Angels angels
08:48:52 *has 500+ brindles!*
My angels are in a pretty tall tank
Its the 36 gallon bow front
Cassa Belle
08:48:47 Cassandra/Jess
Koi are pretty
Angels angels
08:48:11 *has 500+ brindles!*
Luckily we dont have those here
New Eagle Equine
08:47:51 Eagle 🎨
Those new Glofish Bettas make me so mad. Went to a Petsmart and half of them were sick, one was even dead.
Angels angels
08:47:47 *has 500+ brindles!*
Probably per goldfish lol
Emmas Eventers
If I had enough space and money I'd love a Koi pond
Cassa Belle
08:47:38 Cassandra/Jess
gold fish look so fat to me lol.
New Eagle Equine
08:47:01 Eagle 🎨
Really? I heard they should have at least 50 gallons. Hmm.
Angels angels
08:47:00 *has 500+ brindles!*
I don't like goldfish they are too nasty lol pretty though

I was going to get a nee betta today but the pet store didn't have the heater I need because mine stopped working and the other petstore was closed ;-; didn't want to get a nee betta and not have a heater for the tank
Jericho Stables
Goldfish need more of 120+
Cassa Belle
08:46:24 Cassandra/Jess
... tail tanks?
Jericho Stables
It shouldnt just be size to consider with angel fish. But the shape of the tank. Angel's really need tall tanks
New Eagle Equine
08:45:35 Eagle 🎨
Yeah lol

I also would like to have goldfish, but I would need a really hardcore setup for those. I would only keep them in a 75+. But they are so pretty.
HD Stables
08:45:22 HD
I kinda love this coat pattern! I can't wait to see the art when she turns 3 :) -HEE Click-
New Eagle Equine
08:44:19 Eagle 🎨
My female betta was a baby when I got her. It only took her a couple weeks to reach the size she is now. Fish just grow so fast!
Angels angels
08:44:16 *has 500+ brindles!*
Eagle then you could have an entire school of them <3
Angels angels
08:43:54 *has 500+ brindles!*
Closer to 3 inches actually
Angels angels
08:43:23 *has 500+ brindles!*
Mine were the size of a quarter about 6 months ago and now they are about 2 inches not including fins
New Eagle Equine
08:43:18 Eagle 🎨
That's what I thought. One day I would love to have a larger tank. A 75 gallon would be so nice.
Angels angels
08:42:33 *has 500+ brindles!*
Maybe a baby but they groe super fast and need atleast 30 gallons
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EEE TB straw prices? September 26, 2019 03:43 AM
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