White Hills
07:50:10 WH or Hills
Broken link Obsidian
07:49:57 TWO / Wild
Christmas art:
Cedar's Eventers
07:49:35 Cedar
-HEE Click-
Do you guys like him also do you think his wk 4 training will be good
Obsidian Sport Horse
-HEE Click- Another gorgeous badger. The fifth or sixth one I've gotten this breeding season.
Proxy den
07:48:34 No Content Available
RIP chat
Proxy den
07:45:52 No Content Available
I didn’t realize today was my anniversary until I checked my game mail XD
-HEE Click- awwww this colt i just breed is so cute!
White Hills
07:42:20 WH or Hills
The exact name of the forum is Genetics Game Guide
Turquoise Ranch
I meant KM
Turquoise Ranch
Sorry about that hills
Hexada Equestrian
07:40:20 Hex
thanks Hills!
feather acres
07:39:58 KM/Aurora
We aren't allowed to use chat speech
White Hills
07:39:54 WH or Hills
If you post the horses you got in the game and your incorrect lines in the genetics help forum someone will help you :)
Hexada Equestrian
07:39:21 Hex
i’m fine with figuring out the genetics but i think i’m putting the commas wrong
White Hills
07:39:16 WH or Hills
Do you know how to do punnet squares? That's really the only thing you have to learn to play
Turquoise Ranch
Ok thx did it
Rushing River Stable
07:38:30 River / Savy
I've tried it, but I just can't get it. I think it's that I haven't practiced enough, and I'm just not that interested.
White Hills
07:38:17 WH or Hills
You can subscribe to your own forum Turquoise
White Hills
07:37:45 WH or Hills
The formatting follows the same as the example lines though
Turquoise Ranch
How do u set a alert if someone comments on my forum
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The Apocalypse (RP area) November 22, 2020 06:39 AM

Caliway Estate
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The dog looked up as the male started walking. They headed forwards towards the house. As they went, a gimps of the neon green ball came into view. The dog eagerly trotting over to pick it up. The dog trotted back up towards the male catching up, tennis ball in mouth.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 22, 2020 12:02 PM

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Anza giggled and got up, going over to Raven. She bent over and held out a hand, offering her help to get up. Dune rushed over, happy to be part of the game. She plopped ontop of Raven, and started eagerly licking her face, wriggling happily.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 22, 2020 02:50 PM

Wild style
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Raven grabbed Anza's hand but let go as soon as Dune started to lick her."Get it off!"she said.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 22, 2020 04:17 PM

Caliway Estate
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The dog walked, it's tail held high beside the male. Finally approaching the house, the male looked back hearing a loud voice come from the direction of the figures. The dog looked over as well, it's tail swaying still in the air.
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 22, 2020 06:08 PM

Wild style
Posts: 4690
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Raven was able to get Dune off and grab to large sticks to use as crutches she then was able to stumble away from Anza and Dune.

Edited at November 22, 2020 06:08 PM by Wild style
The Apocalypse (RP area) November 23, 2020 07:26 AM

Caliway Estate
Posts: 34
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At last the two stopped at the sliding glass door of the house. The dog peered in eagerly looking up at the male. Pulling open the glass door, the dog running inside the second the door was open enough.

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