Hiraeth Reservation
10:18:54 Anthony
Whoop, just bred a WEP colt
Twisted Oaks
10:17:58 Twisty, Oak
Anytime I get chills I feel the pain in my knee {Where my 6 stitches are which means it went deeper then we all thought I think}

If you want to know what happened bike accident a week and 2 days ago XD
10:16:37 Jacob
I hope he does good.
Valentyn Colors
10:13:40 * Hades ain't here
-HEE Click-
He's gonna help with my frame incorporation :)
Spirtasi Whims
10:13:14 Tasi / Chat Killer
This is the original pairing too right Jello?
Jellos Warmbloods
10:12:56 Giggles Wubs
Very true Jacob. 😂
10:12:15 Jacob
Lol it probably helps that you have no choice. Great time to face it and kick its ass lol.
Jellos Warmbloods
10:10:27 Giggles Wubs
I am admittedly the least patient person I know. So... I've surprised myself with not having self imploded yet
Spirtasi Whims
10:10:11 Tasi / Chat Killer
Oh dang, if there is anything I love making it's fire with some glowy shit XD
Spirtasi Whims
10:09:02 Tasi / Chat Killer
Jello I have no clue how patient you have to be to have waited this long on a dog, I'm over here dying and they puppy is only 2.5 months away from being in my home
10:08:53 Jacob
Lol my dog isnt scared he just has a sensitive nose lol. My butt bombs be stanky. Lol
Hollow Tree Acres
10:08:36 Crazy Goat Lady
I want a little housedog chi sometime soon XD but I also don't really want another dog so i dunno. I used to have a Chi around 10yrs ago and I loved him, but he had to be rehomed because my brther, his wife, and newborn had to move in with us and he was aggressive towards them :/
Jellos Warmbloods
10:07:38 Giggles Wubs
I didn't even notice it till you said something. XD
Jellos Warmbloods
10:06:55 Giggles Wubs
I sure hope so. The wait is killing me. 😅
Valentyn Colors
10:06:36 * Hades ain't here
Ignore the pp tried to backspace the s and it didn't work
Da Smexy Sheep
10:06:28 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Jacob found your dog
-YT Click-
Hollow Tree Acres
10:06:27 Crazy Goat Lady
Ah, go figure XD
Valentyn Colors
10:06:15 * Hades ain't here
The pup should definitely be worth the wait Jellos pp
Jellos Warmbloods
10:06:06 Giggles Wubs
No, I'm waiting on a pairing from a breeder.
Jellos Warmbloods
10:05:52 Giggles Wubs
Currently the pairing is planning to happen around june.

The joys of waiting.
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Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 7, 2021 11:06 PM

Snowmass Horses
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Walking in the direction of the car he gritted his teeth slightly, not a lot but he gritted them. Caden saw Anya’s face wash away with all the joy that had placed on it from earlier. He knew it was from his actions that caused it all to drain away. Being serious was...well part of Caden in a way but he was rarely ever serious towards Anya. They may have been a few scratches, bumps, and or bruises, but he didn’t like that there was more than just what he had seen. More than just her hands being ruffed up. That was clear, fully crystal clear to anyones eye if they paid attention or even if they didn’t. He shook his head slowly. Caden had popped a bubble once again in Anya’s emotions.

Knowing her missions were hard and that she would no doubt return with injuries didn’t sooth Caden’s head. Supernatural’s were dirty fighters. They never just backed down, especially towards hunters and enemies. They played dirty and got dirty when fighting, and played even more dirty when the person they fought was just a person and not multiple people. He thought her hands were bad enough, but having bruises and scratches all over her legs and arms made it worse, despite knowing she was a rather tough chick she was still alone when fighting. Even though she wouldn’t admit it, and he knew she wouldn’t, it made her vulnerable.

Nodding his head to her he listened. Listened to her speak and didn’t say anything back towards her comments, he just nodded and listened, cruel. Cruel, that he was being after asking her to explain and giving no comments back.

He felt Anya’s presence come to a sudden stop but he continued walking forward. That was until the tiger herself huffed like a child trying to get their parents attention for something. Turning back toward her he stopped his moving legs and stared at her. He opened his lips slightly to speak, “Anya I am list-” With a sudden movement of Anya grabbing hold of the bags in his hands his lips stopped moving, and his eyes stared at her as she spoke again. He froze when she did start speaking. He gave Anya soft, generous, and calming eyes, and listened to her as she asked, waiting for her to finish speaking.

Caden brought his arm up slowly and patted the top of her head with his right hand softly. “I understand that, fully, Anya. I’m sorry for ruining your fun,” He said apologetically, in a soft mannered tone. He had understood that she wouldn’t give him any story and that was fine with him. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop doing any of the things she had told him to stop doing, which he wasn’t going to tell her as she would probably figure it out soon or later as time went by.


The restaurant that the two immature boys had picked was a fun one indeed, maybe because the boys always came here for the waitresses when Anya was away, which made Caden laugh under his breath a little. Anya had sat down next to Caden which startled him as she almost always sat next to one of the boys and taunted Caden from the otherside, he shrugged.

Caden watched as the boys sat across the table from him and began playing with the silverware and napkins. He raised an eyebrow at the two of them, they were definitely toddlers by heart. And when Anya said the remark that she did both boys smirked evilly at Caden and started waving down the waitress to probably order as much shit as they could fit on the ordering paper. Caden looked next to him at Anya and gave her a glare, “You're not funny, they will literally make me go broke after this.” He said calmly as the boys ordered loads of food. Caden had ordered water and nothing more for his sake.

Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 8, 2021 12:03 AM

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Anya was no less intrigued. She chuckled under her breath but it sounded more like a sigh. Her face beamed with amusement. But she could never get enough of it. Every now and then she found herself glancing at Caden almost like she was waiting for a moment to strike. She then decided now was the time. "I was thinking," She said, that cute tone returning. Anya wasn't directing her words to anyone specific, although, she did want to grab Caden's attention. She had this mischievous sparkle in her eye. She gave Caden a side glance.

"What if we have a movie night?" She finally said but her face went blank for a second. Nervousness came over her, but it was merely for the attention of the boys. "I know it is weird to ask that so bluntly. I just thought it would be fun. We could watch a scary movie. I mean that genre isn't my favorite but I was thinking it would be something you guys like." She tilted her head in a cute manner. "But can you promise me something," She paused. "If I get scared will you be there to hold me?" She was more directing this towards Diego and Carson. Anya was sure Caden would find this hilarious. She wouldn't lie, she found it hilarious herself. A hunter, the only women hunter to be exact, kills off supernaturals and sees imagery that no person could imagine yet talks like she can't handle a scary movie. It was a lure for the boys. She loved seeing them drool over her. She loved the attention. But most of all, she loved having fun with this.

Anya was amused when a waitress came, serving the food. It seemed quicker than usual but she must have gotten caught up in talking to even notice. She wasn't too hungry but now that she smelt it, her mouth began to water. But she found herself choosing to stick to her drink instead.

Now that she thought about it, Caden and she were supposed to have a talk. She had pressed it upon him as well, saying numerous times that she wanted to speak with him. The movie night screws up that plan but she wasn't going to cancel it. She had concluded that she would find a time to talk with him alone, maybe later in the night? That curiosity tugged at her. that one question that she craved to know the answer to.

As the boys were gorging themselves, she turned her attention to Caden. She met her eyes with his, a cute smile pulling on her lips. "Is that alright with you?" She was speaking of the movie night. That mischievous look in her eyes never left. It was almost like she was yearning for him to say something cocky. She attempted to tease him a little just because of the verbal fight that almost occurred between them. She just hoped it would make her feel better and make her forget that he brought up a touchy subject. Anya gave him a look but it wasn't just any look. It was a look that clearly stated you know you can't say no to me.

Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 10, 2021 12:09 AM

Snowmass Horses
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Caden began chewing on a red straw, staring at the idiots in front of him. The two boys were still fiddling with the silverware and napkins provided on the table, it was somehow entertaining for them. He didn’t mind being here; it was better than pissing off locals, specifically the police with his powers, though that was fun. Caden shrugged softly before closing his eyes, tipping his head back a little for more comfort.

Carson nudged Diego and grabbed the straw from his drink, tearing part of the napkin they had been playing with and placed it in his mouth. Carson looked at Anya, “Watch this.” He said, with an ending chuckle. Caden didn’t think much of the noise they were making, that was until a soft, wet object hit his face. He leaned his head back up, opening his eyes he was met with the eyes of Diego and the laughter of Carson, Caden smirked, his eyebrow twitching from it. “Oh c’mon, Caden, play nice now, It was all Carson, I didn’t do anything!” Diego said almost immediately, “Hmm, I don’t play nice, but just wait till I get ya’ back!” Caden replied to him, giving the two boys an evil smirk, both the boys looked at each other in relief, Diego smacked Carson on the head lightly. Caden chuckled.

Turning all their heads to Anya they listened, and excitement fell over Diego’s and Carson’s faces, Caden gave Anya a plain look, wiping the remaining spit of his forehead from Carson’s spitball. He knew that there was something going along with this whole movie night thing, something had to be in it for the boys. Caden was right and nearly laughed at how the boys looked at each other when she said Scary movie. Caden covered his mouth with his knuckles slightly, hiding him from laughing from what Anya had followed up saying. Hold her, jesus. Carson looked at Diego and they both smirked, Caden turned his head away, shaking it trying to guide the laughter away. Evil, she was evil.

The two boys began fighting with each other, verbally of course, over who would hold her, Caden was amused, beyond amused by them acting like this. He turned his head to Anya, raising an eyebrow at what she was trying to do. He gave her a soft smile that turned into a small smirk, “Hmm, I mean it would be funny to scare the shit out of the two dimwits,” He said, turning his head towards the boys before back to Anya. “But it would also be funny to scare the shit out of you, so go on ahead.” He said he teased back. The look in her eyes, Caden wouldn’t have said no anyways, she was doing it on purpose.


The waitress came to the table and placed the check for the book next to Caden. He opened the little black book and signed off on the paper, placing his card down waiting for the waitress to come back and collect the book. ‘Should have made one of you little pigs pay for it.” He said eyeballing Carson and Diego, who looked at Caden unimpressed. A few minutes had passed and he had taken his card back from the black booklet, “Well shall we go and enjoy you all scaring yourselfs?” Caden said.

Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 10, 2021 12:51 AM

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Anya laughed softly. She couldn't help but smile another genuine smile. It had been a long time since she had this much fun. She didn't want it to stop. "They wanted you to pay, Caden. Now if it was just me with them, they would be fighting about who would pay for my food in an attempt to impress me," She mumbled to him with another laugh.


It was about time for the movie night and Anya couldn't help but feel excited. It was like a sleepover. She never had a sleepover before. She knew it would be fun, especially with the boys drooling over her and Caden making cocky remarks. Anya decided to get changed into some sleepwear which she had bought at the store earlier. It was a cute v-neck shirt with short sleeping shorts. It sat loosely on her body and the fabric looked comfortable. Anya ran a hand through her hair which was now sloppy but cute. "I hope you don't mind me wearing this," She said to the boys with a smile. She knew they wouldn't mind.

As they started the movie, she peered over at Caden, that mischief in her eyes. When scary parts came up, she would flinch. It was more forced than anything but some parts did get to her every now and then. For the first few scary parts, she leaned into Carson. Her hand was placed on his chest. She would tuck her face into his shoulder and squeeze his shirt, just enough to where she wouldn't hurt her hand. The other scary parts she did the same to Diego. It was all just a cruel game. And just to get to them even more she would run a hand through their hair. Not only that but it was a simple tease for Caden.

But soon the movie ended and it was late. The boys were already asleep so it was only Anya and Caden awake. She chuckled softly as she covered them with blankets. She turned to Caden. "They are adorable," She finally said. She had said it earlier before they went shopping but she couldn't help but say it again. "I just hope they find themselves each a girl good enough for them," She bit her lip nervously. They were starting to grow on her.

"Hey...Caden" She said slowly. Maybe now was the best time before they all went to sleep. "I wanted to talk with you," She kept her voice low to not wake Carson or Diego. She had taken him into his room since it was the most private place in the house.

When they were alone in his room she sat down on his bed. Her hands ran across his sheets until she finally trained her eyes on him. She didn't want to just bluntly say it. So she decided to ease into it. "Wasn't it rather funny how they drooled over my movements? You could practically hear their heartbeats racing. It is like they are starved of feminine attention," She chuckled softly. She was sure now that he wanted her to get to the point but she still didn't want to say it bluntly. It was probably best to lighten the moment beforehand. "Did you see the Princess's charm?" She stood up and approached him. She knew he saw but she decided to still explain it, but why not tease him as well. "I would place my hands on their chest and hold my body close to theirs." She placed her hands on his chest but she didn't lean into him. "Then I would run my hands through their hair and you can just feel them tense up and get so nervous," Anya ran her hands through his hair and that was when she pulled herself close to him. She hesitated and her face grew red.

"That isn't the point of why I asked to talk to you. I've just...been confused about something." She tilted her head. Just. She just didn't want him to laugh at her. "What.....what is love?" She said. How would Caden take it? Would he think it was a stupid joke? "I want to know what it is...what it feels like." Her voice quivered with nervousness. She understood the fact of two people together and showing affection but what did it truly feel. She wasn't taught to feel but she truly just wanted to feel that emotion and understand why people are so crazy about it. "It sounds stupid doesn't it," She discouraged herself, moving her hands away from him. "You made that joke about me loving you earlier and it got me thinking." She spoke in a muttered tone. "No, I'm not saying I do" She waved her hands like she was dismissing what she just said. Her face only grew more flustered. It was hard to tell if she was blushing or if her face was red because she was about to get emotional. "I was just saying it had me thinking about how much I don't understand it. So I just wanted to ask," She finally said.

Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 10, 2021 01:56 AM

Snowmass Horses
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Caden yawned lightly running his hand through his hair, it had been quite a day for him at the most. He had told the two mischievous boys to get comfortable on the couch and not touch or start anything until the movie had started, they did as told, except they fought over who would sit where. He shrugged and moved down the hall slowly aiming towards his room to throw some comfortable stuff on. Deciding on some sweats and a loose short sleeved shirt, he walked out the room to see Anya showing off her outfit to Carson and Diego. He chuckled as Carson and Diego told her it was fine and looked good, both of them looked like dogs, once again.

“It looks soft..” Diego said, smirking at Carson earning a thunk on the head by Caden when he walked past the back of the couch stopping Diego’s thoughts.

In all honesty, Caden didn’t pay attention to the move at all, there were a few parts he watched. Something was far more entertaining which was the fact that Diego was about to kill Carson from the looks of it. It was clear he wanted to, but sleep stopped him from doing so, as he had drifted off to sleep around the end of the movie, same with Carson. Caden had rolled his eyes when Anya squeezed Carson’s or Diego’s shirt. She was too much of a damn tease.

Caden was snapped out of his trance from Anya’s voice and the movements of her putting blankets over the sleeping boys. Getting up from the rather comfortable chair that sat angled from the couch he stretched his arms, “They would be even more adorable with mustaches on their faces as well as dainty drawings, to be honest.” Caden said, shrugging at the thought before walking over to the window to open it. Unlocking the window lock he propped the window open before replying to Anya, “Meh, someone is bound to love them, it should be easy with their personalities.” Caden said to Anya. It actually has been easy for them, their personalities have drawn multiple girls to them at parties and all throughout their lives.

A light breeze struck the room from the window, it felt nice considering the room was rather hot from the amount of people breathing in and out the same air with nothing circulating in the room. He turned to Anya humming his response, “Oh -- Yea right, we did agree on chatting,” He replied softly to her, following her to his room. Caden was rather eager to talk about having no actual idea of what it would even be about, he shrugged.

He watched her sit down on the bed, he chose to just stand to keep himself awake for the time being. Tilting his head he wondered where she was taking the conversation, “They will drool over any chick's movements if they are given the chance..” Caden said bluntly, it was true though, they were known as dogs. He froze and smirked at her, her charm was indeed seen. Well he had thought he saw it until she got up to give a demonstration of it, he looked at her with curiosity. A soft amount of pressure was out on his chest then a hand through his hair, which felt good. His eyes stared directly at her. He formed a smirk with his lips as she grew red and chuckled a little at the sight of her red face. She had gotten embarked on being brave.

When she struck the question it shocked him, his eyes grew a little wide at it actually. Love, he repeated the word in his head a few times, almost like he was retrieving memory of it. About to speak he stopped it from coming out realizing she wasn’t done talking, he let her finish. Her voice sounded like it wanted to break and Caden tilted his head at her. “It isn’t stuid, Anya.” He paused “Your just curious is all..” Caden barely knew what love was, he didn’t grow up in a rather affectionate household, he only knew love by past experiences and his close buddies. He placed his hand on her head to stop her from rambling on any longer.

“In all honesty I have no idea what love is, so my answer won’t be fully correct” Caden laughed a little and brought his hand away from her head, “I would say it’s almost like a mix of scattered emotions and strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.” He wasn't sure if she wanted an actual answer or just a pure bullshit one so he took on the right role of just being blunt with her. Caden brought his hand to the back of his head and rubbed it, “It’s pretty complicated to understand, I mean it is for me cause the only love I feel is coming from the two sleeping weirdos on the couch.” He laughed lightly. “But to say it easily from an understandable perspective, love is basically a pretty strong connection to someone or heck anything,” Caden paused and looked down to her, “Again it’s pretty complicated.” Anya had Caden slumped on the question if he was being honest, he shook his head slightly, his eyes wandering on her rather red face.

Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 10, 2021 06:55 AM

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"Love is complicated," Her voice hummed the words like she never heard them before. Love wasn't just one emotion but pretty much all of them. How do you feel all emotions at once? She grumbled under her breath in mere irritation. She found herself sitting on his bed again but through pissiness she laid on her back, staring at the ceiling. "Love is a commitment, isn't it? I just hope Carson and Diego haven't fallen in love with me, a murderer," She chuckled but she ultimately was serious. They were probably just obsessed with the idea of being with her is all. She laid there in a long moment of silence but then she came to the realization of something.

Anya tapped her lips for a moment. She abruptly peered up at him with a blank stare, still laying on her back. She finally shifted and sat up. There was something in her eyes that was completely different almost like she was going to pull some sort of mischief again. It was almost like she had something bitter to say. Like she just wanted to piss him off. Yet she hesitated when she finally spoke. "Caden," Her voice was soothing. It was odd that her voice could get that soft. She reached out her hand to him as a gesture for him to come closer to her and the bed. Her hand touched his but fluidly after, she slipped her hand up to his wrist and suddenly pulled on him. Her hand stung a little but she didn't care.

Her breathing grew slow as she had him close. A satisfied hum came from her lips like she couldn't get enough of just being near him. She looked deep into his eyes like she wanted to say something but she never did. Her fingers caressed his face which was now close to her and within seconds her lips drew close to him. His physique was tall and abrupt but she managed to make it work. She felt his breath on hers but she never kissed him. Their lips were practically touching. Her eyes became complex with complete mischief, curiosity, and nervousness. It came so abruptly, her actions, but she wanted to fulfill it. She approached his lips with a soft kiss at first but it slowly grew more intense.

Was this love? Was the tingling sensation and chills down her spine telling her that she was in love? Was this the feeling? The complex emotions she was feeling or was she merely just attracted to him? Was love every time she gave him a hard time and got upset yet still found him adorable? Or was it just his cocky remarks that made her feel that way? But deep down she knew the answer to all of those questions.

It seemed all like a joke. Like she was just doing this to get on his nerves and tease him. But her eyes began to water, slow tears dripping down her cheeks after she stopped kissing him. Anya was sure it had now become obvious that she wasn't trying to tease him. She wanted this herself. She gave him the softest look, one he had never seen her give before, her face still close to his. It was unlike her to cry. It confused her when she found out she was. Was she crying because she hurt her hand or had recently sat in a funny way to irritate the bruises on her back? No. She was crying over him.

"Caden...." She whispered. "I think I'm in love with you,"

Those words startled Anya but they just came naturally. She thinks this is what love feels like. She didn't understand the feeling yet just knew what it was at the same time. She knew those 7 words, she would regret in the morning or even act like she hadn't said it. But now wasn't the time to play it off. She found her hands running through his hair, her eyes never leaving his. She wasn't joking....her movements were real....her feelings were real....her words were real. It was obvious ever since she started crying, showing him her vulnerability. Her cheeks grew red from the warm tears.

Had Anya been in love with him ever since their first kiss? That was truly when things started to change, right? That was when she began to blush at all his remarks and make cute ones back. That was when she concluded that she couldn't kill him. During that first kiss, he allowed them to have their moment but he pushed her away at the last minute saying she was drunk. Well, she wasn't drunk anymore. She wanted him.

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Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 11, 2021 12:21 AM

Snowmass Horses
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He watched as she repeated the sentence, listening to how satisfying she made it sound. It was a little funny to him as he watched her grumble in what seemed to be frustration from not knowing what love was. It was a confusing thing for some people, especially if you have never felt it. With an arch of his brow at her words, he watched as she slumped down in the bed, humming in response to her. Carson and Diego would probably find love past their bromance for each other if they didn’t find love themselves if Caden was being honest, they have done some questionable stuff. Caden shook his head from the thought.

Looking at Anya with a questioning look he tilted his head slowly to the right. He wasn’t sure if she was about to chuck something at him or continue to stare at him while laying down, her eyes had a mischievous look in them and it didn’t sit well with Caden right then. He raised an eyebrow waiting to see if she was going to pull something -- heck probably anything. When she spoke he looked at her giving her a yes look, soon he followed her hand, swiftly making his way over to his bed, stopping in front of Anya. Her touch sent an electric feeling from his hand all over his body, a different electric feeling that his power gave him, which made him wonder what this one meant. Did it mean anything at all? He was snapped out of his trance of questions from Anya tugging on his, he took it as a sign to move closer, so he listened and leaned down in front of her, locking his eyes with hers. It was quiet, but a soothing nice quiet.

The electric feeling buzzed through his body when she touched his face, mixing in with his power that was steadily flowing in his veins as is, wanting to be released, just like his sudden craving towards Anya wanting to be released. He steadied his breathing pattern, almost matching it with hers. The sudden movement by Anya didn’t startle Caden, in fact it made the craving worse. A content smirk spread over his face as he leaned into her touch, keeping his heavy eye contact on her eyes. He couldn’t tell if she was being a taunt but he wasn’t having it, it wasn’t fun. Their lips were so close yet so far apart despite touching. His eyes traveled to her lips then peered back up to her eyes, it was tempting but he waited for her.

In a split second, a kiss erupted. His lips part, his heart beating against the inside of his chest as if struggling to be closer to her. A hand slips into her hair, as he presses them deeper into the kiss, fingertips grazing over her side with absolute fondness. His pupils are blown with lust and curiosity as he looks pleading down at her, a silent wine mingled with a groan when they parted. She was so beautiful, he was dazzled, he wanted more.

His eyes widened when tears started streaming down Anya’s face. Thinking he did something wrong his eyes looked over her to see if anything was wrong, checking to see if he had put his hand on any of her bruises or one of her hands, but he hadn’t and was confused. His eyes fell out of lust and curiosity and were now filled with worry. Caden reached his hand back up to her face, wiping the tears off her face, when suddenly her lips opened to speak and he stared at her, in shock.

Caden hadn’t heard that sentence in a very, very long time, except for when the boys say him but that was different. This was different, way more different. Thoughts spun around in Caden’s head, multiple questions with answers along with the thoughts shuffling like a playlist back and forth in his head. He was happy to hear those words, beyond happy to be hearing them come from Anya. He brushed his thumb across her face, wiping away more tears as they continued to fall as a smile appeared onto his face. A gentle, warm, loving soft smile. A smile that gave hints of his inner child or puppy life.

He felt the electric feeling rush through his body again, knowing what it was and how different it now felt from his power. It wasn’t his power, it wasn't even close. It was the feeling of -- loving someone. Loving the hot tempered girl who is supposed to have killed him by now. He now knew the difference and how truly different they felt compared to each other

He leaned his head to her forehead, kissing it lightly, his signature smirk coming onto his lips. “I guess that means I won’t be dying anytime soon, right?” He joked with her trying to stop her tears from coming out of her eyes, as her cheeks had begun to start heating up rather quickly. He leaned his forehead on hers, moving his hand across her cheek once more, closing his eyes slowly as his forehead lightly pressed against hers.

“I think I fell in love with the girl who has attempted to kill me so many times,” He snickered softly at the number of times she had tried to kill Caden.

Caden has spoken so confidently, being almost fully sure with his answer. Though he knew they would both avoid everything that happened in this room in the morning, and probably every day after that, he didn't care. He was sure about his answer.

Snowmass x Kyubi | Private Roleplay April 11, 2021 01:03 AM

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For a minute there...the look on his face. Maybe she shouldn't have said anything. Her stomach sunk thinking the worst of the worst. What was he going to say to her? Was he going to reprimand her saying she said absurd words and leave her there to sorrow in her own feelings? He wouldn't do such a thing. Would he? She felt the tears flooding her eyes even more. Her eyes widened when he wiped the tears away. Wait. He was smiling. Her wide eyes eased up just at that look on his face.

Anya laughed softly, her laugh weak but pure. She sniffled as he rubbed away the tears even more. The look on his face was hilarious when he first saw her crying. Now that he knew she was okay he decided to make his regular cocky comments. "No, I will. I will find a way to kill you," She teased, her voice softer than usual. "It is just more suspenseful if you don't know what is on my mind," Her voice immediately fell silent when he spoke those next words. Her face grew blank as she just stared at him. He loved her. He...loved her. Anya felt her heartbeat begin to race. It was rather embarrassing that such a simple word did that to her. Well, now it wasn't a simple word to her anymore. Love meant something. It was amazing that she caught onto the meaning of it in a matter of minutes with just a single kiss.

Just his presence was satisfying yet those words just intensified everything. The way he ran his hand through her hair and caressed her cheek, wiping away the occasional tears. It was obvious that love wasn't just a word to him either. She allowed her eyes to close for a long moment. Yet, she couldn't help but peek them open. "I don't want to talk anymore." She whispered, her finger pressing against his lips. Her voice was intriguing yet soothing. She slowly slid her finger away. She planted a kiss in between his eyes. The kisses slowly trailed to his jaw.

Her face just grew redder. She scoffed under her breath, knowing she had to go against what she just said. "You are going to have to deal with your enemy tonight because I am not leaving," The words just came naturally. "I hope that is alright with you. Oh, wait..." She paused, her voice still slow and mysterious. "I forgot you can't say no to me," She chuckled. Her voice grew quiet, and she allowed them to be still for a long moment. "Now I don't want to talk anymore," She whispered into his ear.

Anya never knew she would be so sweet to the man she was supposed to kill. She had come to him to get the job done yet something told her not to in the very beginning. She tried so hard yet every time he was never scared of her. He knew she wouldn't from the get-go. Then their first kiss occurred. She knew she couldn't after that. Anya fully understood the consequences of that, ones that Caden didn't know of. If her boss or any of her team finds out she aborted a mission they would have her head. It gets worse than that, especially since she fell in love with her enemy, a supernatural. Yet, she didn't care. She was in the presence of someone she loved now. At least at this moment, nothing mattered to her but him. She would worry about it in the morning.

Her eyes pierced into his. Her breathing slowed abruptly as she began to focus on him. Anya leaned forward. Going against her words once again she spoke. "Caden..." She whispered and it was almost inaudible as her lips nearly met his. Everything was all such a tease. "Please..." She didn't want him to say no to her.

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