Aesthete Manor
ooooo, lovely color! I love the blue eyes.
BlueMist Farms
07:25:18 Jaley
Yeah parents are divorcing so it just being the two of us and the pups (all six and the cat) makes it so much easier. We are more calm and having fun instead of being anxious and tipping toeing around.
Sunstone Elite
07:25:08 Sun/Sunny
Art before training usually ends up in disappointment for me, and the horse doing poopy
Spirtasi Whims
07:25:04 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Both two year olds I waited to name them just cause I forgot about them honestly and I think I might start doing that lol
07:24:35 Golden
Whenever I would capture a horse I would name it and make it a personality xD like.. If I was nice to the horse the horse would be nice to me and give me nice ratings RiGhT?
-HEE Click- Sorry to interrupt but opinions?
Spirtasi Whims
07:24:18 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
I never give my horses art, I say I will and then after their week four I decide they are worthless lol
Arctic Dusk
07:23:51 AL - mighty RIDs
Except if WWW, they get art anyway
BlacKnight Legend St
07:23:32 Neo/Courtney
I go to two places for Thanksgiving. Since my mom was in the hospital a few days ago my stepfather asked me to take care of my mom while he's at work
Arctic Dusk
07:23:30 AL - mighty RIDs
Name and/or art = problems for me
Sunstone Elite
07:23:23 Sun/Sunny
Yess AL :D
07:22:03 Jacob
Its been just mom and i for a few years now so its great for me.
BlueMist Farms
07:21:26 Jaley
Just mom and I here with all the dogs
Arctic Dusk
07:21:14 AL - mighty RIDs
Oh yeah, Bacardi and the others
Spirtasi Whims
07:20:34 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Yeah I've been wanting to do this for forever now and I might be breeding horses worthy of starting it. Maybe they might get epic art as well
Sunstone Elite
07:19:13 Sun/Sunny
Toasty had quite a few party drink named TB gals awhile back if I remember right xD They always had epic art
07:18:52 Jacob
Im glad its just me and mom. I prefer being alone.
Spirtasi Whims
07:18:27 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Maybe I should start doing that instead of giving a horse an awesome name like Toasted Wings and they are utter shit lol I have a few saved and I can't wait to start my party drinks line

I think my parents are making a chicken and then we just kind of do our annual try to get the dogs together to take a picture lol
MakeEm Fancy
07:17:49 Ally 🌺
I wait to name also lol
BlueMist Farms
07:17:35 Jaley
It is hard Abs. I feel you. I have been waiting to meet my adoptive grandma and uncle.
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Wallpaper October 19, 2020 12:12 AM
Whiskey lullaby
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Can someone make me a wallpaper? If so could it be a A+S with like a burnt wood theme and a horse shape with a rustic American flag look inside the horse? Lol idk if that makes sense but if you can I’ll send 20k or more

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Wallpaper October 19, 2020 02:54 PM

Anime Potato
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Whats the price limit?
Wallpaper October 19, 2020 04:10 PM
Whiskey lullaby
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Anime Potato said:
Whats the price limit?


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