Spirtasi Whims
11:14:53 Tasi / Chat Killer
Purp, I know right? Like what the fuck does a pancake taste like?
Kiber Stable
11:14:36 Kibbles
The amount of sketchy animal drugs in our work fridge is wild.
And like...no one wants to pay a vet bill for a Sunday or after hours. Fuck that.
Hallucination Manor
11:13:44 Gym / HM
I love raspberry too, Seven! That's why I tried them, and to be clear I wasn't the one who bit it, I licked one to try it and it was gross so I gave it to my horse, but someone else wanted to smell one and he shoved the whole thing in his mouth let's just say he was spitting out hay for a while after that
Van Der Linde Stable
11:13:30 Seven / Dutch

Oh she was awful. She kicked my shins a few times and thank my Boots nothing broke.
Silver Isle Eventing
11:12:59 Shard
I still have a big container of supplement for my horse that I want to use up, but after that I don't think I'll buy another supplement because I don't think he needs it.
Spirtasi Whims
11:12:49 Tasi / Chat Killer
As someone whos father specifically told them to tell a nurse when they're dying to give them an IV of morphine and ketamine... I can say their are people who like Ketamine, and then there are horse owners XD
Purple Pegasus Farm
11:12:43 Purp/PPF
I'm just trying to get through the mental barrier of a liquid that somehow mimics a pancake.
Royal River Breeding
11:12:26 Kay
Will anyone race me please? I need one more win to get the prize thing
Fairy Lights
I don't give my goats any of the fancy flavored stuff lol. They get what they get XD

And they generally only spit out a little bit lol
Hallucination Manor
11:11:42 Gym / HM
Oh trust me, Seven, I used to do that same thing and it took a couple years but eventually he started putting up with it more
Kiber Stable
11:11:38 Kibbles
My horse's pellet however, does taste quite tasty
Van Der Linde Stable
11:11:10 Seven / Dutch

Awwwh! And that's my favorite fruit!
Kiber Stable
11:11:02 Kibbles
That's Like my sales rep trying to sell me pancake flavoured protein powder.

Id just make the pancakes thanks. Don't need my food lying to me
Hallucination Manor
11:10:43 Gym / HM
Oh raspberry horse treats lie too, they smell like heaven but they taste awful and as soon as you bite into them they turn into a loose hay/grass type texture, but they smell soooo good
Van Der Linde Stable
11:09:47 Seven / Dutch
Gym, that's good. I remember giving a mare her dewormer and i think I went through the whole alphabet of swearing
Van Der Linde Stable
11:08:42 Seven / Dutch
Bacon flavored dog treats =/= bacon for humans sadly
Hallucination Manor
11:08:39 Gym / HM
That's definitely what he was thinking, Seven, he's gotten a lot better now though thankfully and the other two generally take it really well

And no problem, Piper!!
Silver Isle Eventing
11:08:38 Shard
@Tasi tell that to my horse. He prefers peppermint flavored horse cookies rather than actual peppermint. -.-
Spirtasi Whims
11:07:48 Tasi / Chat Killer
Anything flavored anything for animals is a lie. That's shit is bland as hell
Van Der Linde Stable
11:07:37 Seven / Dutch

Now why did you remind me of that?
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