Moon rise
The wait is killing me i want to breed approval one of my horses but got to wait till tomorrow.
Cain Manor
12:20:21 TFB || Gym Coach
What happens when something gets too cold
Amhain Dull Liath
12:19:47 #1 dumbass
Shh don't worry about it Soupy this is a normal brotherly conversation

And yes, we all agreed that witch tits are cold enough to send you shivers by even just giving them a glance. But how they feel? We could never know unless we touched one. And we do not know where to find a witch.

.. Let alone one that would consent to boob poking.
Cain Manor
12:19:45 TFB || Gym Coach
Your ugly Jumper
12:19:24 I Love foooooooood:D
Cain Manor
12:18:41 TFB || Gym Coach
See cold! Cain is ALWAYS right
Your ugly Jumper
12:18:30 I Love foooooooood:D
Manson Stables
12:18:19 MS
it would be cold tho just sayin
Your ugly Jumper
12:18:16 I Love foooooooood:D
Cain Manor
12:18:15 TFB || Gym Coach
I always kill chat
Cain Manor
12:17:27 TFB || Gym Coach
Y’all it would be COLD!
Your ugly Jumper
12:17:07 I Love foooooooood:D
oh no lol i would say number 2 but i would need evendace
Cain Manor
12:16:47 TFB || Gym Coach
Garner Stud
12:16:33 Soupy
Misha what the actual fuck?
Cain Manor
12:16:10 TFB || Gym Coach
A witch’s titty is cold as fuck
Your ugly Jumper
12:16:09 I Love foooooooood:D

Garner Stud
12:16:07 Soupy
*Grabs BVM*
Amhain Dull Liath
12:15:41 #1 dumbass
So. Older brother just walked in to me and my other brother arguing about whether a witch's titty is hard like a rock or floppy/squishy.. Unfortunately the three of us were unable to come to a decision. Simply not enough evidence.
Your ugly Jumper
12:15:23 I Love foooooooood:D
i love that song
Cain Manor
12:15:15 TFB || Gym Coach
New bad word guys Damh
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