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Seven Sins x Kyubi April 2, 2021 04:12 AM

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Irene had this pure expression in her eyes. It was like she had never heard those words before. She was truly like a little child, naive to the world yet one who knows everything. She had that wiseness in her eyes yet her expressions made her seem naive. She laughed softly, her lips falling into a tiny smile. It was the first time she laughed in a long time, even if it was a little laugh. “I’m happy to hear that,” Her voice was oddly soothing. She lifted her somewhat warm hands, stroking the fabrics of the cloak he put back on her shoulders. “I have never worn anything this nice.” She whispered though it sounded like she was talking to herself. In her kingdom, commoners don’t wear the nicest things. They wore plain old clothes that aren’t made of the most comfortable cloth. It was truly frustrating to see everyone around there wearing colors that represent their powers. All kingdoms were different with how they treat the low ranking, but her Kingdom wasn’t very nice.

“Irene. You have everything you need. We have a son. There is no need to get caught up over what people wear. You see yourself as a commoner when I see you as Irene Nirvana.” Her lover would always say. He was always so sweet but she always felt there was some misunderstanding there. She appreciated his words deeply but did he truly understand what it was like to be looked at differently? She pushed the thought away, focusing on Aziel rather than her past memories.

Irene jerked her head to Aziel. She looked deep into his eyes for a long second before speaking. “I am grateful. But please understand that wasn’t how I was raised. I am to repay you, whether you like it or not.” Her eyes presented that she was overly serious yet there was a brightness to them. She was very gentle and calm most of the time but when it came down to it she can be stubborn, though it is mostly in a passive way. She let out a soft exhale, looking away.

Irene was raised to be peaceful. That was what her Nirvana bloodline was made out to be. If someone gave her their kindness then she is to return it. It is the proper thing to do. Most people, especially, the people who were influenced by war, had zero respect for those with the Nirvana name. They would travel to great kingdoms and even bow before the King and Queen. No matter what they were always grateful for the situation they were in. Sadly, that had been passed down to Irene. She had that natural instinct to make peace. Yes, it is a gift yet she had more negative effects from it more than anything. Pushed around because she was never allowed to have a breaking point. Irene could be harmed yet still smile at the same person that maltreated her. It was a curse in disguise. Yet how could she avoid it if that was who she was?

“It isn’t the first time I’ve been treated this way. How your partner treats me….It’s normal, so there is no need to guard me against her bitter words. No matter how she treats me I will still treat her kindly.” She closed her eyes for a long second. Still compelled to say such things made her want to laugh.

Irene had fallen quiet, though she looked more dazed than anything. Finally, her stomach was full and her thirst was quenched. She was in a comfortable environment as well. She was now letting the drowsiness of sleep deprivation set in. She wanted to ask him many questions and she wanted to serve him in any way she could. But now, it was time for her to sleep. Her eyes fluttered open. “I’m sorry,” She whispered in a sorrowful tone. She was apologizing for her tiredness. Irene was practically falling asleep while sitting up. She shifted and found herself leaning against a cave wall. It took her a minute but she managed to fall asleep, even if she wasn’t in the most comfortable position.

“Irene. Wake up.” A startling dream, of which she couldn’t really remember, provoked her to wake up. She didn’t recognize the voice either. It had been a couple of hours since she had fallen asleep. She gulped hard and sat up, looking at her hands. She bunched her fingers into fists and got up. It took her a moment to get steady but she managed.

She didn’t want to waste her time so she decided to get creative, keeping her mind off of that odd but foggy dream. Irene reached for the food stash they had. It seemed like she was trying to steal but she wasn’t. Irene was merely trying to make something. She managed to concoct something out of what she deemed to be overly dry foods. It wasn’t the ideal meal but it was definitely better than the food they currently had. After she was done cooking over the fire, she served a decent-sized portion to Aziel. Without a word, she moved away from him. It took a lot of guts but she brought a portion to Saira. She bowed her head to show some sort of respect. “I thought you could use something to eat.” She spoke gently to Saira though she had the feeling it was only going to anger her. “If you need anything, J..Just ask me,” She smiled pleasantly even if it was a bit forced.

How would Saira perceive this? Would she get offended at Irene even speaking to her or offended with the food? She tried to force the conversation to lighten the moment but Irene didn’t even consider that it could make things worse. “Aziel is a very nice man, but he said you have a hard time liking new people,” He didn’t exactly say that but she was just putting what he said in a very nice way.

Seven Sins x Kyubi April 2, 2021 06:16 AM

The Seven Sins
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Aziel didn't understand why Irene kept referring to Saira as his partner. Did she think that the woman who cares for no one is in love with someone like him? If she does think that, that is the most hilarious thing he has ever heard in his whole existence. If he ever found out that Saira did fall in love with someone, he would be genuinely surprised since he just doesn't see the woman settling down anytime now or in the future. She is just someone that he sees living her own life without someone being by her side. Now, he wouldn't laugh at Irene if she told him she thought they were together. He would only crack a smile and amuse the woman by acting as her lover. Boy, would that annoy the hell out of Saira if he did that. He might get knocked upside the head or worse for it, but it would be so worth it.

As for him, he doesn't see himself being with someone either. Sure, the kingdom would be stronger with a Queen next to his side, but the thought of worrying about her being in danger all the time causes him to wander from the path in finding a suitable woman to be his wife. Besides, he has learned the hard way with what happened to his past lover. Ever since then, he has sworn to not fall in love again and guard his feelings with a thick steel wall. He doesn't need another woman wiggling into his life and her being taken away from him again. He will just have to rule the kingdom by himself, which would definitely upset his father.

It seems that no matter how much he would try to convince her that she doesn't need to repay them, she won't budge. He let a sigh out, running a hand through his hair. He doesn't like having people do things for him, which is why the majority of the time he does everything himself. It at least gives the people more time to do things they would like to do instead of always attending to him. It feels wrong taking someone for granted, even if it means that they are offering their services to him. He just doesn't understand why someone would throw their life away, even if they weren't getting pay and wanted to stay loyal to him, to work for him for all of eternity. He sometimes doesn't get it, but then again, he would be doing the same thing if he were in their shoes.

"Let's clear one thing up. Saira isn't my partner. She's my closest friend and one of the few people she actually trusts and can tolerate. If anything, she's like a sister to me." He explained, not wanting her to get the idea that they are together for some reason. It would be weird if they were together. Well, to him it would be. "It seems that I'm not going to be able to sway your decision, so I suppose it is fine. Just be warned I'm not going to be asking for anything." It's true he won't be asking for anything. She doesn't need to repay him in any way no matter how much she wants to and says it's how she was raised.

He watched her fall asleep, only getting up once he was sure she was in a slumber. He went over to his mare, grabbing a blanket from his bag and going back over to her. He gently covered her with it before returning back to the fire. It was hours later before Saira arrived back at the cave. She didn't say a word as she sat on the other side of the fire in front of him. He could only lean back on his hands, a smile of amusement playing on his lips. He can definitely tell that she is still annoyed about Irene joining them on the rest of their journey. She glanced up at him and scowled, causing a short laugh to leave his lips at her attitude.

He eventually went out into the night to check the parameter but returned just as the sun was rising above the peaks of the mountains. He brushed the snow off his clothes from a tree branch weakening and letting snow pour all over him. He walked into the cave, standing in front of the fire and having Saira join him seconds later. He glanced over at seeing movement out of the corner of his eye. It seems that Irene is awake, making him almost forget that she was even here with them. What a great person he is.

As she reached for food from the bags, he sensed Saira tensing next to him. He jabbed her in the ribs with his elbow, causing her to scowl at him for doing such a thing. He knew that if he didn't do that, she would definitely be making a smartass remark or even lashing out at Irene. As Irene was coming over towards him, Saira removed herself from his side to be away from her. He definitely finds this amusing that his friend is acting like a child with a new person on board. "Thank you." He said softly as he took the food from her. He took a few bites before he noticed that Irene is headed in Saira's direction. Oh boy, this might not end well.

He should've stopped Irene from going over towards the woman, but it didn't register in his brain until she was handing Saira the food. He watched closely, seeing if Saira would take the food. Without a word, she grabbed it and started to eat. He was slightly surprised, especially since she usually doesn't like eating food from people she doesn't know. Then again, she did watch Irene make the food and knew that she isn't trying to poison them.

Just as he thought that everything was going to be fine, Irene had to say the last comment. That only made him spit the food he had in his mouth out, his eyes wide as a deer's in headlights as he looked in their direction. Saira definitely had a pissed-off expression on her face, causing him to gently set the food on the ground and taking a few steps back with his hands up as a way of surrender. "Abort mission. I repeat, abort the mission." He said, his eyes trained on the lioness of a woman giving him the death stare.

"Did he now?" Saira finally spoke, her voice as sharp as knives and cold as ice. "I think that is far from what he said." Just in a blink of an eye, a knife was in her hand as she pointed it towards Irene's neck. "He is indeed a nice man, which is why I'm so protective over him because he trusts too easily. He has been hurt too many times for you to come running along and trying to wiggle your way in to be on his good side because he is the Prince of Zariya."

"Saira." His voice was deep, holding a warning tone to it. This is not how he wanted Irene to find out who he truly is.

She ignored him, having the knife now be pressed against Irene's neck. "You harm him in any way, you're dead. You break his trust and stab him in the back after the kindness he has shown you, you're dead. You even talk to someone who gives you a job to assassinate him, you're dead." Her voice seemed even darker, crueler than moments before. "In fact, why don't I just kill you know to prevent anything from happening to either of us?"

Just before Saira could slice her neck open, he grabbed her wrist to prevent it from happening and his body standing in front of Irene. He twisted her wrist, causing her to drop it to the ground and have it clatter on the ground. Her expression seemed to soften slightly, but it was still as harsh as ever. As for him, his whole disposition changed, which takes a lot for that to happen. He was radiating power, his Skotádi abilities trying to surface. He took a deep breath in, his eyes closing as he let go of her wrist. He slowly calmed down, getting his abilities under control. He didn't want to hurt Saira as he would only regret it later. It would also mean that Irene would find out what his main ability is and he didn't want that to happen. Not yet anyway.

"That's enough from you." He said, his voice hard and unwavering.

She narrowed her eyes at him, stepping towards him rather closely. "Is that a command, your majesty?" She spits with venom.

He stared at her for a moment before answering. "It is."

All she could do was shake her head before backing up and turning around to exit the cave. He has never commanded her to do anything against her will. He definitely felt bad, but how she is acting towards someone who was kind enough to make her food and just seems overall sweet and trusting is unacceptable. It might be a while before she speaks to him again, but he will survive since there are times she doesn't talk to him if she's pissed off at him for some reason.

He turned around, letting a sigh out. "I'm sorry. That was unacceptable behavior from her." He apologized, feeling bad that she has been threatened twice since they have been around each other. "Are you hurt? Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to apologize for her behavior?" He asked, bombarding her with questions without realizing it.

"I guess I should also fully introduce myself." He said softly, cracking a slight smile towards her. "I'm Aziel Storm, the Prince of Zariya and the next King to succeed the throne." He bowed towards her, something he was taught to be polite towards another person. "I apologize for not saying so sooner. I just tend to keep my identity a secret. No need to treat me any differently either as I'm one that sees everyone being equal to me no matter what class they are in."
Seven Sins x Kyubi April 2, 2021 07:26 AM

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It took her a while to catch on to what she did wrong. It made her hesitate. Was she not supposed to say that? She was merely being truthful. If Aziel and her were close then why would Irene hold back on what to say to her? Aziel did say they weren’t partners and that they were like brother and sister. But why would a ‘like brother-sister’ relationship be like this? “I didn’t mean to…” She was of course cut off by Saira. She wanted to take a long minute to explain but she didn’t have the chance to. Everyone makes mistakes, right? This just seemed to be the wrong time to be making those mistakes.

It all happened too fast. She couldn’t even tell what was happening until she heard Saira speak in a raw threatening tone. She grimaced when the knife blade pressed against her throat. The blade tip felt cool yet it craved to harm her skin. She was lucky she didn’t bleed by the pressure but there was sure to be a mark residing afterward. Irene didn’t know what to do. She just kept her eyes closed like a scared puppy. Her breathing grew shallow out of fear. Irene was nearly trembling by the fear but she managed to retain composure. She should have seen this coming. Her mind was racing too fast to follow everything she was saying but one sentence, in particular, caught her off guard. Her eyes opened in shock. He was a Prince?!

She wasn’t even left a moment to think or process the words that spilled from her mouth. Saira just kept presenting threats and nonsense when truly, nothing was Irene’s fault. And for her to say Irene would hurt someone…

Irene pushed herself to speak even though her mind was screaming not to. “Why would I dare hurt someone who treats me well? So I can be absorbed in a world full of people like you who mistreat me? By all means, if I were to kill someone you would be the better option. But you know I am not capable of winning that battle.” Her words were bitter yet she still found herself retaining a calm yet shaken tone. It wasn’t often she spoke harsh words but every human is capable of doing it. Irene would call herself weak. She had no powers to call her own and on top of that, she isn’t well-nourished, even though she recently had a well-filling meal. “You have vast assumptions but no facts. It is unusual that someone like you is feeling threatened by a powerless commoner,” Irene, by good means, could have used a harsh tone and made all the threats she wanted but she didn’t. Her tone was laced with sorrow and concern. She truly felt sorry for Saira at this moment, more sorry than scared to be exact. It almost sounded like she was trying to help Saira.

Irene hesitated abruptly when she saw Aziel grab Saira’s wrist which held the knife. It all happened too quickly and now it was at its end. She was finally able to get her mind clear enough to think. His demeanor was completely different. He was so kind and sweet just a moment ago yet here he was using such a hostile tone. It was startling really. Was he really that protective of Irene after just meeting her? On top of that, his power flourished. Even if it hadn’t surfaced it can still feel it. It was so abrupt that it made Irene freeze out of instinct. Though it felt familiar like it sparked something in her. She felt this odd build-up, almost like an obnoxious dwelling of something. Though that spark ceased when Saira stormed off.

Irene couldn’t help but be retained in silence for a long second, ignoring Aziel’s questions. She finally looked up at him, tears swarming her eyes. It took a lot for her to cry but to be truthful she didn’t know exactly why she was crying. Was it because of the feeling of betrayal? Was it because of the fear? She didn’t know but that was the least of her concerns. “Why?” She said bluntly. It was hard to tell what exactly she was asking the question for but then she continued. “Why let me embarrass myself in front of you?” She appeared to be entirely hurt. It wasn’t exactly the moment that transpired that she spoke of. It was of what occurred earlier. Through her eyes, she had taken the prince’s cloak. She even had the audacity to make the prince food that probably wasn’t quality to his liking. She had spoken so freely around him as well. It was how she was processing it that was holding her back.

Although there was vast confusion she found herself respecting his desires. A prince who will become a king but doesn’t want to be treated like royalty. It was more easy thinking than doing. The natural instinct is to respect royalty and treat them….well like royalty.

She let out a shy exhale, nudging the tears out of her eyes. She allowed herself to settle before speaking again. “There is nothing you can do for her behavior.” She subtly said. It still felt awkward talking to him, knowing that he is to be king someday. She fell silent for a prolonged duration of time. “But I can’t help but thank you,” She finally said. It was still hard for her to shake off the moment. “Who knew what could have happened?” She forced a weak smile in hopes he wouldn’t feel too bad about what happened.

Irene found a seat by the fire once again. Her face was flushed from crying. What was she to do? The last thing she wanted to do was find herself getting attached to him because of his privilege, hoping to get something out of him. Her fingers bunched into a fist out of anger, not at him but at herself. She shouldn’t even be thinking of those things. She wouldn’t do such a thing. “It will take me a while, but I will treat you the way you desire. That is how I can repay you for all you have done. I will repay you by treating you normally,” She gazed up at him, hoping that her words made him feel comfortable.

Seven Sins x Kyubi April 3, 2021 07:18 AM

The Seven Sins
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Saira didn't answer any questions that Irene asked her. Many people have said the same thing to her before, yet they proved later down the road that those words are so far from the truth. They always say things to sweet talk someone to get on their side. It's just unacceptable. It just shows how sick and twisted people are nowadays, especially once they figure out that Aziel is a Prince.

Speaking of which, it seemed that Irene didn't even know he was a Prince after seeing the shocked look on her face at those words. Well, she definitely messed up there, yet she didn't care as she just continued to spill threat after threat out of her mouth. She knows that once they get back to Zariya, he will want to have a talk with her, which is something she will only dismiss until she feels like it deems to be addressed. In that case, it will never be addressed and will be left as a conversation that needs to be left in the dust.

At hearing Irene say that she feels threatened by a powerless commoner like her and the sorrow and concern laced in her voice, it only caused her to narrow her eyes at the woman. She does this to protect someone that's like a brother to her and going to be the next great King with how caring and sweet he is towards everyone no matter their status. There has been times where commoners attempted to assassinate Aziel, yet they all failed. In saying that, she has to be careful with everyone. "Even if you were a Ráftes, I would still be wary of your intentions. No matter your status, you're a threat until you have proven yourself worthy of my trust. Even if you earn it, it doesn't mean that I will think you still won't hurt someone." That was all that was said before everything went to shit and she left the two behind in the cave.

At seeing tears start to trickle down Irene's face, his face contorted into confusion and worry. Did he say something wrong for her to start crying? Is she still scared about what just happened? Was she afraid of the power that was radiating off of him moments ago? So many questions started to swirl in his head on why she is crying in the first place. This only caused him to take a couple of steps away from her, afraid that she was afraid of him or she wants nothing to do with him after learning he is a Prince. He wouldn't blame her if she didn't want anything to do with him considering a lot of commoners seem to hate his kind, especially royalty.

His brows furrowed into confusion at her question. Why what? He didn't understand why she is acting the way she is or what her question even meant. It's like she's trying to confuse him into making him think that he should know the answer to her question. He grew even more confused when she mentioned why he let her embarrass herself in front of him. He didn't catch onto what she meant until a few moments later. His face went from confused to anything but soft and understanding. He knew exactly what she meant by that question.

She wanted to know why he let her embarrass herself in front of a Prince. She did nothing for her to embarrass herself in front of him. He was the one who offered her his things and wanted to take care of her. He just wanted her to feel comfortable around him and Saira, even if that woman will try at anything to make it difficult for that to happen. She did nothing wrong in his eyes. He doesn't like people knowing who he truly is because that means that they will only try to be as sweet as candy. It means they will just treat him differently. He just wants to be treated as their equal because, in his eyes, everyone is in the same status no matter what anyone tries to tell him.

"Irene, you didn't embarrass yourself. I just keep who I am a secret because I hate being treated as someone that is above you. Everyone is equal in my eyes, so being treated as if I were a God just feels absolutely wrong to me. It makes me feel like I am taking advantage of someone." He said, giving a short explanation. If he could, he would run away from the throne and throw away all of the responsibilities that are piled on his shoulders. He would definitely feel like he is like any other person out there, but he knows that if he did that, he would be leaving his siblings behind and his mother. "It's nothing against you that I didn't tell you who I was. It justs... keeps things simple and is easier to travel when someone doesn't really know who you are." He said as he shrugged his shoulders.

He didn't really say anything once she spoke again. He didn't know what to say to that. He feels horrid about Saira's behavior, especially since that woman is so uncontrollable. She's like a hurricane that is it's hard to know when and where it will exactly strike. What's even worse is that she's as deadly as the deadly felines in the Africa Sahara. He tends to try and not provoke her, but when something like this happens, he is going to intervene even if that means that he might get hurt in the process. Though, he needs to learn to not always step in since most of the time it's none of his business.

He glanced up when she spoke again, a small smile on his lips at her comment. "I appreciate that. If I could, I would run away to get away from everything. Yet, I couldn't do that as I would only disappoint so many people." He went over to the blanket he had covered her with during the night and folded it up. He put it back in his bag. He then picked up the food he never finished from earlier and ate the rest. "It was delicious. Thank you, Irene." He was truthful about that since it doesn't take a lot to please him. If she gave him some bread to eat and that's it, he would still eat it and enjoy it.

He glanced out the cave entrance, knowing they should probably get a move on. He grabbed the bag of food, tying it to the saddle before going over to put the fire out. He looked around the cave, making sure he had everything before going over to his mare and mounting her. He held his hand out towards Irene, a soft smile on his lips. "Come on then. You're riding with me."
Seven Sins x Kyubi April 3, 2021 08:12 PM

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Irene gulped nervously, hesitating to grab his hand. She was nervous for a lot of reasons. First, it was the horse since she hadn’t ridden one in a long time, and second, she had to grab his hand. It seemed easy to grab someone’s hand but it isn’t every day that you get to grab the hand of a prince. It will take her a while to get used to his royal blood. Irene just had to focus on treating him normally. She quickly pulled the hood of the cloak over her head. It was much warmer wearing it. She flexed her fingers then grabbed his hand. Her teeth gritted out of anxiety. It has been a long time since she had ridden a horse. Irene was startled when his mare walked off. She couldn’t help but latch on to Aziel, in hopes she wouldn’t fall. It took a while but she slowly became more relaxed, not sitting so rigid in her seat.

Her breath was cold in the winter air. It was hard to believe she was traveling on foot in this weather. She was happy to not be anymore. “May I ask why you are traveling? Well, I am quite grateful you were since you saved my life but most don’t travel during the winter.” She asked softly. After she heard his response she decided to continue on this topic. Irene felt more comfortable talking now that she found him to be too kind for his own good.

“I used to travel a lot as a little girl, making small trips of peace. I learned the tricks and traditions of the Nirvana family during that time. But the traveling ceased when um…” She gulped like it was a hard topic to talk about. “...when I was deemed powerless.” She sighed slowly, taking a long moment of silence. “It was fun when I would travel. I especially loved the traditional foods of each kingdom, since they were always distinct from each other. But I have never left the kingdom walls after my thirteenth birthday. I guess you can say I was never allowed,” She laughed to lighten the mood but her laugh seemed a bit nervous. “I was actually supposed to make a trip to your kingdom to see a peaceful blessing bestowed upon the royals.” Irene skipped the part where she wasn’t allowed to go. Why would they have use for a powerless person to bestow blessings anyway? Her parents stopped participating in the peaceful Nirvana trips when they found out their daughter wasn’t going to bear any powers. They had been one of the few to continue traveling even through the suppression of the Nirvana family. There wasn’t a lot around anymore. Now her bloodline seems to be rare, almost like they all nearly died off.

“I will be honored to do a traditional blessing of peace for you. You are royalty anyway,” It had been a long time since she had blessed someone. Blessings were part of the tranquil responsibilities within the Nirvana family. Most women took on this responsibility since they were more elegant and prosperous while the men took on the preaching aspect of things. Women would take minutes to hours. They would take their time with their words finding the right words to say that hit the soul of the one they are blessing. Some would use certain oils, specially made by them, or medicinal herbs during their sessions. Men usually found themselves trying to relax the wars between nations and overall preaching between kingdoms. They had more of a dangerous job.

A blessing wasn’t anything religious but one for everlasting tranquility and peace. It was a great honor to get blessed by one of them. It was unlike any blessing. It tended to be more of a delicacy than regular or religious blessings. Many of the higher-ranking people received them, especially the royalty. Even though most common people don’t like ones with the Nirvana lines they have built a name for themselves.

“I can possibly do the same for your family. I’m sure they haven’t seen one with my blood nor received a blessing in years,” She hesitated afterward. Maybe it wasn’t best to have asked him that, knowing he probably didn’t want anything to do with the royal life. It was still best to offer.

It had been a long journey, maybe a few hours, but it was much quicker than she expected. Well, they were on horseback. If she had been walking on foot it would have been a couple more days, or at least that’s how long it would have been in the starved condition she was in prior. A few times she became drowsy but she managed to stay awake the whole way. She was happy to be traveling again. She felt much safer to be near a kingdom, especially one that is an ally.

Irene became full of excitement. She couldn’t help but be perky and curious. She hadn’t seen this kingdom in years. So much has had to change. Once again that child-like side began to creep out of her. She found herself speechless for a long moment.

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