08:05:09 TWO / Wild
It was for a contest, but I missed the submission time by a few hours. :T
Zippy Love Equine
Is there a specific gene combo for a near leopard? It's not listed in the game guide.
08:04:30 TWO / Wild
Thanks, it's my first time doing one like that.
Sunstone Elite
08:01:37 Sun/Sunny
I'm late but that's adorable TWO x)
Wagner Eventing
07:54:39 Wagner
07:53:57 TWO / Wild
Thanks Hills :)
White Hills
07:53:18 WH or Hills
On the rock paper scissors game page
Wagner Eventing
07:52:59 Wagner
How do y’all give a ride or a meal?
White Hills
07:52:35 WH or Hills
That's super cute TWO
Obsidian Sport Horse
-HEE Click- here this should work
White Hills
07:50:10 WH or Hills
Broken link Obsidian
07:49:57 TWO / Wild
Christmas art:
Cedar's Eventers
07:49:35 Cedar
-HEE Click-
Do you guys like him also do you think his wk 4 training will be good
Obsidian Sport Horse
-HEE Click- Another gorgeous badger. The fifth or sixth one I've gotten this breeding season.
Proxy den
07:48:34 No Content Available
RIP chat
Proxy den
07:45:52 No Content Available
I didn’t realize today was my anniversary until I checked my game mail XD
-HEE Click- awwww this colt i just breed is so cute!
White Hills
07:42:20 WH or Hills
The exact name of the forum is Genetics Game Guide
Turquoise Ranch
I meant KM
Turquoise Ranch
Sorry about that hills
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The Apocalypse (RP area) November 20, 2020 06:31 PM

Wild style
Posts: 4690
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Do you have what it takes to survive in the zombie apocalypse,well you better if you want to join this RP!
In this RP you try not to get eaten by zombies.
NOTES:There will be groups,you can have dead animals as pets,dead animals have powers,the power hasn't gone off
1.You must have at least one human character
2.I control day/night and weather
3.If I am not on the first person who joined controls day/night and weather
4.PM me if you would like to start a group
5.No godmodding and no perfect characters
6.Put BAD WOLFIE in other if you read these rules!
If any of these rules are broken more then 10 times you will need banned from the RP
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 20, 2020 06:38 PM

Wild style
Posts: 4690
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The Lions
Leader:Raven Shadow(Me)
Second in command:
Third in command:
Fighters:Oliver(Caliway Estate)
Scouts: Esperanza (Ethereal)
Animal Carers:
Trainer animals: Ocean(Me)
Guard animals:Lunar(Me)Crestent(Ethereal)(Also a fighter)
Scout animals:Firestone(Me)
Fighter animals: Fallout (Caliway Estate)
Gather animals:
Emotional support animals:Teddy Bear(Me)Dune(Ethereal)

Edited at November 20, 2020 06:41 PM by Wild style
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 20, 2020 06:41 PM

Wild style
Posts: 4690
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You may now start
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 20, 2020 07:14 PM

Wild style
Posts: 4690
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Raven sat on a log cradling her cat Teddy"So.....Teddy why are you looking at me like that?.."she asked biting her bottom lip while Teddy looked at her with his little eye silted.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 21, 2020 07:32 AM

Caliway Estate
Posts: 34
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The jingle of a dogs collar sounded, as a black dash went something across the yard. The dash finally came to a stop, revealing to be a black colored dog. In mouth, the dog had a neon green tennis ball, that looked wet. It was, and as the male picked it up, he used only two fingers, tossing it out behind the dog. And the black dash was once more in motion across the yard.
The "yard" was a small area enclosed by a high cement fence, which had rows of barbwire strung on top. The neon green streaked bounced off the fence, the dog coming to a halt and looking around for a moment. Once more the dog caught wind of the ball, bounding after it.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 21, 2020 07:44 AM

Wild style
Posts: 4690
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Raven looked over seeing the dog but ignored it instead she set her cat down and picked up a stick drawing a little tree with a old lady in it."Wait...why did I draw a old lady in a tree?"she asked herself.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 21, 2020 09:42 AM

Caliway Estate
Posts: 34
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The dog stopped looking sideways, letting out a single bark. The tennis ball rolled from the dogs jaws, onto the dirt. The ball was picked up and thrown, the dog looking up from where he had heard someone, looking around for the ball. The dogs long tongue drooped from his mouth, moving as the dog panted.
The male motioned towards the water bowl, and the dog went over. Lapping up water with his long tongue, as well as making some spill every time he moved. Shaking the water from his torso, the dog came back over, sliding down onto the ground. First laying in a proper sphinx position, before turning to lay on his side, still huffing, and his tongue still out.
The male looked sideways, where he where he could just make out the outline of another person.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 21, 2020 12:06 PM

Posts: 8668
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Esperanza / Female / M: Raven, her dogs
Esperanza ambled over, her boots crunching in the earth. She rubbed Crescents ears, and smiled at Dune, both of them trailing behind her. "Whatcha drawing?" she asked Raven, tilting her head in curiosity.
(I can type more if needed :))
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 21, 2020 04:36 PM

Wild style
Posts: 4690
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"I-think a old lady in a tree"Raven said before Teddy jumped into her lap and meowed as loud as he could,purring after.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 21, 2020 07:11 PM

Caliway Estate
Posts: 34
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The male sat there, watching from a safe distance, as the loud sound of the dogs panting filled his ears. Shortly after the dog lifting his head to looking out. The dog eyed the creatures in the distance rather curiously, looking back and forth from his human to the people and other animals that interacted close by.

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