Raven Hollow Elite
02:19:27 Raven/ray<3/hollo
-HEE Click-
If you haven't join there's still time! It's started now
Turns out, when I'm half asleep and thinking halloween, blood happens XD -Click-
MinHolly 💞
02:19:16 Holly/Min/MH ㈏
bad rating, but she's cute...
-HEE Click-
Bronco Stables
yes and how do I make a forum?
The wilderness
02:16:45 Wild
Okay Angel. Bronco, you wanna still on forums?I do.
Bronco Stables
how do I make a forum
The wilderness
02:16:24 Wild
Just I’ll make it meet you there, Angel you be there too
Angels angels
02:16:14 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Nah I don't rp
Bronco Stables
oki do I invite you and what kind of roleplay do you want to do
The wilderness
02:15:22 Wild
Make a forum for it as you can’t rp in a three on pms.
Bronco Stables
wilderness can u message me or send me the link in my mailbox by any chance
Ok I think this would be my conversion gal -HEE Click-
Bronco Stables
sure wilderness
The wilderness
02:14:24 Wild
Wanna rp in a three?
Bronco Stables
same Angles do you wanna rp?
Angels angels
02:12:00 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Me too Bronco and hungry but I don't want to get up lol
Bonsai Lagoon
02:11:48 Mina/Dimple | KNN
-HEE Click-
Pretty pretty :D
Bronco Stables
I'm bored does anybody wanna hangout with me
Oak River Farms
02:10:31 Oakie
Well, hello there -HEE Click-
John Watson
02:10:30 Hedgehog
Whoa. I forgot about her O_O -HEE Click-

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Found July 21, 2019 11:32 PM
Pyramid Equestrian
Posts: 596
I'm looking for artists that would be willing to work with me for an upcoming club contest. I am planning on having members post horses that they want art for, and then having different artists choose the piece they want to do. I will pay your normal shop price (looking for under 100k though). If you would be open to it please PM me at 166754.

Edited at July 22, 2019 10:44 PM by Pyramid Equestrian
Found July 22, 2019 10:00 AM

Posts: 7
Found July 22, 2019 10:04 AM

Posts: 1775
I do manips,And would be happy to do either Premades or specific patterns,Although I'm relatively new to it so I've never really had ago with theme requests and stuff.

My most recent piece:

I can send you my DA link if you'd like more proof of my works ^.^

Edited at July 22, 2019 10:05 AM by Flipperruby30

Forums > Art Shops > Art Requests

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