-HEE Click- how has this person showed their horse 8 times in a week?
my barn manager won't enter horses I've assigned to her even when my horses are fed, riders are paid, etc, and I don't know why?
ABC Breeding
02:28:40 PNW
Goodnight, Ink. :)
Argenthyne Appendix
02:27:27 InkSpren
02:23:36 PNW
Hello, confusion. I'm PNW.
Alluring Luminosity
02:16:14 Bri 🌺 // AL
I am confusion.
02:13:21 PNW
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:12:49 Graceful
That makes two.
Argenthyne Appendix
02:10:49 InkSpren
I am so confused.
ABC Breeding
Wow she must be stupid or somthing, okay well ima go hang out with coi (Jumping ellites) so see ya. Oh and have a great morning
ABC Breeding
srry i did a refresh ignore my stupid phone and me
ABC Breeding
Okay...Well if she got blocked on this, Back to wolfquest and scocial media LOL
Woodroffe Stud
02:01:32 Beeze
what is with the genetics game the past few days - 4 combinations are you serioUS
ABC Breeding
Um i keep getting insta'd by coi,she got blocked
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:55:15 Graceful
I keep trying too. Been an odd couple of days for me.
Khatovar KNNs
01:53:20 InkSpren
Get some sleep, girl.
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:48:38 Graceful
Whoopsie. I guess that's what happens when you've had only five hours of sleep in the last four days. 😂
Khatovar KNNs
01:47:42 InkSpren
It's okay, I love you anyway.
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:47:10 Graceful
The frame RID? Am I just being stupid right now and it's a filly?

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Some Guidelines And Tips for Posting On This Forum

1) If you need to copy paste something, try to use the "copy as plain text" option to avoid copying unwanted codes.

2) To add a link to your post simply copy paste the link. The game will automatically add the codes to make it clickable.

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9) Why are there no links to horses on this forum? Horse links turn into clickable images of the horse. Click it....

10) If you don't want images to be displayed in your post, set the "Show Images" option to No. This is a good idea if you are going to be listing
a bunch of horse links.

11) If you have trouble copy pasting, and a bunch of code is in your
post, try using the Remove Code link. It will strip all of the HTML right
out of your code.

12) What are those arrows for? If you click on the arrow it will take you to the last page in the topic.

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