Jellos Warmbloods
06:06:05 Giggles Wubs
It was. :D
Mondor Ridge
06:05:47 Jess~Mon
I hope so too! We have about 5 mares going to foal this coming year, including a potential stud. His parents are both double registered so I have high hopes for him
WhizBar Eventing
06:05:47 Toto
If that was an answer to me, Jello, thanks =D
Jellos Warmbloods
06:05:19 Giggles Wubs
Yes, it is. :D
WhizBar Eventing
06:04:51 Toto
Where can we find the foal's height when it's grown? Is it under Lens of Time?
Nordic Acres
06:04:20 Keo
Hope everything will be ok though jess
Mondor Ridge
06:04:19 Jess~Mon
Yeah sometimes they do that
06:04:14 Legion
Yes, well, that's fine if it's just you...Not when you're being paid to get from point A to point B quickly.
Nordic Acres
06:03:06 Keo
Idk the signs but according to Cheeto she was showing the signs so I hurried over 😂😂 idk what signs she was showing.. and we definitely felt movement but it was just a weeee bit to early lolol
Procyon Ponies
06:02:59 InkSpren
Sometimes I prefer to take roads I'm familiar with instead of roads that are more direct.
Emmas Eventers
Pretty Wraithcry
Wraithcry Farm
06:01:53 Crazy Cat Lady
I have done endurance in the past. I am considering doing it again but for now I just ride for fun :)
I sold all my English stuff so part of that is me trying to repurchase everything ;’)
Mondor Ridge
06:01:49 Jess~Mon
Our stud got out and bred one of our mares this year <.>
Mondor Ridge
06:01:23 Jess~Mon
Omg thats awful Keo XD
Nordic Acres
06:00:49 Keo
I remember being at Cheetos house last summer waiting for her mini mare to foal... stayed out in the barn ALLL night long... turns out she wouldn't foal until 5 months later.. brat never conceived with her first stud but conceived immediately with her second stud 5 months later unknowingly lmao. Bratty lil minis
Silver Acres
Shes a cutie, what discipline do you do?
Wraithcry Farm
05:59:59 Crazy Cat Lady
This is the daughter I am thinking about. Her name is Sophia.
05:59:45 Legion
There's easily a half dozen different streets that could have been taken that didn't require hopping on the highway and going that far south.
Silver Acres
-HEE Click-
Ok imma just leave this here because I burst with pride everytime I see it. I was not expecting this and he has such a good color rating ee I love him I cant wait
SilverWish Stables
05:59:26 Wish
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Any name suggestions?

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