Wildfire Stud
11:19:43 wildfire
Gonna go make some fish sticks and fries because I like to be unhealthy. I’m surprised I’m not fat yet from how much unhealthy food I eat 😂
Wolf Dancer
11:19:01 Wolf Burger She/Her
Gem xD I've already started the pancake process, maybe later today though!
11:18:44 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Cant remember last time I ate fish sticks? Childhood someplace maybe?
Wildfire Stud
11:18:26 wildfire
Pancakes are so good,so I don’t blame you.
Gemstone Stable
11:18:20 Snow❆Gem

Cookies! Then you can eat them bythemselves, with milk, tea, etc. :
Wolf Dancer
11:17:44 Wolf Burger She/Her
Al deal and Puck sending some hot chocolate chip pancakes over in about 10 min lol or whenever I decide to get up xD
11:17:21 puck
I went through a pancake phase and spent an entire semester only eating pancakes. No idea how I didn't die of malnutrition
Wildfire Stud
11:17:05 wildfire
Why am I craving fish sticks right now 👀
Wolf Dancer
11:16:49 Wolf Burger She/Her
I promise I won't poison them lol
11:16:48 puck
11:16:47 Ceci / (Call me) AL
No need sending to me since I am about to make some myself but do eat some extra for me?
Wolf Dancer
11:16:09 Wolf Burger She/Her
I guess I'm going with pancakes xD
Puck and AL
you want me to send you some?
SandWitch Arabians
11:15:18 Witchypoo
11:15:12 puck
Chocolate chip pancakes 👀
11:14:58 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Pancakes sounds good
Wolf Dancer
11:14:26 Wolf Burger She/Her
Do I make myself
A. Edible Cookie Dough
B. Choclate Chip Cookies
C. Pancakes?
Kuewi! <3
Wildfire Stud
11:09:37 wildfire
My accountant is probably having a heart attack from how much money I am spending on clinics, trail rides and shows
11:09:26 Night
I give up.
I should check up on the foals
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Night x Marble RP July 11, 2022 07:51 PM

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Feel free to read along but please don't post here unless you're Night or myself :)

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Night x Marble RP July 11, 2022 08:42 PM

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Maxine sighed as she rolled out of bed after turning off her alarm heading off into the bathroom to shower and get ready for her day. Once she was finished and ready to go she got her backpack on and put her earbuds in her ears after leaving the house. She took the same route everyday so her feet pretty much knew where to go even when she got swept up in the crowds that usually formed especially in a place like New York so... she got swept up in the music and in a crowd. She was so wrapped up in her music however that she didn't hear the crowd behind her as she went to cross the crosswalk not realizing that a huge semi truck was barreling toward her... she was simply marching to her own beat... the crowd behind her was screaming at her but she was too involved in the song that was playing to hear them... the people however were too scared to jump into the street to save her... none of them had the nerve to push her out of the way or pull her back not with how close the truck was to hitting her.

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Night x Marble RP July 11, 2022 08:56 PM
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Sage was walking on the edge of the roof of some buildings, bored out of his mind. He was up in the mortal world for two reasons, one being that he could cause as much trouble up here as he wanted and not get in any sort of trouble. The second was that Death was a jerk and didn't like him, so if he could get away from him for a while, he would.
He heard screaming, and headed towards the noise, a grin building on his face as he went. He arrived at the scene in a split second, due to his otherworldly powers. He took it in, and sighed. Another clueless mortal was about to die, and he would have to do deaths bidding and keep her soul here so Death could reap it. Or did he? If he hated Death's attitude so much, why not mess with the system and see what would happen if he saved a life instead of took one.
Sage took a flying leap off the building, and stayed in the shadows and he clenched his fist. He watched as the truck stopped suddenly, frozen in place as long tendrils of mist only he could see wrapped the truck up and stopped it, it's tires still spinning as it hung an inch off the ground.
(I'm using the same name as the other rp...I really like it haha)

Edited at July 12, 2022 03:58 PM by NightClan
Night x Marble RP July 13, 2022 02:11 PM

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Np I like Sage so far in this one though he's sassy! xDD)

Maxine finally opened her eyes after twirling around she found herself face to face with the front end of the truck maybe 2 inches from her face "Oh my god!" she cried out stumbling backward onto the asphault briefly before she scrambled to her feet and back into the crowd of people, her movements were so quick instead of going right into the crowd she kinda went through it winding up in the shadows of a building leaning partially against it with a whimper her earbuds long-since having fallen out of her ears as her chest rose and fell before she finally noticed a figure beside her which only scared her more she was quick to shuffle away from the strange figure "Who are you!?" she cried.

Night x Marble RP July 13, 2022 03:55 PM
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(haha yeah he's fun)
Sage glanced over at the girl and groaned internally. "No one. And it's nonw if your business," he muttered. He turned back to the truck, where he had seen Death appear seconds ago. Death's voice sounded in his head. Why isn't that girl dead? Pain shot through him as Death clenched his fist. The waves started from the brand under his collar bone and his collar and spread through the rest of his body. He clenched his jaw and tightened his eyes, but gave Death no satisfaction of showing pain any other way.
Death had control over him, however, and Sage couldn't just not kill someone while Death was here and waiting. He twitched his fingers slightly, dropping his gaze from Death's as the tendrils wrapped around the truck driver. Death dissapeared and a moment later Sage heard someone yell out that the driver was dead.
Sage turned back to the girl, suddenly remembering she was there. He knew mortals couldn't see things from his own realm, so there was no danger in her suspecting anything, but he was still wary of others. He was in his human form, but his eyes weren't a natural amber color, and he didn't want to drop any hints he was a demon by accident. It was better to just stay away from everyone. "Why are you still here, girl?" He sounded annoyed with her, but he was mostly annoyed with Death and the fact that he was chained to Death and couldn't do as he pleased.
(I'm going to have whoever puts his collar on him or hold his collar becomes his master of sorts and he's obliged to obey them. I was thinking later in the RP Maxine accidentally grabs his collar and then he gets chained to her instead of Death. That way they spend more time together maybe?)
Night x Marble RP July 13, 2022 07:32 PM

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Maxine shot him a mild glare before he watched his glare shoot from her to the truck, she watched carefully as she tried to calm down, what was he seeing that she wasn't? she wondered when someone called out that the truck driver was dead she looked back up at the man beside her looking him up and down with a mild curiosity as her breathing finally calmed down "My name is Maxine..." she retorted with a glare "Not that you'd care..." she muttered getting to her feet "And if you didn't notice I almost got hit by a damn truck!" she snapped mildly at him "You know what... screw you i'm late for work..." she muttered scrambling to her feet and heading off she didn't realize though that her small sketchbook had dropped out of her bag, it had her name and phone number inside in case it ever got lost... inside there were a bunch of sketches tattoo ideas... small drawings and sketches and some quick notes for projects some looked like scribbles but whatever they were they were important to her that much was obvious.

Ouuu cool also I thought i'd add a little cinderella-like thing here with the sketchbook :3)

Edited at July 13, 2022 07:32 PM by MarbleFox Manor
Night x Marble RP July 13, 2022 07:44 PM
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(ooo yeah I like that idea. I'll have him kinda follow her around to make sure death doesn't come after her or something)
Sage scowled at the girl's back as she ran off. Then he looked back at the truck and sighed, his shoulders slumping. He might as well go back to hell and see what kind of chaos was going on now.
As he stepped forward, his foot hit something and he looked down to pick up a small book. That got his curiosity going so he opened it up and looked through the book. He noticed her info in the inner cover and frowned again, thinking about what to do. The book was obviously important, so he groaned and walked after the girl. His eyes brightened for a moment as he looked for the heat lingering on the pavement from her footsteps. At the same time, he sniffed the air, trying to figure out what sent was hers.
Once he caught her trail, he started walking at a leisurely pace. He wasn't going fast-he hadn't eaten much recently and was a bit groggy because of it. Granted, not eating was his own fault, because he had ticked Death off the other day and had been kept too busy to eat.
His thoughts trailed off as he walked until he watched the girl walk into a building, that he assumed was her work. He climbed a tree near the building and sat down on a branch, looking at the book as he thought about what he was going to do.
Night x Marble RP July 13, 2022 08:09 PM

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That's fine :3)

Maxine darted into a restaurant and apologized to her boss, it was a fancy place so she was paid pretty well but her boss was a jerk... He yelled at her for being late before she darted back to the kitchen to change her clothes... When she came back out her day of serving people who were mostly jerks like her boss began.

"Death is pissed..." A fellow demon said as she looked up at Sage "That girl should have died not the driver in that truck... Do you have any idea what you've done?" She asked crossing her arms. Her name was Roxanne... (Roxie for short) similarly to Maxine she had long dark hair but purple eyes "I know you're like a teenage demon or whatever but rebelling like that? You know damn well that screws with the natural order of things... Every demon within a 20 mile radius is going to be after her now waiting for the opportunity to collect her soul... She's got a target on her back from now until she dies." She told him.

Night x Marble RP July 13, 2022 08:14 PM
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Sage grunted and shot Roxie a glare. "I don't care if she does. If she dies it's not my problem. Death is a jerk so I wanted to screw with him." He shrugged. "Besides, if every demon wants her dead why didn't you try to kill her instead of annoying me?"
He turned away from the much older demon and continued to flip through Maxine's sketchbook and looking at her designs. He had to admit she had talent, and wondered why she was working at a run down restaurant.
Night x Marble RP July 13, 2022 09:27 PM

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"Cause this is your mess you F*cked up you have to fix it!" Roxie snapped narrowing her eyes at him "Besides this will effect you too eventually in one way or another of this doesn't end soon..." She told him "She could have had a quick death but now thanks to you it'll likely be slow and painful and believe me when and if that time comes you'll regret it." She nodded firmly "Take care of it before it goes too far this isn't the way her fate goes..." She hissed before she disappeared.

Toward the evening hours Maxine finally left the building... She looked exhausted and worn out mentally and physically as she walked home... Who could blame her after a day like today? She almost gets killed and then has to deal with lousy people... Add that to the physical demands of her job? Yeah she was worn out... And on top of it all she'd lost her little sketchbook with all her important notes and drawing ideas inside... She almost wished she had gotten run over.

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