10:28:46 Legion
I swear, even with antibiotics, this sinus thing is refusing to go away
Nordic Acres
10:27:42 Keo
Nordic Acres
10:25:22 Keo
It's more of a joke because she looks goofy as hell when soaked 😂lemme find a pic
Raven Hollow Elite
10:25:12 rAtTiUs
Looks at antlers and laughs mischeviously*
10:25:05 Legion
..oh lawrdy
Raven Hollow Elite
10:24:44 rAtTiUs
Did you say... RAT?
Emmas Eventers
how do you breed a cat and a rat, more likely to be dinner lol
Elk Creek Ranch
10:20:59 Antlers
Raven Hollow Elite
10:18:01 rAtTiUs
Nordic Acres
10:15:53 Keo
😂 and 30% rat 😂
Hemlock Farms
10:14:47 Hemitas
Hemlock Farms
10:14:42 Hemitas
I didn’t even know they made one for cats! her results would say 25% bay.
Nordic Acres
10:12:07 Keo
Honestly I want to get a test for the little fat, but people don't seem to care about cat breeds as much as dogs so I don't think it would be very enlightening
10:10:09 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Breeze, do both :)
Hemlock Farms
10:08:32 Hemitas
Very true Keo!! Okay I’ll do that! I’m basically just waiting for them to have a big sale on them.
Morning Glory Farms
10:07:41 Tericipatrivia/MGF
I have 3 kittens trying to steal my chocolate chip cookie halpppp 😭😭
Nordic Acres
10:07:39 Keo
Oh hem yes that would be so fun! Especially because when you tested bee none of us expected so much boxer lol
Jasmine Fields
10:06:48 Breeze / Jazzy
Should I do both Corgis and Boxers or go back and forth between the two? or just stick with one?
Hemlock Farms
10:05:42 Hemitas
I knowwww. They look like little piglets 😍
Daw their little curly tails
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Some Guidelines And Tips for Posting On This Forum

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a bunch of horse links.

11) If you have trouble copy pasting, and a bunch of code is in your
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12) What are those arrows for? If you click on the arrow it will take you to the last page in the topic.

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