Abstract Dunes
04:51:10 Abs
I guess lol.
Sunstone Elite
04:51:01 Sun/Sunny
Watching Mission Impossible 1 and relaxing, a good evening.
04:50:49 PNW
Both of my cats are short hairs and summers here are quite mild compared to most of the rest of the world, but if I still had my black long haired cat, I would shave him in the summer, too. He suffered through the Nevada heat in a studio without AC, and I couldn't afford to have him shaved. I felt awful, but there wasn't much I could do. I put down a tub of water and he willingly laid in it. Poor dude.
04:50:39 Or am I?
Meh, have to have some fun, y'know?
04:50:21 Legion
I lowkey wonder if it would fall under impersonating another palyer
Abstract Dunes
04:50:07 Abs
Yeah, still don't understand lol. That's an entire month of confusion, not a day.
04:49:42 Liv~Otay
-HEE Click-
also it would be really nice if she would stop giving me P's
04:49:36 Or am I?
April Fools :D
Abstract Dunes
04:49:20 Abs
It is terribly confusing. I don't know why everyone did that.
04:49:07 Or am I?
It's a whole mess
California Valley
04:48:54 Cali | Kale
Lol I went searching for Timbie's art shop earlier and totally forgot that the stable colors were changed xD
Breezie Rose
04:48:24 Breeze/Rose | RIDs
04:48:21 PNW
Eury, he's a cutey!
04:48:01 Or am I?
Breezie Rose
04:47:43 Breeze/Rose | RIDs
Timbie you've confused me >.>
04:47:37 Liv~Otay
-HEE Click-
please rate nice
Moonland And Elites
I love my stable colours they match the stable banner and Avi I made myself yesterday 😊
04:47:00 Or am I?
California Valley
04:46:49 Cali | Kale
I might change the shade of the middle color though
Breezie Rose
04:46:11 Breeze/Rose | RIDs
I like my stable colors :D
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