09:36:50 Mack
She was even more concerned when I started laughing. I can only imagine what she was thinking of me. In fact, thar whole debauchle got me wondering if she thinks in pictures, or her little babble language
MakeEm Fancy
09:35:11 Ally 💜
I had nothing with my first 🙃 I was prepared completely with my second though lol
Circle Star RIDs
09:33:50 Granny C
I can just picture the look on her face Mack.
09:33:28 Mack
Dawns souls
Honestly, we can only be so prepared. Your gonna do great, as long as that's your goal.
Circle Star RIDs
09:32:52 Granny C
Souls - you best get to steppin on it. Clocks ticking.
09:32:24 Mack
We had a chocolate puppy left over from Easter. I took a nibble of its leg and she was mortified. Took around 10 minutes for he to realize it was chocolate. She was so sad, but I could not contain my giggle
09:32:16 Crowley | Myth
-HEE Click-
Autumn's Dawn
09:31:50 Autumn/Dawn
Goodnight HEE Players~
I'm really nervous about this baby he due September 12 and I'm so not prepared at all
Circle Star RIDs
09:30:15 Granny C
lol they say, children, are your parents revenge. Believe it.
09:29:08 Mack
Yes, my daughter. Her personality is starting to shine and a love it, but I'm also weeping for what I put my own mother through
Circle Star RIDs
09:27:48 Granny C
Mack - your first ?
MakeEm Fancy
09:27:38 Ally 💜
Layla will be 5 and Foxy will be 1 this year 🥺
09:26:54 Crowley | Myth
Who what?
Willow River Estates
09:26:13 JF Jelly Star lurkin
09:25:47 Crowley | Myth
I'm excited for May to be 3/4.
Circle Star RIDs
09:25:30 Granny C
Sandy - got that right. lol
09:25:20 Mack
Mines turning 3 this month. I'm not ready
09:24:56 Crowley | Myth
They are Tee (Tequila).
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:24:49 Sandy
Wow. Time flies with kids. One second they are babies, and the next they aren't.
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New stable set June 5, 2024 08:16 AM

Posts: 42
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Hi artists,
I'm looking for someone who can create an avatar and banner for me. Something with four horseshoes and four aces-symbols, two horses (one bay, one buckskin, realistic), a wooden hanging board with 'Ari-Aces' on, and some flower decorations, like a hanging basket or something.
I'm willing to pay A LOT if the result is amazing.
Should more of you be interested, feel free to send in your creations. I will pick only one, but everyone will get paid.

Edited at June 7, 2024 04:08 PM by Ari-Aces
New stable set June 7, 2024 08:44 PM

Angels angels
Posts: 884
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I hope this is a bit of what you were wanting. :) I don't do manips, but I did my best line art interpretation.
New stable set June 8, 2024 03:31 PM

Posts: 42
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Hi Angels,
Not bad at all, I'm impressed! I really like how you did the hanging board. That's lovely, the aces in the horseshoes. Could you perhaps make it slightly bigger, so the stable-name is easier to read? And switch the horses' colours (bay to buckskin and buckskin to bay)? They are supposed to represent my HEE horses 'Four Aces' and 'Ariana', which you can find in my bachelor den and she-shed, so you copy their white markings.
The top half of board and horses could easily be used for a banner.
Thx so much already. :)
New stable set June 11, 2024 03:52 AM

Posts: 42
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Hi Angels,
I just noticed this: it's 'Ari-Aces', not Ari-Acres. Can you still fix that, please?
The prize money i offered in the art-contest was 500000 ebs. Unfortunately nobody noticed, so those ebs will be yours, once it's finished. Thx :)
New stable set June 11, 2024 07:24 AM

Angels angels
Posts: 884
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Edited at June 11, 2024 07:40 AM by Angels angels
New stable set June 11, 2024 07:28 AM

Dash and Duchess
Posts: 924
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is this officially closed?
New stable set June 15, 2024 03:28 PM

Posts: 42
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Thx Angels!

Forums > Art Shops > Art Requests


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