Spirtasi Acres
07:53:45 Wings/Spring Day
I remember when my mom found out my brother was allergic to strawberries, well not allergic he just had an "intolerance" for them
Black Rose Ranch
07:53:40 Alisa
I’m allerigic to sunscreen, peanut butter and some fabrics
misty sky stables
You’re le vampire;-;
Timber Canyon
07:53:06 is actually Timber
I just discovered Im pretty allergic to amoxicillin, ended up in the ER
HLS Mustang Ranch
07:52:15 Spirit
I allergies to lots of stuff. Like soap, or air fresheners, make up, lots of junk
Emmas Eventers
I don't have any allergies that I know of
Stormsong Manor
07:51:35 Ven
I'm actually terrified for Link to be stung for the first time because I don't know his allergy status on that front. Letting him try peanut butter and shellfish etc was terrifying enough
07:51:24 Legion
I just know that I woke up itching and with a full body rash e_E
Hayzed Pastures
Im allergic to omnicef and stinging insects like wasps and bees. But thats it.
07:50:22 Legion
For red wine, it might be the sulfites, but I'm not 100% sure since I've had red wine plenty of times before that last time
Dancing dire stable
07:50:10 Mosa's sa
Lmao a lot of people are
Spirtasi Acres
07:49:33 Wings/Spring Day
I have a severe allergy to Penicillin, that's about it, Oh and garlic for some reason
Stormsong Manor
07:49:24 Ven
Actually, I lied. I do happen to be allergic to bullshit. But that's it
misty sky stables
I don’t know what I’m allergic to...Or maybe I’m allergic to hay. My moms allergic to hay.
Riptide Roans
07:48:53 *Pokes Eyeballs*
I used to do rabbits all the time but I stopped for a year when my last flemish giant passed away
Dancing dire stable
07:48:36 Mosa's sa
I found out recently im allergic to strawberries -.-
Stormsong Manor
07:48:25 Ven
And so far, none for Link, either
Hayzed Pastures
What in alcohol are you allergic to? Thats curious.
Stormsong Manor
07:47:56 Ven
Zero allergies here. My mother and both of my brothers got the horrible allergy genes. I avoided them
07:47:32 Legion
I might have an allergy to red wine, orrrr it could have been tick related. haven't had anything since it happened
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hey everyone! Hosting a Jm.

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