12:46:32 hy
-HEE Click-
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:39:57 War hawk | MM5693
XD same though

But only certain brands of chocolate, because I'm picky lmao
Haly Zui's Horses
12:39:36 Haly
broken link
-HEE Click-
Haly Zui's Horses
12:39:15 Haly
After a 7 month break this is the first horse I am -HEE Click- The game probably wants me back.
Emmas Eventers
Pretty Rockridge. I'm a fan of Chocolate as both colour and foodstuff lol
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:36:05 War hawk | MM5693
-HEE Click-

Definitely dont regret using my last reroll for this
Silent Grove
You buy them in the store, and they give the breeding that you're using the Sven on a boost. The cost one million ebs each, and can only be used on one match.
King Apollo Farm
12:26:11 Olive
What does sven do and how do you get them?
Purebred Valley
i just Breed a PEE filly im so happy
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:23:30 Purp/PPF
I'm in one of those weird moods right now where I'm bored but don't necessarily want to do anything. :/
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:21:51 War hawk | MM5693
-HEE Click-

I despise him
RockRidge Warmbloods
12:21:12 War hawk | MM5693
That's lovely Doe, congrats
Little South Stable
12:20:25 Dosie Doe
Got a week 3 for WC dessage girl
-HEE Click-
Plague Doctor
12:06:14 Green/John
for my switch
Plague Doctor
12:04:16 Green/John
I still play my DS, bought a new game for it today actually, I plan to get the new Legend of Zelda game that just dropped 5 days ago
Moonland And Elites
12:03:07 M&E, Moo, Loony
Even the Nintendo's are breaking down
I might get him a second hand machine to play on
Moonland And Elites
12:01:33 M&E, Moo, Loony
Good hopefully i can get this Xbox fixed soon then but i need the car fixed first lol everything's breaking down XD
Boulder Creek
My boyfriend is playing that right now!
Tobiano Lady
12:01:00 Tobi | Tofu 👀
Red Dead 2 is definitely amazing :)
I pretty much only got it for the horse stuff, but the story and characters are pretty good.
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ISO OC Refs October 20, 2020 11:31 AM

Sunshine Jumpers
Posts: 776
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Do I need to save ebs for an upgrade? Yes. Do I need rehab from my art addiction? Yes. Do I have an OC laying around that I hardly ever use but still adore? YES.
I'm looking for art of any medium for my OC, Salama. Not Salami, Salama. Ask any of my previous partners and they'll say he's been called Salami many times.
Now. What is this OC you say?
None other than a thunder Pegasus.
Yes, his name is lightning in Finnish and he's a thunder pegasus.
Do I care? Nope.
A few references for him!
This is pretty free reign. The only things I really require are-
He MUST be a draft
With feathering
And preferably the ombre mane/tail, plus gray fading to blue on his legs and blue wingtips
Post examples and prices here, or PM me. Either is fine!

Edited at October 20, 2020 11:35 AM by Sunshine Jumpers
ISO OC Refs October 20, 2020 11:32 AM

Sunshine Jumpers
Posts: 776
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Yes, I stole those directly off of my deviantart. Yes, they're mine, I didn't actually 'steal' them.

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