02:28:32 Tee | Teesticle
Me too 🤣
For You Blue
01:59:18 Joker/Blue
I feel like I need to write reminders to myself to train and pay riders on my SAs, everything is so behind on them lmao
01:54:33 Tee | Teesticle
Yes you would 🤣
Morning Glory Farms
01:51:57 Terici/Dino/Trish
No no I would not like your donation 😂
Amethyst Ranch
01:50:12 Mini Echo 2 loading
Ugh the tiredness and Morning sickness this time round is horrible 😅
Santana Rising
01:47:47 San
I still have 43 Bronze Breeding tokens. Had over 100 too, but I use them, frequently, especially as my boys age, need to collect that stuff..
Santana Rising
01:46:46 San
will there be another capture day next month? I keep forgetting when those happen. Been collecting stuff for crafting maps.
The Joker
01:43:28 Ari <3
Trish would be most happy to receive that generous amount of bronze things I think
The Joker
01:42:33 Ari <3
I hate you too 😁💛 and thanks! I think it's just the start of a nasty cold, it just set in and it's kicking my ass lmao
The Old Gods
01:41:57 Void Malign
I have 116 bronze breeding tokens I can donate? lmfao
Morning Glory Farms
01:40:13 Terici/Dino/Trish
But I hope you feel better
Morning Glory Farms
01:40:03 Terici/Dino/Trish
I hate you 😂
The Joker
01:39:36 Ari <3
I however am feeling quite sick and don't want to spam you with things without my keyboard shortcuts so you are saved from the bronze tokens for another day 😁
The Joker
01:36:12 Ari <3
Oh I decided to mix it up and bought showing tokens this time around 🤣
Morning Glory Farms
01:35:03 Terici/Dino/Trish
Take your bronze show tokens and off you fuck over there I don't want em 😂
The Joker
01:34:49 Ari <3
You got me, I'm actually grinning like a madman here as I collect up bronze things
The Old Gods
01:34:10 Void Malign
Morning Glory Farms
01:34:01 Terici/Dino/Trish
Uh huh sureeee
The Joker
01:33:18 Ari <3
You wound me so
The Joker
01:33:01 Ari <3
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❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 23, 2020 04:36 PM

Posts: 1176
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Please feel free to call me Versa! It is the nickname given to me by the community. :)
I am sometimes willing to do trades for items of equal value. This includes things like ABLB (TB and AA) straws, art, customized palettes, and items. Just ask, I'll let you know if I'm interested.

Terms and Conditions:

By ordering from my art shop, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the following.

1. || My art must not be edited, filtered, cut additionally, or otherwise altered by anyone but myself. Do not use it on more than one horse at once.

2. || Please do not pay until it is completed. My motivation and health can be shaky, and it's a general suggestion by HEE staff regardless. I've been getting this question a lot recently.

3. || Art not picked up will be auctioned off. Using this to buy it for cheaper is not permitted. Extra details MAY cause an increase in price.

4. || Reselling my art in any way is not permitted. This includes raising horse prices because my art is on them.

5. || My art is NOT to be used outside of HEE without permission, sorry. I've been having people steal it as soon as it leaves HEE boundaries- not cool.

Important! || You need to understand that my art shop is more of a side hobby, and pieces may take time due to recent medical reasons, college purposes, and other life events. I am not in full health and will complete your art as soon as I can. Please do not push.

--- Wish to join VSC? Click Here. ---
--- Need some examples? Click Here. ---
** I reserve the right to edit/change/remove/add any and all rules or content in my art shop **
** I reserve the right to decline orders due to life events or lack of capability to complete your request to my highest potential **

Edited at August 10, 2023 09:41 PM by Versailles
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 23, 2020 06:11 PM

Posts: 1176
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Slots :

1. || Golden Crest

2. || Stag's Court

3. || Skye's Paradise

I might take the occasional private order. Just PM me. :) Just try not to overwhelm me.


1. || Ruffian Manor

2. || Galloping Graces

3. || Spirtasi Whims

4. || Whispering Wood Barn

** Please, I am not a fan of incredibly sinister themes or insanely long hair. Doesn't work with my style.

** Orders are NOT necessarily done in the order they are listed in.


1. || Shadowscape Eventing (private, chestnut fantasy) (Page 51)

2. ||

3. ||







Edited at September 20, 2023 07:56 PM by Versailles
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 23, 2020 06:21 PM

Posts: 1176
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Holding post.
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 23, 2020 06:24 PM

Posts: 1176
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Holding post #2.
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 24, 2020 02:58 AM

Posts: 3250
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Stalky stalky...
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 24, 2020 06:19 AM

Dragon Storm
Posts: 1305
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❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 24, 2020 07:08 AM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
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I'm so excited for this, Versa! :D
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 24, 2020 09:23 AM

Moonglade Manor
Posts: 1709
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omg finally versa!
this is great and i'm so happy to see you have moved up <3
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 24, 2020 11:33 AM

Posts: 1176
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Thank you, loves <3 It really means a lot.
❦ Versailles Cozy Corner || Full February 24, 2020 06:35 PM

Posts: 1176
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Claimed giveaway piece for Equine Stables. :)

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