Circle Star RIDs
09:27:48 Granny C
Mack - your first ?
MakeEm Fancy
09:27:38 Ally 💜
Layla will be 5 and Foxy will be 1 this year 🥺
09:26:54 Crowley | Myth
Who what?
Willow River Estates
09:26:13 JF Jelly Star lurkin
09:25:47 Crowley | Myth
I'm excited for May to be 3/4.
Circle Star RIDs
09:25:30 Granny C
Sandy - got that right. lol
09:25:20 Mack
Mines turning 3 this month. I'm not ready
09:24:56 Crowley | Myth
They are Tee (Tequila).
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:24:49 Sandy
Wow. Time flies with kids. One second they are babies, and the next they aren't.
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:24:14 Sandy
Myth, who was that?
09:23:51 Crowley | Myth
I miss my chaos buddy.
Circle Star RIDs
09:23:03 Granny C
Sandy - yea, the other one is already 10
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:21:56 Sandy
Hazey, exciting! It'll look amazing.
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:21:26 Sandy
Aww. Granny, that's so sweet. She's getting to be big. :D
KPH Equestrian
09:20:42 Rapcoon | Jester
ooh, that's called a Peacock Appaloosa pattern, pretty rare :D
Witch Hazel Acres
09:19:53 Hazey
I'm super stoked ^^ my headless is my favorite one.
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:19:53 Sandy
-HEE Click- Anyone know what is up with this filly?
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:19:28 Sandy
Hazey, super cool!
Circle Star RIDs
09:18:43 Granny C
great grand daughter*
Witch Hazel Acres
09:18:37 Hazey
I'm getting a continuation on my Sleepy Hollow sleeve. I have the Headless Horseman currently. We're looking to add a haunted house/forest to it.
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Pastel Angel May 25, 2024 09:24 AM

Charmed Acres
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This was so far inside, while simultaneously being a million miles outside my comfort zone it wasn't even funny. It feels so good to stretch my art fingers again!

Almost all of this is painted, except for the base of the horse and outline of the wings and most of the ground.

Small changes can be made - base color, markings, removal of wings/halo... I'd prefer to not change mane/tail color... but I will fix the abrupt ending that I didn't see until right now LOL

Sorry this one is starting higher than the last auction I had, this one took many more hours.

SB: 500k

AB: None

Ends 24hrs from now 9AM GT May 26th.

Pastel Angel May 25, 2024 12:49 PM

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Pastel Angel May 26, 2024 12:00 AM

Broken Tears
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