Iron Spring Farm
Maybe that'll work??
The Elite Stable
04:23:25 Raven
-HEE Click- So f---ing Pretty
The Elite Stable
04:23:24 Raven
-HEE Click- So f---ing Pretty
How old is Mary?
Aridian Elites
04:23:00 Kae- Undercover
Match help?
-HEE Click-
Diamond C Ranch
04:22:41 Diamond
She is 24 lol
04:22:18 Legion
Horse looks really young
Hayzed Pastures
Diamond C Ranch
04:17:21 Diamond

Isn't Mary cute.
What kind of snakes?
Iron Spring Farm
I can't stand professors who are complete idiots River ://

I end up trying to sneak snacks in the minutes I have between class - sometimes it's not successful lol

I finally got pics of my baby snakes, anyone want to see??
Hayzed Pastures
I literally dont even have time to eat on those days. Unless my professor lets us out early before lab. Buut that rarely happens.. last week i was like 10 min late because i *had* to go get food before i passed out. He was not happy. Had to eat in lab too..
Eri Lowlands
04:09:39 Eri
I paint the the highlights Blink. :)
RiverWood Ranch
04:09:14 River
I stupidly skipped out on my math class a lot towards the end. I was usually asleep in my car. However I was a two and a half hour drive away from my college, so I got up super early to try and beat traffic. Not to mention, all the Professor did was yell at us and make us feel like we were stupid. He wanted us to use his notes, but we could barely read his notes, so we would pull them up on our phones or laptop and get yelled at for being on our laptop/phone
04:08:49 Legion
I'm expected to work 8 hours and then study at the end of the day for an exam. It sucks
Iron Spring Farm
I have days like that too Hayz. By the end of the day I cannot do anything academic without wanting to pull my hair out
04:06:10 Blink <3
i use photoshop, then how do you change a white part to black and still get the highlights you would get on a normal black horse
Hayzed Pastures
On Tuesdays i have class from 8-3 and thursdays 8-5 with no break between classes.. so im worn the hell out.
BreezieM30w RIDs
04:05:20 Breeze/Dimple
PM me if you need. I'll be away from my computer for a bit
BreezieM30w RIDs
04:05:04 Breeze/Dimple
What program do you use?
No matter, you should be able to select a part of the horse (usually with a lasso tool) and change the saturation and brightness to make it white

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The Color Guide January 23, 2019 10:59 PM

Purple Pegasus Farm
Posts: 2182
Hey there! This will be a guide featuring all the the different types of patterns and flashy colors while giving the low down on what they are, why they may or may not be sought after, and how they occur.

What's it called: Chimera
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: High
Availability: Rare - Uncommon
Pattern colors: Black, Pearl, Dark Bay, Light Bay, and Chestnut.

Note: The actual chimera patterns themselves can occur on any base color, inwhich will be listed on your horses's page. Also, chimera will not identify itself in the genetic test or color disc.


Dark Bay Variation

Light Bay Variation

Black Variation

Chestnut Variation

Pearl Variation

What It's Called: Brindle
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: High/Medium
Availability: Uncommon
Pattern color: Black and White



What's it called: Dappled Sooty
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: High/Medium
Availability: Rare/Uncommon
Pattern Color: Black


What's It Called: Birdcatcher Spots
Occurrence: Random (Not obtainable by specific breeding)
Market Want: Low
Availability: Rare
Pattern Color: White


Edited at January 24, 2019 12:21 AM by Purple Pegasus Farm
The Color Guide July 9, 2019 08:32 AM

Outlaw Horse Farm
Posts: 15
Actually... Chimera does show and identify itself in the genetic testing. I have one that sports Sooty, Pangere and Chimera.

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