Van Der Linde Stable
11:09:47 Seven / Dutch
Gym, that's good. I remember giving a mare her dewormer and i think I went through the whole alphabet of swearing
Van Der Linde Stable
11:08:42 Seven / Dutch
Bacon flavored dog treats =/= bacon for humans sadly
Hallucination Manor
11:08:39 Gym / HM
That's definitely what he was thinking, Seven, he's gotten a lot better now though thankfully and the other two generally take it really well

And no problem, Piper!!
Silver Isle Eventing
11:08:38 Shard
@Tasi tell that to my horse. He prefers peppermint flavored horse cookies rather than actual peppermint. -.-
Spirtasi Whims
11:07:48 Tasi / Chat Killer
Anything flavored anything for animals is a lie. That's shit is bland as hell
Van Der Linde Stable
11:07:37 Seven / Dutch

Now why did you remind me of that?
With the amount of people I've seen purposefully take ketamine, I'd assume bute is probably fine
Van Der Linde Stable
11:07:07 Seven / Dutch
The horse was probably thinking "Here! You try it!"
Kiber Stable
11:06:52 Kibbles
Yeah, Apple flavour wormer is a lie
Silver Isle Eventing
11:06:49 Shard
That reminds me, I need to ask if my barn does dewormer or if I need to.
Sandpiper Hollow
11:06:47 Piper
Thank you Shard and Gym <3
Spirtasi Whims
11:06:36 Tasi / Chat Killer
I mean, we have discussed raccoons and various other things up the ass in chat before.. that night still haunts me, several months later
Kiber Stable
11:06:20 Kibbles
When you have a heart that just decides to die on you sometimes, you just gotta live hard or die boring
Hallucination Manor
11:06:09 Gym / HM
Oh I've had horse wormer too, gotta love when the horse you give it to flings their head around spitting it all out and at you when you have your mouth open -_- apple flavor dewormer does NOT take like apple
Van Der Linde Stable
11:05:40 Seven / Dutch
Purp, I did until now
Purple Pegasus Farm
11:05:20 Purp/PPF
For chat in general I'd consider it on the lowkey side of things.
Van Der Linde Stable
11:05:03 Seven / Dutch
Kiber Stable
11:04:39 Kibbles
One time I accidentally had horse wormer cause some dumb ass (me) put it in my mouth and the horse hit the plunger and well...I've never had an issue with intestinal worms.
I've accidentally stabbed myself with cattle drench enough times that I'm probably sterile...
Tonnes of just accidentally just ingesting shit.
Haven't died. It's fine
Hallucination Manor
11:04:13 Gym / HM
Tasi, the jury is still out with that one lmao
Spirtasi Whims
11:04:02 Tasi / Chat Killer
I've learned that Kibbles just leads a very eventful life and to not get too concerned because she'll probably be doing even wackier shit later that day XD
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