Vampire Acres
oo that sound great
Red Moon Stables
06:52:21 July/moon
croft, lol
Red Moon Stables
06:52:09 July/moon
thank you diva!
Red Moon Stables
06:51:52 July/moon
Red Moon Stables
06:51:40 July/moon
What about dutch manores 👀
Hy Brasil
06:51:21 Croft
Manor Manor
Moonrose Magic
06:51:03 🎀 Diva
Moonlight Manor
Harlequin Manor
Orchid Manor
Elftree Manor
Vampire Acres
Ok lol
Red Moon Stables
06:47:30 July/moon
vampire, thank you im gonna write peoples suggestions down so i wont forget lmao
06:46:45 Crowley | Myth
Not participating.
Vampire Acres

Destiny manor
Fierce manor's
that's all I got
Red Moon Stables
06:46:34 July/moon
croft, something besides red moon xD
Hy Brasil
06:46:01 Croft
Red Moon Manor
Snow Stable
06:45:22 Snow❆Gem

Ah, OK. Sounds like a plan.
Red Moon Stables
06:45:19 July/moon
yall i need help, i want to change my stable name to something better, and maybe with the word manor in it? if we can't find any with manor, you can try other names lol
Snow Stable
06:44:53 Snow❆Gem
Well, I shall go eat. Should be back on within an hour! See-ya!
Vampire Acres

I know I'm going to be broke after this event but I will just do what I always do, don't spend money untill I at least have 30k
Snow Stable
06:44:17 Snow❆Gem

*capture day
06:44:07 Sass
-HEE Click-

Just bred my first WWW, after randomly logging on in the first time in months
Snow Stable
06:44:01 Snow❆Gem

Then you will have to rate them. As a free account, that will require a few weeks! O.o
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Calis Updated Palette Guide March 30, 2021 09:55 AM

California Valley
Game Moderator
Posts: 4106
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Cali’s Updated Palette Guide

This guide is an updated version of my first palette guide. Here I will explain how palettes work, how to make a palette, and give some helpful pieces of coding. This guide also gives you pictures to help understand things a bit more.

My References

While making palettes, I have referenced to quite a few other sites and palette guides. I highly recommend checking them out.


What Is A Palette?

A palette changes the appearance and layout of HEE for your account. The game provides all members with several free palettes (Default, Dream, Bark, Modern, Serengeti). These can be accessed by premium and free accounts.

Premium stables are able to create, sell, and purchase custom palettes. However, free stables do not have this ability. This is a perk of being an upgraded account.

Getting To Know The Palette Page

To get to the palette page, you will need to click on the ‘Stable’ dropdown from the navigation bar at the top of your page. From here, you will need to click on ‘Stable Activities’ and scroll down to the bottom where there will be a ‘Manage Palettes’ option. The icon will look like this:

By clicking the icon, you will automatically be taken to the palette page where you will see various different sections. At the very top, you will have options to change your palette to one of the free options. This will be the first dropdown and the ONLY dropdown if you are a FREE stable.

If you are a PREMIUM stable, you will see other dropdowns below this one. The second dropdown allows you to choose a custom palette that you have made or bought. If you are a premium stable with a club, there will be another dropdown where you can change the palette for your club’s page.

Premium stables will also see the following on their palette page:

Here is where you can create your own palettes. Above this is a color picker that you can use to help you choose colors. While this is a handy feature, I like to use an offsite color picker. But you do what you feel works best!

Below all of this, there are a few more things you should be aware of. There is a small dropdown that will allow you to choose a palette and delete it (for premium stables only). Below this, for premium stables as well is where you can sell your palettes to other people with some settings for what the buyer can do with the palette once purchased.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page, you can change some settings. The first one allows you to toggle the on and off switch for your palette to be displayed to the public (meaning everyone can see it). The second allows you to view the palettes on other players' pages.

Edited at September 19, 2023 06:20 PM by California Valley
Calis Updated Palette Guide March 30, 2021 09:55 AM

California Valley
Game Moderator
Posts: 4106
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Understanding The Coding Sections

In this section, I will be breaking down the coding of the default palette and explaining what each piece of coding does and changes. For everyone's convenience, I broke it down in the order each section appears in the default palette.

Overall Site Colors





Primary - Changes the chatbox’s background color

Secondary - Changes the solid colored bars on the stable page and forum page tabs

Tertiary - Changes the color of small headers on the solid colored bars

Quatro - Changes player info section in the forums and the “main forum color”



This changes the color of the quotes in the forums, as well as the border of the quote.

Forum Alternate Color


This changes the alternate color of the main forum page. Fairly self explanatory.

Page Background


This will change the color of the PAGE background, NOT the website background (this will be discussed later on in this guide)

Table Background


This changes the background of sections like where your stable info is on your stable page, the inner color of the quests section, etc.

Page Name/Headline


This changes the text at the top of the page where you visit a page (ie: Manage Palettes, Forums, etc.)




This is where you can change the color of the chats in sales and main. Fairly self explanatory.

Form Field


This changes the boxes you type in, for example the box you type into for the chats.

Stable Page Tabs

.tab button:hover

This changes the hover color for the section on your stable page where it says Bio, Profile, etc.

Mail Page/Blogs


This whole section changes the tabs you find in stable blogs and in your mailbox.

Side Bar Header Text


This changes the color of the text headers that say ‘Chatbox’ and ‘Quests’.

Side Bar Header Color


Here is what changes the background color of the headers that say ‘Chatbox’ and ‘Quests’.

Status Bar


This changes the color of the long bar at the top of the page where it says the weather and how many ebs you have.

Overall Site Text



This section of coding allows you to change the color/font of the text across the entire site.

Easy Show Enter


This is the coding for the easy show enter. I don’t fool around with this really.

Chat Text



This bit of coding changes the color and text of the chatboxes.

Navigation Bar



This whole section can be a bit confusing for people so I will be making a portion of this guide dedicated to just this. This coding is where you can fool around with the navigation bar (Stable Activities, Grow, etc)

Website Background


This is where you can change the website’s background. Remember, all crediting rules apply to the images used.

Game Header


This is where you can change the website’s header image at the top of the page. Remember, all crediting rules apply to the images used.

Edited at March 30, 2021 10:39 AM by California Valley
Calis Updated Palette Guide March 30, 2021 09:55 AM

California Valley
Game Moderator
Posts: 4106
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How To Make A Palette

When first starting out, I highly recommend you use the default coding as your base code. Play around with the coding, get yourself familiar with everything. Make sure you rename your palettes when making different ones, otherwise you will only ever be changing the same palette’s coding over and over again. And always make sure to save your changes! Also, always keep these at the end of each coding: ; (they are important!)

Picking/Inserting Color Codes

Before starting your coding and color changes, decide what color coding you will be using. There are several different types, the most common ones used on HEE palettes are HEX and RGB/RGBA. Starting out, I suggest sticking with the HEX codes since that’s the color codes already used in the default coding.

HEX color codes start with the hashtag symbol (#) which is then followed by numbers and colors that “represent” a specific color. For example, the color white in HEX coding is #FFFFFF and the color black is #000000.

To pick your color codes, you can do a few different things. The first is to use the color picker provided by HEE on the palette page. The second option is to use an offsite color picker (I prefer this method). Offsite color pickers can allow you to choose colors directly from your palette’s background image. I’ve personally found this site to work best:

Click Here

Once you have your color codes, you’ll need to insert them into the coding like this:

background-color: #FFFFFF;

The coding I have bolded and highlighted is where you would insert your color code. Repeat this throughout the coding to change the colors of the palette. Play around with the colors and have fun with it.

Changing Website/Header

Before we dive into this part, remember to follow all crediting guidelines for this site! I recommend using the site Unsplash for palette backgrounds.

In the default palette, you have this coding for the website’s header and background:


background:#963500 url(./images/HEE_head.jpg);

To change the background and header, all you have to do is replace the urls in the parentheses with your image url and you are all set! So it would look something like this:


background-image: url(;

You can also do solid colors as well. To do that just replace the coding above with something like this:

background-color; #FFFFFF;

The Navigation Bar

This is probably the most annoying piece of coding and can cause a bit of problems if the coding is screwed up. Here is what I can tell you about our good old friend, navbar.

Section 1

.navbar {

background: #5b3914 url(images/menu/menugradient.png) repeat-x;


This coding changes the background color of the navbar. What I do is get rid of most of that coding right there so it looks like this:

.navbar {

background: #5b3914;


Now all you need to do is change the color code to your desired color.

Section 2

.navbar a {



This changes the font color of the navbar text (Stable, Services, Search, etc). Just change the color code.

Section 3

.dropdown .dropbtn {



This changes the color of the dropdown menu. To change the color, just change the color code.

Section 4

.dropdown-content a {

color: #000;


This is where you can change the color of the text in the navbar dropdowns (Capture A Horse, Home, etc) Just change the color code and you’re set.

Section 5

.navbar a:hover, .dropdown:hover .dropbtn {

background-color: #b67942;


This section is where you can change the hover color when you hover your mouse over the navbar. Fairly easy to understand, just change the color code.

There are some other cool things you can do with the navbar, but I suggest mastering this before going any further.

Edited at March 30, 2021 11:23 AM by California Valley
Calis Updated Palette Guide March 30, 2021 09:56 AM

California Valley
Game Moderator
Posts: 4106
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Cali's Palette Tidbits

Just some small pieces of coding to enhance your palettes :D

Making A Complete Border

Just add the following to your coding to make a full border around your quotes:

border-left: 3px solid #insert hex code;
border-right: 3px solid #insert hex code;
border-bottom: 3px solid #insert hex code;
border-top: 3px solid #insert hex code;

Enlarged Headers

This is something that I feel everyone should know how to do because at some point down the road, you may be asked to use a piece of art as the header or maybe they just want an enlarged header (like myself).

The coding for this is very simple:

.gameheader div[style]:first-child {
height: 380px !important;

Insert the coding below the line for the header url itself. The underlined and bolded section can be changed. This is what changes your header size after all.

Removing Borders/Sharpening Corners

Removing a border and sharpening corners of certain coding gives the palette a sharper look and makes it more appealing to the eye. This coding can be inserted anywhere in the palette that you want it to be.

.gameheader {
box-shadow: none !important;
border: 0 !important;
border-radius: 1px !important;

Once again, the underlined and bolded numbers/words can be changed! However, the coding is already set so that there is no border and the corners are sharp. You can fool around with the box-shadow as well to make some pretty cool effects.


This coding is fairly simple and placed wherever a color code is. This works when RGB color coding is used, so I suggest switching to that if you want to do this.

rgba(37, 63, 174, 0.7);

You can change the first 3 bolded and underlined numbers to change the color.

The last part, the decimal, is what you change to change the opacity. The lower the number (ie: 0.1, 0.2, etc), the lower the opacity and more transparent the area. The higher the number, the more opaque the area is.

Edited at July 11, 2023 11:05 PM by California Valley
Calis Updated Palette Guide April 10, 2021 05:48 AM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
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Hey Cali! May I ask, how would you get the menu bar to be at the top of the page, even when scrolling down. Instead of just being bellow the header, like so:
Calis Updated Palette Guide April 10, 2021 07:20 AM

Darkside Dreams
Posts: 1235
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Oh my god Cali I might cry. Thank you so much, I needed this!!
also I use both RGBA and hex, don't do that
Calis Updated Palette Guide September 9, 2021 06:54 AM

Game Moderator
Posts: 4457
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This deserves a Pin. *pins* 😁
Calis Updated Palette Guide March 5, 2022 01:37 AM

Middle Wyke stables
Posts: 146
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Rivervale Stud said:
Hey Cali! May I ask, how would you get the menu bar to be at the top of the page, even when scrolling down. Instead of just being bellow the header, like so:

How DO you actually do this?
Calis Updated Palette Guide May 26, 2022 03:47 PM

Pepper Tree Farms
Posts: 76
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So i've got pretty much everything else how i'd like it to be, other than the tabs where it says Featured Horse, Most Prolific Sires, etc on the home page. What section are those in?
Calis Updated Palette Guide June 10, 2022 09:40 PM

Posts: 722
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I am really struggling on how to remove/change the header any tips?

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