Double C Stables
03:17:16 DC/Kate =3
-HEE Click-
I love this scarf
Beekman Creek Ranch

deffff. i have 2 at home who are absolutely the best
03:16:06 Myth/RH
Should I start an Australian Shepherd club?
Obsidian Fangs Ranch
03:14:17 Dragon Lady
-HEE Click- one of my favorites
Obsidian Fangs Ranch
03:13:11 Dragon Lady
Zwei i love that snowcap too 😊
Spirtasi Whims
03:12:45 Tasi / Chat Killer
I've got about 6 essays due Friday and then I'm done with this semester.. I'm so gosh darn tired
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:06:18 Thoro
Annapytt Ranch
03:05:55 Anna
@ Thoro
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:05:17 Thoro
this guy for sure
-HEE Click-
Annapytt Ranch
03:03:38 Anna
For next year
03:03:28 Bee 🐝
Jedi? Good question, even the top ABLB horses don't have all up week 11
Galaxy Manor
03:03:27 kat
its so refreshing, if only those two assignments weren't french papers (x

thank you!!
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:03:08 Thoro
you have none of breeding age
PK Rescue Stable
03:02:30 PK (PuterKatz)
Hooray @kat!
03:02:28 Legion
Best feeling
Galaxy Manor
03:02:04 kat
just realized i have two more assignments left to turn in by tomorrow and then i'm done with undergrad forever *-*
Annapytt Ranch
03:00:00 Anna
What stallion is best for breeding ish here just for color?
-HEE Click-
02:52:36 Medi
Oooo Salvador was
02:51:38 Medi
Anyone got anything all up week 11?
Snow Stable
02:48:17 Snow Gem

Aw! I'll have to get some tomorrow!

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Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 10:30 AM

Arema Elites
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Rome Dee | Female | Serpent-Tongue Speaker
Rome willingly sat but squeaked, painfully squeezing her arm. "Ow, Ow ow. Chill that's my hand-." She complained while she pulled her fingers off the wound. She let go, more blood came out and she gagged, feeling lightheaded. She turned away, looking at her surroundings and shutting out her pain. "I haven't looked at it, and I can tell that." She said sarcastically. She squirmed in her seat while Sarah had walked away, closing her eyes and leaning her head back on the chair and relaxing her arms.
When she came back, she moved one of her ears, it probably looked weird, she winced when the cold rag touched her, she tried not to move, her left hand was twitching. She wondered if she looked a little dead, not wanting to lift her head, that might make her dizzy and throw up.
She moved her leg under the chair a little and started boucing it out of habit and was breathing heavily, the heat coming from her wound died down from the coolness of the rag. Rome moved her left hand, curling it into a fist, she stretched it and grabbed her thigh, squeezing. She was so weak she barely pushed in on her leg at all, usually it would hurt when she did.
She pulled her hand up off her leg, and let it rest on the arm of the chair while Sarah bandaged it, the pain was receding and the bleeding had stopped. Lowering the breathing at which she had been, she felt strange, having not moved an Inch in nearly ten minutes she was numb, but not sleeping or dead, or fainted. She was thinking.

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Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 11:26 AM

Fancy Elites
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Sarah Phoenix | Female | Serpent-Tongue Speaker | M: Rome
Sarah sighed, "Well, I suppose you probably don't have enough strength to fly back to your own house. I guess you can stay here for the night, I'll make sure Kaito doesn't kill you while you're sleeping. Excuse me one moment-" She stepped a couple feet out the door and yelled, "RYOKO! YOU'VE BEEN HUNTING FOR HOURS! I BETTER NOT FIND YOU SUN-BATHING AGAIN!" She walked back to Rome, "Heh, heh... Sorry, Ryoko's been gone for ages and she should've been back by now. Anyway, if your staying the night, your Wind Dancer can stay with Ryu. There's a dragon shed out in the back. Your Stinger can stay in here if you'd like." She walked back outside and came back with a seagull with an arrow in it. "Hungry? Ryu and I caught this earlier. Ryoko will have something else." She pulled the arrow out of the seagull and wiped it on her jeans, placing it back in its quiver. There was a dragging noise and a small, high-pitched voice. "I'm coming, I'm coming... Keep your pants on." A slender, golden Mood Dragon slunk into the room, she was dragging a deer. "You should be happy I got this, Sar. I could've sun-bathed if I didn't feel like catching it when it ran past." Sarah sighed. "Rome, this is Ryoko. Ryoko, this is Rome." She took the deer out of Ryoko's mouth and began preparing it along with the seagull.
Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 11:43 AM

Arema Elites
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Rome Dee | Female | Serpent-Tongue Speaker
Rome twitched her hand, pulling her head up and shaking her head to get the dizzy off her. "I'll be fine, I shouldn't need to stay." She leaned forward rubbing her eyes, she stood up and tried to stand. She pushed up to stand, her arm twitched, barely standing upright. "Well, son of a bitch.. Maybe I will." She said gravely.
Ryoko, Huh. She leaned on the chair, hearing her call for her mood dragon. "No I think I'm not quite hungry at the moment." She replied, then looked up to see a dragon, dragging a deer with it. She examined the golden color of it, identifying the dragon almost instantly. Intruductions went fast, she started a minute, about to wave at the dragon, then stopped herself when she realized she would probably fall if she did. "Hello Ryoko." She calmly said, the pain was melting, but resonating.
She shook her head again, she should probably let Iphtahel and Ziklag know where they would be staying that night. She crooked her arm up to her chest, testing what hurt and what didnt. Lots of pain followed each movement.
She sat back down, letting her arm rest, she tipped her head down but watched her clean the two dead animals, leaning her lead on her good arm.
Debating whether or not to call over her stinger, she whistled. "Ziklag!" A speedy black and red bullet made its way in, slowing as he entered the house. "Wassup, Ro? Wow, you're pale, and bleeding, what happened?" The dragon asked, looking at her with his beety red eyes. Ignoring most of his question. "I'm fine. We'll be staying here for the night, Sarah or one of her dragons can show you there." She vaguely explained, patting him softly, he nodded and ran off, telling the two Wind Dancers what Rome had said.

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Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 01:39 PM
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Amberleigh(Amber)| Female| Dragon Tamer
There is a man outside Amber's door, he looks up when the door opens up slightly *hes gasps* "She's real!" Amber looks at him confused "Ummm..ahh..S-sorry Sir,....are you lost?". The man chuckles slightly "Well if you are the dragon whisper then.." Amber interrupts "Amm I'm not actually a Dragon Whisper, I'm a dragon tamer.." Amber looks everywhere but at the man.
<in her head; Why is he here? Am I in trouble? What does he want?..Calm down Amber he will be gone soon...hopefully>
"Ahh yes thats the correct term m'lady! My apologies, well anyway I was hoping you would help me tame my Dragon? You see I am just a villager but this little guy came to me the other day and i dont know what I am supposed to do with him frankly"
Amber thinks for a minute "Gladly sir! I shall help you if you can help me?!" The man looks confused "Well what do you think I can help you with?"
Amber raises an eyebrow "You're a leatherworker am I right?"
he nods
"I'll help you tame him if you give me new dragon tack!"
The man ponders about the deal while Amber stands in the doorway with the door now fully open and her hand out to shake his.
He shakes her hand "Alright deal!, I will come early morn to take measurements"
Amber nods her proudly "See you then!"
Amber closes the door calmly but once the door is shut she starts jumping up and down and patting Nymeria "You're getting new tack! You're getting new tack! Isnt it wonderful girly?!" Amber can't help but smile proudly at herself.
She calls Smaug and Kayda back in and they all huddle up around the fire and fall asleep.
Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 03:06 PM
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Sage, male, dragon freer
He crossed his arms and scowled at the blue Tidalwing. "you're the last one, genius. When I give the signal all the dragons are going to fly off at one time. The guards will be startled, overwhelmed, yadda yadda yadda." He shrugged. "but, of course, if you wanna stay here in a too small cage with no food and very little water, be my guest." He understood where the dragon was coming from if he had friends also captured, but why would he help strange dragons? They most likely wouldn't help him, that's for sure. "I'm going to give the signal in a minute. If you want to get out of here, I suggest you fly away with everyone else." He slipped away silently, and double checked every cage was unlocked. He nodded to himself and took a deep breath, knowing that he wouldnt have much time after he yelled before other guards came. Damn dragon capturers. "Ok, everyone let's go! Fly away as quickly as possible! The other guards have heard my call and are probably on their way! Move it if you want freedom!" He watched as the dragons lunged out of their cages, taking off into the sky. He turned and ran, slipping quietly into the forest again, leaving no trace of his being there, aside of whoever might have heard his call - just like every other time he had freed dragons.

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Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 03:49 PM

Fancy Elites
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Mizu | Male | Tidalwing | M: Sage
Mizu shot a venomous look at the human, before leaping into the air and trailing behind the other dragons. He followed the dragons for awhile, before tucking up his wings and diving into the sea with a few other Tidalwings. Gotta admit, however horrible humans are, that specific human isn't so bad. He spread out his webbed talons and shut off his lungs, breathing through his gills. He spread his wings and streamlined himself, shooting through the water as easily as Wind Dancers cut through the air. He stopped at the bottom and looked up at all the other Tidalwings.
Sarah Phoenix | Female | Serpent-Tongue Speaker | M: Rome, Rome's dragons
"Okay." Sarah stopped preparing food for a moment, walking over to Kaito and shaking him awake. "Get up, laziness. Make yourself useful. Go get some sage, rosemary, thyme, and a couple apples from the garden." She walked back to the counter and continued preparing the vension, taking out her dagger. Kaito sighed, but spread his wings and flew outside obediantly.
Ryoko nodded at Rome, before spreading her wings and following Kaito outside. Ryoko didn't follow him to the back, instead she perched on top of Ryu's head. "Who's this?" She folded her wings, her scales lightened to a pale yellow, the color of curiosity.
Sarah bent and took out a cooking pot. She skinned the deer and took off the non-edible bits, dropping them into a seperate bowl. Kaito came back slowly, an apple speared on one of his spikes and holding herbs. He landed on the counter, dropping the herbs as Sarah slid the apple off his spikes. "Good job. Now you can go back to being a lazy butt." Kaito huffed and took to the air again, gliding to the cat tree and curling up again.

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Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 05:39 PM

Arema Elites
Posts: 914
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Rome Dee | Female | Serpent-Tongue Speaker
Rome was staring at Sarah, accidentally staring, watching her clean the deer, coming to a conclusion. That's gonna be really damn hard to do with one hand. She looked away, sitting up straight in the chair, looking at the part of her arms that wasn't blood covered, she figured out that she wasn't as pale as she had been a half hour ago.
Kicking out her legs boredly, she realized how much smaller the chair now felt, there was a good 7 inch height difference in the two women. She was getting ansty, not tired enough to fall asleep but wanting to get up.
She came to the realization that she had completely ignored her question earlier, when she was staring at the wound. She waited for her to not be busy with the dragon, who had just brought stuff. "Did I completely blow off your question?" She asked, and not caring if she had an answer. "The vague explanation of the idiotic action with which this," She gestured to the wound. "came about, is." Pause. "Me and my damn mouth aren't cut out for human interaction."
She left out the bigger parts, but that was the real reason of her getting shot at and shot. She curled her hand into a fist, stretching it, it wasn't quite so numb now. She put it on her leg again and squeezed, obviously she was better then when she first arrived.
Feeling like a bump on a log, she stood up again, much quicker then the first time, she leaned on the chair and cautiously walked over to the kitchen counter, the island in the middle of the room. Somehow she walked smoothly and not like a baby, taking its first step. She leaned on the counter and winced. "Do you need help?" She asked, her eyebrow lifted, she have a little smile.

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Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 07:21 PM
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Amber| Female| Dragon Tamer

"Ahhh another day, a new dragon to train!" Amber swings out of bed and whistles to Nymeria "Hey Nymeria! Ready for a new friend? Now it will only be for a little while...I think? Anyway go get me Smaug and Kayda please!" Amber ushers Nymeria to get her dragon siblings, Amber has taught her dragons different signals for different things such as stand down, prepare for emergency flying, go into stealth mode etc, Smaug appears with his golden sunrise scales with a grumpy Kayda tagging along behind. "morning guys! Kayda? Are you alright? Shall we go hunting?" Amber signals hunting to them and flying to Nymeria.

They head off into the forest, struggling to catch food when all of a sudden Amber sees someone. She ushers her dragons to hide in a bush but Kayda beings to rumble growl, it gets louder and louder . Amber whispers yet sort of shouts at Kayda at the same time "Kayda, stand down NOW! Kayda! KAYDA" but Amber is ignored. Kayda begins to charge at the person.

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Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 07:37 PM
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Sage, male, dragon freer
Sage sighed and deftly stepped out of the dragon's way when it charged him. He crossed his arms and stared the dragon into the eye calmly until it stopped and calmed down. Fire Storm ran out of the bushed hissing and he held up a hand, still making eye contact with the other dragon through his mask. Fire Storm stops, relaxing a bit. "Anyone want to tell me what's going on here", he asked the dragons. His voice was low and quiet, and he kept it as calm as possible, hoping the dragons wouldn't start anything.
Gone Rogue // RP Thread November 2, 2021 07:52 PM
Posts: 553
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Amber, Female, dragon tamer
Amber stares in shock at what Kayda just did and doesn't know whether or not to go and get her back. "KAYDA!.....KAYDA COME HERE!" Amber realises calling her doesn't make any difference whatsoever so signals Smaug and Nymeria to stay put.
"Umm..ahhh...s-sorry um excuse umm dragon umm" Amber sighs angrily at herself, she takes a deep breathe "Hi, let me start over, I am Amber and this is one of my dragons Kayda, I am very sorry she came after you like that! I don't know what she was thinking" Amber signals to Kayda the que to leave. "Sorry again ummm, what's your name?"

Edited at November 2, 2021 07:55 PM by L.C123

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