Stabulum Equorum
make oooone :D
11:05:45 West || Turnip
I'll go make a coffee. I just don't have a donut. I guess a scone will do
The Family Business
11:05:37 TFB
Mod is needed in sales
Stabulum Equorum
Then make yourself a donut and a coffee :P Doesn't take that long
Iceland Equestrian
Looks like my grades are in...
11:03:03 West || Turnip
Indeed. It took me forever to find the loop
Penkat Stables
11:02:32 Pen | Blueberry
That's a very hypnotizing donut west
11:02:17 West || Turnip
All I want is a donut and a coffee. I have neither
Stabulum Equorum
Yeah, despite her crappy training that lady is a consistent producer
Stabulum Equorum
hungry, by any chance?
Sunstone Elite
11:01:27 Sun/Sunny
Ooh I like her Tosk.
Nat is using NT with my girl next month. He's only 15.1 if she used a heigh med she could get PON I bet.
Dream Weaver Ranch
11:00:16 Maddie/Madeline
Thanks everyone!
11:00:13 West || Turnip
I've been staring at the donut in my bio for like 5 minutes
Crystal Gems Stables
10:59:36 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
@maddie then you can purchase anything. i'd suggest selling horses or auctioning them. Or you might want to consider buying ebs. (maybe even cry for help in sales for ebs. That's basically what i did and some nice person sent me 5k ebs)
Stabulum Equorum
speaking of small ones. She's only 14.3 too
-HEE Click-
Jericho Stables
Show your horses consistently and you'll get more ebs.
Stabulum Equorum
I think Meliae will stay within 15h as well, since Zarah is only 14.3
Midnight Eclipse
10:57:09 Eclipse
Yep, i had to do almost all of those things after i went broke from capturing
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:56:37 Maddie/Madeline
thanks Jeri!
Jericho Stables
dream, play games, sell horses, release horses, auction horses, wait several days and collect the daily allowance
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