11:21:18 Jay
immmmm back Myth!
11:15:54 Crowley | Myth
Panther PONs
11:14:02 Penny-Panther-Pen
Oh hi!
I'll pm you, I've just got a couple questions about your art :)
11:13:23 Crowley | Myth
Panther PONs
11:11:36 Penny-Panther-Pen
Is mythers still on? (I'm assuming not, it's been awhile)
Panther PONs
11:10:41 Penny-Panther-Pen
Yallre too slow 😏
Munchkin Stables
11:09:55 Munn - PONs
dumb-ass-bitch- likes-bananas
just kidding
Bug in a Rug
11:09:45 Bug | KPH
Dressage All Breed Leaderboard
Panther PONs
11:09:44 Penny-Panther-Pen
Dressage all breed leaderboard
11:07:27 Sun/Sunny/Rose
What does DABLB mean?
11:03:24 Crowley | Myth
11:03:17 Crowley | Myth
11:03:08 Crowley | Myth
Out is storage room. 🙄
Caaldir Equestrian
11:02:38 Caal/Deor/Trash Rat
Any readers/writers on? I'd love some help with something :)
*Rising Stars TBs*
11:02:30 Star / Sarah
Crowley, Why?
11:01:16 Crowley | Myth
The PS4 is a worthless piece of shit.
*Rising Stars TBs*
10:56:59 Star / Sarah
KPH, thanks!
*Rising Stars TBs*
10:56:40 Star / Sarah
I am a finn
KPH Equestrian
10:56:27 KPH | Rapcoon
In Search Of
*Rising Stars TBs*
10:56:24 Star / Sarah
In our language it means big 😅
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NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 12:42 PM
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Y'all know the deal, if you aren't Belle or NightClan, feel free to read but please don't post!
NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 12:45 PM
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Name: Sage
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years
Appearance: Messy black hair that falls over his eyes (he uses it to kinda hide behind), golden amber eyes, Very tall (5'10''), very tan skin since he lives out in the streets, lots of scars but the most obvious is one down his left eye, Very slim and light (About 160 pounds since food is a bit scarce and he works all day but gets paid almost nothing), Although he's slim he's still muscular (more refined than bulky), gives off an air of power and/or menace, has a low voice that is quiet and scratchy, he wears tattered and thin clothes which are covered in mud, blood, and who knows what else, his clothes are worn as well because he is of a very low class so he wears pretty much the same thing all the time
Personality: Very mistrusting because of his backstory, would generally rather be alone than with humans, he comes across as cold/rude/uncaring, he's very blunt and a bit crude, he's very stubborn and an extremely good fighter, when fighting he just jumps in without thinking, very hot-headed with a bad temper, tries not to get too attached to anyone, but once he forms a relationship he is very loyal and protective, he has no qualms about killing anyone/anything
Weaknesses: Hot-headedness (he often gets hurt or in trouble because of it), he's very untrusting so he doesn't like to accept help, he gets flashbacks (mostly from his father, who he doesn't get along with) from his past which affects him greatly in a very negative way
Strengths: Hunting, fighting, very skilled in sneaking around, knows the streets and forests nearby well so he's great at hiding, very quick and agile, very strong
Other: He lives in the woods and streets and moves from place to place - he has no home other than the wild. His weapon is a small dagger he has with him at all times that he made himself.
NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 02:01 PM

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Name: Anya Ziyadeh
Gender: Female

Age: 17


Anya has a classically feminine appearance. Slender with narrow shoulders, and a slight curve through her hips, waist, and shoulders. Although petite, she has a fair bit of muscle definition on her torso. She has a slightly longer leg-to-torso ratio, so while she stands at roughly 5'5, from a distance she would look a fair bit taller.

Her olive skin is lightly tanned and littered with light freckles up her arms and clump around her shoulders. Despite this, the freckles on her face aren’t so out there, only really showing up around her nose, though they are still very much still there and become more prominent when the weather warms up.

She has large, dark blue eyes, a small nose, and an oval face, all of which give her a strange, child-like innocence. Her skin isn't flawless, as she has a small scar-like dent just on her eyelid from smashing her head on a table edge as a small child.

Her hair is a dark brown; though, it seems to have been sun-bleached throughout the years, giving her a slightly more auburn tinge to it when in the sun. It reaches just past the bottom of her shoulder blades, coming down in thick, slightly more wavy locks.

Her overall appearance matches her voice perfectly. Light, slightly more high-pitch, though not so much as to be annoying. Her accent is refined and tweaked, so that while it matches her elegant features, it comes out as polite yet perfectly confident.


If you were to catch her off guard, some would describe Anya as... Rude? Arrogant? Or maybe even untrustworthy? Well, whatever you'd choose to call her, she would always describe herself as honest. She could admit she can hold a grudge and has the full potential to be malicious.

Despite this, underneath all that asshattery, she would fight to the end of the earth to look out for her closest acquaintances. She just refuses to hand out her trust like it's nothing.

Now, she isn't anti-social. In fact, she quite enjoys social gatherings, and finds it relatively easy to come off as charming and polite, though, this only seems to happen when she wants either something or someone’s alliance.

In fact, this is what her friends would describe her as. Bubbly even. Though, to get this side of her to come out takes time and patience, so most just settle for her forwardness.

Anya's whole personality had been drilled into her as a young child. She had been raised on the motto, "Trust no one, not unless they give you a reason to," So it's easy to see where this side of her comes from. You couldn't consider this a bad quality of hers though, as if something needs doing, she will always have it sorted.

Weaknesses: She likes to take things into her own hands (if you need something done right, you have to do it yourself, right?) Once she gets attached to people, it's awfully hard for her to bid them goodbye.

Strengths: Is confident and can catch people's attention. She gives off a commanding aura, so she can often be misread as bossy from time to time.

Other: In rp!

(Hope this is alright - If you want me to edit anything, thats totally fine :))

Edited at July 26, 2022 03:20 PM by Belle
NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 02:04 PM
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(nope, it looks good to me! Do you want to start or do you want me to?)
NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 02:09 PM

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(Do you mind? :)

NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 02:13 PM
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(of course, no problem)
Sage bustled around the dirty tavern from one table to another, taking orders and bringing food and drinks to the people in it. He hadn't slept or eaten anything the past two days, and was trying to keep his pace up and get orders right...he knew that if he messed something up things would get really bad really quickly. Well, even more really bad than it already was.
NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 02:39 PM

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Life in a castle would send anyone mad. Really, behind walls, under constant supervision, being told what, when, and how to do something as simple as talking would send anyone off their rocker. It was a wonder that Anya had managed to make it just over 17 years up there. Well, the answer was simple; every day for over 6 years she would sneak out through the tunnels. She would wait for it to be pitch black out, for all the lights to go out, and for all the guards to be inside the castle walls. And then she walts herself out of there without an issue. She didn't do it with the intention of angering anyone - Simply to find out more about the kingdom she'd one day have power over.

Of course, Anya would always worry that she'd be caught, but really, what would happen? She was more than capable of looking after herself, and she was literally royalty. Anyway, there was never anyone about at night, so there wasn't normally a chance to cause any trouble. Though, tonight seemed rather different.

Tonight, as the young woman stood at the end of the tunnel, she could see bright yellow lights, along with the loud voices, hollering out in slurred words. The taverns must have been open late, or perhaps they were just busier than usual. Either way, she was more than keen to investigate.

(Sorry my first posts might be a little choppy as I'm kinda rusty lol)

NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 02:47 PM
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(it's all good)
Sage continued to run between the kitchens and tables, carrying trays piled high with drinks and food. There was a huge fesival going on in the town square that night, and the later it got, the busier the tavern got. And the busier the tavern got, the more upright the boss got. Which meant Sage had better stay away from the man. He went out of his way to avoid him, but it took longer than walking straight to the kitchens. His boss yelled something and shook his fist. Sage couldn't hear him because he was across the room from him and the tavern was full of loud, drunk men and women. Sage couldn't wonder what his boss had said for long though, he had more orders to fill, and besides he was probably just cursing and threatening him, which was common. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed the next three or four orders and rushed out again, weaving between tables and delivering orders. He was the only one working tonight, due to the festival, everyone else would be there. He ran back to the kitchen and grabbed another few orders, no time to even shake his sweaty hair out of his face.
NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 03:33 PM

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The girl walked on the cobble stone path as she passed through the town. She had walked these streets hundreds of times before, and yet she had never seen it quite so busy. The markets were still going the same as they would during the day, if not they were even busier. She took a breath and dipped her head down, fearful to make any eye contact. Loose change clinked softly in her pockets with every step she took, as though it were ordering her to look through the little stands. She carefully picked her way through the crowds, watching to make sure she wasnt likely to run into any of the off duty gaurds. They would be the first to rat her out, in hope they'd get some kind of reward for it. Of course, they wouldnt, but it seemed like everyone was desperate for any kind of payment around here. Eventually, she came across a small jewlary stand, selling cheap looking necklace, rings and bracelets. While cheap looking, a small chain bracelet caught her eye. It had a singular amethyst on it, and as small as it was, it seemed to glow in the night. Anya smiled inwardly and picked up the thin chain before flipping the sellar a few shillings and trying to clip it around her wrist. After a moment of struggle, she gave up and stuffed it back in her pocket before continuing on her little adventure.
She looked around curiously for whatever to do next, when a large building, a tavern, flowing with bright light and noise caught her eye. Of course, she had been to an opening of a tavern as a young child, but she had always been interested to see what they were actually like, when people werent so... up tight.
Young Anya walked her way towards the Tavern, quietly opening the door and slipping in the the side as she went to find a small table for herself. She found herself subconsciously grinning at the sight. People in here, they actually seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well, that or they had just been intoxicated, which seemed the likelier option. Every now and then, she would have to duck from food and drinks being thrown around, but eventually she managed to find a seat in the corner, away from the roudy towns folk.
NightClan X Belle July 19, 2022 03:42 PM
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Sage ran out from the kitchen again, carrying four platters of food and drink, walking around all the tables as he hurried to give people their stuff. A group of girls was giggling at one of the tables he dropped food at, and as he turned to leave one th grabbed him. "What do we have here," she cooked. "A pretty little snack?" Sage scowled and untangled himself from her grasp. "If you want to pay for a bed and...companion...tonight, you'll have to take that issue up with the tavern owner. I don't decide when I do that kind of work." He walked off, grabbing another four platters and delivering its contents before stopping at the table in the corner. "Can I get you anything, miss," he said with a fake cheerful voice. Most of the people here were drunk and wouldn't notice the undertones of exhaustion and annoyance, so he didn't bother trying to hide those. A few men started fighting in the other corner and Sage sighed and looked over in their direction. "Hey, cut it out," he yelled. They all looked at him and grinned. "We ain't listening to someone of the lowest social rank boy," they sneered. "You can't tell us what to do." Sage scowled. "Yeah, well, all that means is you either listen to me or I kill you and store your bodies in the freezer until I find time to get rid of them," he snapped at them. "I'm not afraid to spend time in another dungeon. So what's it gonna be?" The men grumbled among themselves, but sat down again and Sage turned back to the girl, rolling his eyes. "Sorry about that, miss. Would you like to order anything?"

Edited at July 19, 2022 03:50 PM by NightClan

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