Stabulum Equorum
That would be interesting :D
Jericho Stables
Jericho Stables
Or i can send her to Vens WWW
Crystal Gems Stables
10:47:56 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
yea they are @Wings
Stabulum Equorum
Mwahaha, you're late to the party, I've already slipped the WWE PONs brood into Jeri's breeding plans. -waggles brows-
Spirtasi Acres
10:46:34 Wings/Spring Day
drawing dogs are really hard!
Stormsong Manor
10:46:01 Ven
Oh, right. Never mind, nothing to see here... :D
Sweetwater Creek
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-

Which one should I add a Sven to? And would it be worth it?
Fox Haven Farm
10:44:31 Amanduh
Hush, Ven *spritzes* don't be giving Jeri any domination plans, now
Stormsong Manor
10:43:51 Ven
I just noticed how short Pandora is. You should start PONs with her
Midnight Eclipse
10:41:50 Eclipse
Jeri, i did the same thing, its Amazing! And good job on the WWW
Bee Pack
10:40:47 Belle
I just looked at Pandoras art and it is so stunning
Midnight Eclipse
10:40:20 Eclipse
go to upgrades and you can buy a barn or pasture there, you can use Ebs or RL money
Crystal Gems Stables
10:40:03 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
oh ok
Bee Pack
10:40:00 Belle
RO is roll over where all horses age up and you can breed your mares /stallions again:)
Jericho Stables
Bell did a freaking amazing job on Pandora's art
Midnight Eclipse
10:39:37 Eclipse
Ro is on the first of every month
Sweetwater Creek
Is adding a Sven worth it?
Cherry Blossoms
Hi, I was wondering how to get more stall space
Bee Pack
10:38:45 Belle
I used to capture loads and not rate them..Now I just wonder what I couldve missed out on xD
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