Capricorn Elites
09:00:10 Capri | Capri-Sun
Oooo you right Pony
Dream Weaver Ranch
09:00:08 Maddie/Madeline
It's okay :)
Crystal Oak Stables
Dream Weaver Ranch
08:59:32 Maddie/Madeline
Crystal Oak please stop spamming!
Pony Paradise
08:59:30 Pony || Ducky
Ducks are better
Capricorn Elites
08:58:42 Capri | Capri-Sun
I love Geese *^*
Dream Weaver Ranch
08:58:24 Maddie/Madeline
Dream Weaver Ranch
08:57:53 Maddie/Madeline
But I have to go, sorry! Bye!
Stormsong Manor
08:57:39 Ven
Grey Goose
Crystal Oak Stables
Crystal Gems Stables
08:56:09 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
Dream Weaver Ranch
08:55:10 Maddie/Madeline
10 minutes ago^^
Capricorn Elites
08:54:57 Capri | Capri-Sun
Bleeding Heart? @Crystal
Crystal Gems Stables
08:54:46 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
oh hey maddie! when did you get back?
Stormsong Manor
08:54:45 Ven
I've been debating on using height medallions instead of filly straws even though all my matches are PON x PON. I would like to have the shortest PONs possible
Dream Weaver Ranch
08:54:40 Maddie/Madeline
Ooo! You come up with good names!
Garner Stud
08:54:01 Soupy
Maddie, I'm not Capri but I think Chocolate Dots might be nice
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Vendetta Imaging | Full May 15, 2020 08:40 AM

Raspberry Peak
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If Veterna is leaving her spot, can I have a stable set? Long shot I know, but I am in no rush! I want a Ven set so read to wait until your shop opens again lol

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