horses
02:03:52 Kait
Star, no one is hating on you for it, we all had questions about if it was even allowed. Its just sketchy to most of us due to past experiences.
Blitz Farms
02:03:51 Blitz x TB
Star, why are you calling this hate? It's not directing you yourself, but just discussing the precautions of boarding.
02:03:46 Legion
I'd honestly prefer to see boarding against the rules. Inevitably, someone rolls in complaining that their horse got stolen/FR'd/bred/whatever
02:03:31 Rave Panda
its a sad day i just learned i cant bred my EWE mare next RO to a perfect WWW stallion because he can only be bred with EEEs
Star Show Warmbloods
02:03:24 Star
Hideaway HorseCenter
02:03:17 Ember <3
Spotted Ghost
Bloody Flicker
Spotted Beast
Decked Out Devil
Star Show Warmbloods
02:02:23 Star
I don't see why I am getting so much hate for this. I just thought it would be a cool idea.
02:02:21 happy
can i advertise boarding in sales or no?
Olive Tree Equine
02:00:01 cloud
yeah its not necesarry
Star Show Warmbloods
01:59:59 Star
Devilish Ghost
Lights out
Try to calm down
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New Splash! September 29, 2020 12:10 PM
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Thanks art team! There look amazing!
New Splash! September 29, 2020 12:10 PM
Wind Valley Farms
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Thanks art team! There look amazing!
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They are gorgeous.
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Thanks art team! I love the little heart on the second homo! <3
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Thanks art team there absolutely stunning!
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They're amazing! Thank you art team for donating to Marissa! When I'm old enough, I'll definitly apply :)
New Splash! October 3, 2020 10:02 AM
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Oooh, I really like the last one. It'd be cool if we could have more halo effects to appaloosa spotting like that!!
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Wow, they are awesome!
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Very Pretty!!
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Looks so good! <3

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