Ranch Lands Training
01:00:45 Lilly/PON Addict
I think my fastest barrel run has been 15 seconds. My first jackpot was for $10 against 4 other riders. I was .5 seconds off first place. It was just for fun, and I don't plan on going to a real jackpot any time soon.
Heaven on Earth
12:58:36 Fishy Salad
I've never done anything competitively, but I sometimes time my barrel runs for fun and my mare did it in 19.59
Red Star Equine
12:58:33 Red Star
what do you think?
-HEE Click-
Moonland And Elites
12:58:05 M&E
Moonland And Elites
12:57:48 M&E
Where is a unset at?
Ranch Lands Training
12:56:12 Lilly/PON Addict
-Click- This was our first 1st place run at a real event, not just a fun show against pleasure riders.
Heaven on Earth
12:56:08 Fishy Salad
My mare loves Barrels and Jumping, so you run around a barrel and if there is even a tiny little rock she jumps it
Moonstone Acres
-HEE Click-

So excited to see her training!
Ranch Lands Training
12:54:05 Lilly/PON Addict
Jewel likes to go faster then me sometimes. Us pole bending consist of her just running and me hanging on her dear life.
Montova Acres
12:53:10 Mon
I went to a gymkhana yesterday. I always have lots of fun at them
12:53:07 Sav
Paint absolutely refuses to pick up his right lead. He was mostly used as a ranch horse, but for someone who used to show, it bugs the hell out of me
HLS Mustang Ranch
12:53:02 Spirit
I believe so...

@Family Business
It looks really nice

@Trost District
Same or she turns too wide for me ><
Trost District
One of my mares loves pole bending as well. She's just pregnant right now and can't turn as quickly as usual. She only goes as fast as she wants to and we still had the 3rd fastest time at our last event.
Ranch Lands Training
12:51:28 Lilly/PON Addict
Trost, Jewels favourit is pole bending. Honestly I kind of used pole bending to teach her lead changes.
Trost District
Pole bending is pretty difficult. My horses either don't want to turn fast enough or try to run too fast when weaving.
The Family Business
12:48:52 Overlord of Monday
How’s my palette looking?
12:48:35 Sav
I think i'm gonna end up doing a partial lease with the lesson horse I ride now, just gotta get him to pick up his damn right lead

Am I able to sell them to other players for game currency?
Ranch Lands Training
12:46:24 Lilly/PON Addict
I find a lot of people look down on gymkhanas because they think it does not take alot of training. You just gotta run fast and turn and then you win. I have spent over a year teaching my girl barrel racing and it super technical.
The Black Watch
12:46:02 Rorhi Tarnation
*tell them
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