09:54:22 least I can continue raising my farm animals.
09:53:52 Legion
That was the great thing about the clinic I was at. One of the tech knew a lot of the people who came to get their meds and holy shiiit she was sassy as fuck. She did not tolerate any sort of lip. It was great.

Your filly is gorgeous. It'll grow up to become a beautiful mare, that's for sure.
Arctic Dusk
09:52:19 AL (RID/WB/PON)
I forgot about a brood but now I can't decide who to send her to..
Galaxie Equidae
09:52:19 Gala
lol true Llama. I'm still salty about the guy who yelled at me about the subscription he signed up for on the 27th, billing him on the 27th, instead of the 1st... and the fact that I should be able to change it and give him 4 free days >.>
After The Storm
09:51:25 Decrepit Llama
Nah it's a different kind of Narcissistic spoiled ENTITLED adults now :D

Though you could not PAY me enough money to go back to school. The hell with that.
I need some help. Could someone pm me? It's about sales but not sales. You know.
Galaxie Equidae
09:50:22 Gala
And as they age they'll multiply, further supplying the world with even more spoiled narcissists ;)
09:48:51 Legion
Now you get to deal with adults who are the same way :D
Going to school felt like hell for me, but I worked my rear off and received my diploma. It's a feeling of accomplishment if I do say so myself. I survived waves of narcissistic, spoiled adolescents. lol
After The Storm
09:46:36 Decrepit Llama
holy crap I have never gotten three things I wanted from the store so quickly in all my days :D
09:46:05 Lee
-HEE Click- I'm so happy, I just got him today *-* I can't wait to see how he'll look in 2 months
09:44:35 Kai
-HEE Click-
Cool, looks weird :D
09:43:21 Lee
That's what is called a Chimera, Daffodil
Black-Dagger Equine
09:43:18 Dagger/Abs
It's chimera
After The Storm
09:43:09 Decrepit Llama
It's called a Chimera
-HEE Click- I just caught this horse...what gives with the color?
Sorry. Mistake.
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The Color Guide January 23, 2019 10:59 PM

Purple Pegasus Farm
Trivia Team
Posts: 2475
Hey there! This will be a guide featuring all the the different types of patterns and flashy colors while giving the low down on what they are, why they may or may not be sought after, and how they occur.

What's it called: Chimera
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: High
Availability: Rare - Uncommon
Pattern colors: Black, Pearl, Dark Bay, Light Bay, and Chestnut.

Note: The actual chimera patterns themselves can occur on any base color, inwhich will be listed on your horses's page. Also, chimera will not identify itself in the genetic test or color disc.


Dark Bay Variation

Light Bay Variation

Black Variation

Chestnut Variation

Pearl Variation

What It's Called: Brindle
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: High/Medium
Availability: Uncommon
Pattern color: Black and White



What's it called: Dappled Sooty
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: High/Medium
Availability: Rare/Uncommon
Pattern Color: Black


What's It Called: Birdcatcher Spots
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: Low
Availability: Rare
Pattern Color: White


Edited at January 24, 2019 12:21 AM by Purple Pegasus Farm
The Color Guide July 9, 2019 08:32 AM

Outlaw Horse Farm
Posts: 22
Actually... Chimera does show and identify itself in the genetic testing. I have one that sports Sooty, Pangere and Chimera.

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