Stormsong Manor
12:56:30 Darth Ven
It's hard to see but it's pretty visible in photos. Let me see if I can find the closeup I took
Circle Star RIDs
12:56:24 Granny C
Why do the idiots keep calling me about extending my cars warrantee.
I keep on telling them, It's a dam 1995 Olds, and the warrantee has been expired for a long time.
12:55:36 Tea || Snaink
Ooh that sounds pretty, Ven :o
Stormsong Manor
12:55:09 Darth Ven
I have segmental heterochromia in my eyes. They are green but I have a blue patch on the outside region of each iris (closest to the sides of my face)
12:54:54 Tea || Snaink
Spitfire Fancy
12:54:35 Mokona
I'm not sure if it holds true for horses, but in humans, blue eyes are just brown eyes that never had the pigment activated because the gene behind it broke/mutated.
Square One
12:54:32 Sniper
-HEE Click-
I just think this guy is so pretty
Elektra's elites
12:53:26 Elektra
-HEE Click-
If he fails me im going to cry
Meadow Brook Farm
12:52:30 Zienna
My friend has a solid chestnut pure bred QH and he a one blue eye and one brown eye.
And Lilly has way less white on her than her parents had.
We have ponies with white markings around their eyes, so they have blue eyes, but Lilly's markings don't touch her eyes, so we've always just considered her weird.
California Valley
12:50:55 Cali | Kale | Csli
Now that bravery was unexpected
-HEE Click-
Spitfire Fancy
12:50:37 Mokona
Blue eyes occur in horses with lots of white because it has to do with the pigment in the coat affecting the pigment in the eyes
This shows her face. Both parents had brown eyes, so no idea where the blue one came from.
Dusk-brook Farms
12:48:52 Dusk
-HEE Click- Ugh she was an accident but so pretty and I was really hopeful for her ratings! Disappointment.
12:48:00 Tea || Snaink
Okie doke I'm sending you a PM.
Star Struck Stables
12:47:45 Star ⭐️
Tea, I have no clue how to track train.
12:47:30 Tea || Snaink
awww cute little chonker <3
12:46:59 Tea || Snaink
Also train all your horses in All Disciplines. do you know how to track training?
Spitfire Fancy
12:46:56 Mokona
HEE doesn't differentiate the types though
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That looks like the old text box. You should try clearing your cookies and catche

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